PM refutes Serpent’s report that Asot Michael has been confirmed to run on ABLP ticket


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  1. Gaston. You of all people accusing Individuals of selling out the country? YOU! Lard have mercy. The political pimp. The CIP PIMP. Come better than that. Maria slap you so hard that you have developed amnesia? Of all the people. You, is the last person that can say. Who sell out Antigua and Barbuda!

    How much you collecting from a CIP investor for renting your house down Jolly Harbour?

  2. Hey “Freetownson”, We all know your history. Maybe we should talk about it. Hmmm

  3. Gaston Browne,I am listening to Serpent on Observer Radio from 3000 miles away.Serpent never said anything about Asot being”CONFIRMED”. Serpent did say,the Candidates for the following Political Party in St Peter Constituency are as follows. Peter Reds-UPP, Chaneil Imhoff-DNA and Asot Michael- ABLP. He never used that word “CONFIRMED”. ANTIGUA NEWS ROOM,words do have meanings. Do you people eat everything dished out by Gaston Browne? Just be very careful what you are eating. There is something known as DIARRHEA.

    • Ermmmmmm…… Asot is NOT a candidate for the ABLP. He is the parliamentary representative for St. Peter. However, the ABLP has not chosen a candidate for the constituency as yet, and when it does, rest assured that it will NOT be Asot Michael. See the nonsense being peddled by Serpent?

  4. You all notice that Gaston did not say that Asot will not be running on ALP ticket? He just now talking about “there is a process”. Gaston can see what is coming down the road. CIP soon done and so no more CIP money, Social Security in arrears, no water in people pipes, people forced to take vaccines and ALP polls telling them that they going to lose multiple seats. Gaston now realizing that he cannot afford to lose St. Peter because Asot split the ALP vote. After all that big chat about Asot not running for ALP, the top dog will put his tail between his legs and take Asot back into the ALP fold. But he will call it “the process”. He will state that the people of Parham want Asot for Labour and so “the process” chose Asot. Mark my words. It will come to pass.

  5. He better not bring that jerk, an ex-comrade, back. He finish. People would revolt politically if he is name “the candidate” for ABLP, and vote them out of power. It’s that serious.

  6. The PM is a big hypocrite he said his minister was very corrupt only because they fall out, if they never fall out he will continue to cover up.

    What a man can lie.
    His list of lies are too numerous to mention:

    “I never knew my wife was running 🏃‍♂️ for politics ”

    ” Someone forge my signature”

    “Two ministers went behind cabinet back to pursue a case at transport board”

    ” I took my third dose of moderna booster ” (and we all know the boosters was not issued as yet.

    A video circulating with the liard mustache man taking vaccine and didn’t even bleed to decieve the public.

    A very deceptive man selling out the people to enrich himself

  7. Everything he talks about is what he is guilty of his aim is to decieve that he could stay in power to enrich himself, he talks about people not having a soul. Alot of people was sent home for a vaccine mandate. That is a devilish mentality and decision. You love someone so much that if you don’t do what I say, you should starve to death. Where was the love and compassion all the time

  8. Asot run or not on a labour ticket the result will be the same,the UPP will be best opposition

    • You singing for your supper is not surprising, with all them paycheck you getting.
      Paid as liaison officer and rual east too dutty. Payment as facilities manager, yet the facilities around the country too need your attention. I wonder if you attending any state insurance board meetings?

  9. The ABLP government stopped paying local contractors and suppliers. When I say local I mean black pickie head people. Of course the Serían brothers and Babo Black deed , kickbacks get paid. So you Antiguans they are going to give you sidewalk jobs , land clearing jobs and pay a few checks before election. As soon as election done if they win them stop . Worst yet if the opposition win they never honor these election contracts, except those for the Serían contractors . Black politicians sell out we black birth right. They hate to see Antiguans rise unless is one that give them Kickbacks.

    • Have we considered whether some of these non black contractors are fronting for politicians why they are getting paid. Members of labour government will get rich even by deception. The labour leaders only love black people for their votes.

  10. Something is wrong with all these hypocrites who are infected with Politicalitis. I thought that the UPPITES says that this rotten mango is the most corrupt politician in Wadadli history. They even wanted to lock him up in 1735. Now they are dancing with him. Are these hypocrites serious but as usual spouting falsehoods to win an election? People have some decency and credibility. Winning an election by falsehoods is not governance. You should learned from your past. It’s the many lies you tell cause you to be in the minority. Cussing others every day will not help your cause. You guys believe that Wadadlians are idiots and ignorant people that you can fooled with your ignorance. Tell the people what you would differently and tap cussing others. Plenty ahwe wouldn’t be convinced with your disgraceful behavior and comments. By the way you much give credit and respect if when you disagree.

    • Have we considered whether some of these non black contractors are fronting for politicians why they are getting paid. Members of labour government will get rich even by deception. The labour leaders only love black people for their votes.

    • @ Colombo
      You really think UPP cares whether Asot runs on a labour ticket or not? Maybe it would better for labour to kick him out so he can run as an independent and split the labour vote.

    • The saying goes that empty vessels make the most noise. You have to be the emptiest vessel around.


  12. It is very strange and interesting that Gaston knows there is a process; but yet still he done confirm Turner as the candidate for St. Peter and Turner is so confident that he is the candidate, has posted bill boards all over St. Peter’s constituency. Gaston You didn’t know Serpent can’t be trusted when at one time you used to be up under him every Saturday on Observer Radio Snake Pit. Yes, those were the days when you were kicked off of ZDK when you were challenging Lester for leadership of the party. It is the same Serpent that had you in the snake pit Saturday after Saturday after Saturday. You old dawg, you now smelling the rat’s behind and it don’t smell good.

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