PM responds to destruction of business by DCA


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  1. Information and education, those are but two of the tools needed to help young entrepreneurs. A place where advice can be sought by persons young and old alike who have ideas about something they would like to pursue.
    Sometimes one may have a good idea but either the wrong place or time for that idea, or nowhere to place that business. Those persons need help and have to be willing to ask for that help. Ask the how, where, when and why or why not of their ideas before putting out capital.

  2. DCA need to address the issues at Perry Bay and the squalor on Market Street. Too much one sidedness in this country.

  3. Poor people will always be poor only the rich has rights in this country. Young people trying to help them selfs and the only thing that people can say it’s drugs, you prime minister is the one that gave them 14 grams youmg people need direction not abuse by so call politician family because he wanted the very place to do a car wash now they cooking up all kind of hog wash go a head man them same youths will turn out good in this society jah nah sleep.

    • Some people think only them alone must nam. Some of them nam so much that they are a walking heart attack. People have more power Than the politicians think because the people vote them in office. I am sure there are more young people in parham than old people. Young men, start organizing the young people to get registered and vote. Where is the opposition candidate for this constituency?

  4. Distasteful response. This bald individual called gaston will never win election again. Such a Heartless disgrace to humanity wish i could spit on that bald dry patchy head

  5. I’ve listened to you as our Prime Minister, and I feel depressed listening to your explanation and it’s sounds a little bias. In the first breath if DCA gives them a couple of days why push down the structure before the time expires, how you no that they didn’t seek help before they demolished the place, and looking at that place it look plenty better than those I see around, look at the one at the other side of Beauty Rama on old Parham Road, and is that a ten by ten 10×10) stucture? DCA pushes it down? Did you see them doing things illegally? and how these so call illegally things can happen in an open space and did the police when called found any illegal activities. These are young people you should have reach out before as you said there are many sides to a story, before making those bias statements and want people to reach to them.

  6. What the DCA did was uncivilized and simply wrong. They should give the young men notice and time to remove the building or else be fined or face other penalties if they did not follow procedures. They have no right to demolish the building. The young men trying to be entrepreneurs, trying to feed their families and because they are poor the CDA treat them like that. Gaston Browne don’t even know how to be empathetic to the young men who did the best that they could. Instead he is scolding them. Gaston, we need a leader to run the country and it’s not you. Again, you are a disgrace to the country.

  7. Perry bay was reclaimed land and set aside for tourism. Then came the Spanish shanty town and overrun the lands . That needs to be addressed. I

  8. Some politician family probably wants the land. We know only them and family Antigua belongs to. My brothers, election is Coming, organize your family and friends to help get rid of these people.

  9. So, when the DCA uses its power and acts against a developer like YIDA and gives them stop orders and ask them to rectify things and give penalties, that is OK and the DCA is applauded for upholding our laws. But when the same DCA does its job and enforced the law against a local citizen, it becomes a show of power and the politicians who are in no way responsible for the independent action of the DCA, they get the blame, because it politically suits these UPP people. Strange, isn’t it? That is how politics has us in this country.

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