PM recalls what he did when the UPP sent police to his opposition protest


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has recalled when police was sent to by the then United Progressive Party government to interrupt a peaceful protest while he was in opposition.

He was making the point that it is not true that the UPP never ordered the police to take action against protesters while they were in government.


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  1. Well well.Of all people you could say you behaved yourself.Look at how this Prime Minister is talking like doesnt give a damn.Yall listen this man good.Yall have sense.

  2. It is good that the prime minister could confess to his lawless act when he defied the police on that time of protest march. However, confession without any genuine remorse or contrite attitude is a shameful mockery. Confession without repentance does not work.

    He literally bragged about his lawless behavior.

    What better can we expect from those who follow such foolish and evil-minded principles?

    The absolute Truth is that the then opposition leader, completely ignored the police ruling on the route for the march.

    How do you categorize his behavior then? Was it not downright lawlessness?


  3. Mr MP you just keep on doing a what are doing they cannot use to covid dead against your government I am sure most of who was leading are in the protest have been vaccinated

    • Wow, if the allegation is true we are going fired him in the next election for teefing from us the people. Bye bye bye Gassy Brown 2023.

    • Why don’t you reveal your true identity? If you can’t you are damn lier and have no credibility. That one of so many reasons that people like you wouldn’t be to convince any sane person to support the UPPITES. Dem wicked vindictive vagabonds.

  4. The point is not about if riot squad ever appeared at an event when you were in opposition. The point he cannot deny, is that whenever tear gas is used on the people, the ALP was always in government.

  5. Wow! Is Colombo+Thoughtful your true identity? Why don’t you and all the ALP propagandists like FROM THE SIDELINE, JUST SAYING, ERIC (THE RED), PETE, CARSON B, KRISTI, BETTYS HOPE and TENMAN reveal yours and stop hiding behind aliases?

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