PM responds to Dwyer Astaphan: KEEP YOUR POOP IN ST. KITTS


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to comments made by Dwyer Astaphan on the Big Issues.

Dwyer made comments on the wealth on the PM’s son, Gaston the third. This is how Browne responded to Astaphan who is based in St. Kitts.

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  1. Gaston, you are speaking to your illiterate choir. The enlightened people of Antigua have no issue with you renting your house. We have issue with you renting your house to an investor who received concessions from your government included our passports to sell. You leave a lot of people to think that the rent is really a bribe. If you see nothing wrong with this arrangement, then you are totally devoid any decency. But a lot of us already know that. And no, we are not jealous or envious of you. We just pity you.

  2. @ JACKIE
    Jackie you are the MOST jealous person. Jackie why don’t you save your money and buy Properties? You are an UPP Drunkey. Jackie is full of ENVY , JEALOUSY and BADMIND.Jackie is a typical UPP DUNCE.

    • Pity you. You must be Gaston or his son as they are the only ones getting Rich on your back. Please start reading and get some sense. Listen to Al Jazeera and BBC World. Not ABS and Pointe Fm. Antigua has to many unread and illiterate people and you sound like one of them. Gaston knows his people.

      • @ JACKIE
        Pity your DAMN self.Jackie . You are insulting Antiguans. Antiguans are literate People. Jackie find a job , save your money and stop study Gaston money. Jackie is in LOVE with Gaston. I can tell Jackie was glued to POINTE Fm this evening. JACKIE IQ has IMPROVED.

  3. Asot Michael 🐩🐩is making his move(s) as he let loose his hounds 🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺clandestinely.
    The PM is barking back!🐾🐾🐕🐕

    It’s a #Dawg #Fight!

  4. Where’s the lie in what Dwyer asked??? We here want to know too…..It seems u love political prostitutes as your team is now filled with them….

    I’d welcome St Kitts poop any day over our dry spells here! Poop stimulus and poop full salary bonus plus zero corruption!

    U need to stop n consider why so many regional stalwarts are speaking up on you and your son antics/wealth acquisition! It’s like ure on a rampage to grab it all‼️

  5. He believe when he go on rumshop radio every Saturday and spew his vomit, anyone is afraid of his mouth. He reminds me of those dogs who bark and make the most noise and as soon as you bend down they scamper.
    How come he not telling cousin Tony to keep his poop in Dominica? Many people find the crap Tony spew vevolting.

    • @ COOL RULER

      I believe that the UPP BLUE KOOL AID has gotten to your BRIAN. Very happy you listened to PONTE FM on Saturday. The only radio station that dominates the AIRWAVES on SATURDAYS in ANTIGUA/ BARBUDA and further a field. Also your IQ will BE IMPROVED.

  6. “Political prostitute” i wonder if the guy with the locks don’t feel bothered by those words and he was once on the party side before

  7. Gastón I have said the point FM is going to be your downfall unless you use it to inform instead of demonize.

  8. I dont understand. St Kitts have CIP, we have CIP. St Kitts gave stimulus after stimulus, we nothing. St Kitts gave an extra salary end of year, we nothing. It seems that Antigua is full of poop and it is governing this country.

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