PM questions cruise being organized for Valentine’s Day


Prime Minister Gaston Browne appears to be in disbelief that a boat cruise has been organised for Valentines Day.

He asked on Facebook whether it was a joke.

The party cruise is organised when Antigua and Barbuda is recording the highest number of active COVID cases since the start of the pandemic, 211.

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  1. Let them all board the boat…sail out….and then round ALLLL of them up and charge and fine them including the Company.

    • From the Sidelines: When a video showing Gaston Browne’s son on a picnic with a very large crowd,Where were you and your fat arse damn voice.You are a hypocrite.When it comes to Gaston Browne.You would see wrong and bury your head into the dirt.However,you would raise your ugly horned head .In regards to others and their behaviors. Stop eating out of Gaston Browne’s hand and be a “MAN WITH A BACKBONE”. Spineless man of straw.

      • Which very large crowd? It was less than 10 people when it was legal to have a 10 person event over the festive period…… check the Cabinet Notes.

  2. I guess that’s what you call “LOVE IS IN THE AIR ” OH , AND WITH A CORONA IN YOUR HAND no pun intended !

  3. People are desperate in Antigua and Barbuda.They are tethering on the precipice of Bankruptcy.A desperate people would do desperate things for survival.What is the Administration doing to help small and vulnerable businesses.I have not seen or heard of any measures of assurances from Gaston Tap Dawg Browne.Is it because his and his family pockets are full and over flowing with riches.That he forgot the little men and women business owners in Antigua and Barbuda.Just asking.

  4. They take tourist out every day. How is this different. You all making a bunch of noise cause the commercial seem more appealing to locals.

  5. I would respectfully like to suggest to the government of Antigua and Barbuda to lock down the country. And when I say lock down I mean a total lock down. The only persons who should be out and about is EMS, doctors, nurses police and the army. Give the nation a week to get food, medication and supplies. After that just close down for two to three weeks. The number of cases are rising at an alarming rate, we really need to do this. I am well aware of our economic situation but I think this is the only way to survive this.

  6. I don’t believe Wadadli Cats are doing anything illegal…
    Commercial boat tours were given specific permission by PM & Cabinet just a few short weeks ago, to continue, and abide by covid-19 protocols.
    Private boats were banned from partying & visiting off-shore islands (presumably PM son is now ‘landed’!)

    Therefore, you personally can buy a ticket & participate in the Valentine’s Cruise, or not.

    Remember we are not on lock-down …
    Think of the number of people you are with at work, in lines waiting to access businesses & govt offices, inside businesses & govt offices, church etc. … Town is BUSY (not necessarily with people spending $)

    Our so called ‘leader’ needs to realize HE SET THIS UP not the business owners creating Valentine’s Specials.

    In the same way the ABNA represents disgruntled, angry, exhausted nurses who have been set-up by all the confused, contradictory ‘noise’ and disrespect from our so called ‘leader’ who appears to care little for we the people.

    What leader rants, raves & disrespects publicly our most valuable human resource in a pandemic?
    Many executives in A& B know they would have gone quiet, analyzed the root of the issue, their own part in it – called the ABNA president, asked for a quiet meeting to LISTEN, UNDERSTAND & COMPROMISE TO REACH A SOLUTION.
    That professionalism is so far beyond the understanding & desire of our so-called ‘leader’.

    So, don’t be vex with this tour business, be vex with our so-called ‘leader’.

    FYI I don’t wear blue, green or red t-shirts – partisanship has no place in commonsense & reality.

    • STAY ALERT you made a number of very valid points. I hope the Prime Minster gets a chance to read your comments or is told by FROM THE SIDELINE, TENMAN, ANON THE 1ST or CARSON.

      • here is the problem…… Upp and its followers doing the Donald Trump- creating doubt about what the experts recommends, what the PM commented about here is so straightforward but No, Tabor and the Upp sees a chance to drag some fools a bit farther….asses

  7. Dictator and traitor Gaston has no room to talk. He brings in drugs illegally for himself to vaccinate himself and his cronies with the best of the vaccines but gets the cheapest and least effective vaccines for us.

    He should be removed from office. He is not a leader but a leach using our tax dollars for his own self enrichment.

    Where are Nigel Christians murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christians murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christians murderers?

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