PM Promises Consultations To Take St. John’s To The Next Level


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says early in 2020, he will convene a meeting of representatives of property owners, and other stakeholders in the nation’s Capital, to explore ways in which, in partnership, St John’s can be made into a City that tourists can respect, and that we, as a people, can take pride.

“We also cannot expect to maintain a vibrant tourism industry, if some of us litter indiscriminately, and build palletized and old galvanized shacks in public spaces, at the side of the roads and on public beaches,” Browne said in an address to the nation to mark the start of 2020.

He wants local entrepreneurs to set high standards and resolve to uphold them in their own interest.

“A dirty, untidy and ramshackled environment is bad for business,” the prime minister said.

“Indiscipline in our society also threatens the gains of the economy, we have so painstakingly achieved.

My Government, rooted in the workers movement from which it was born, supports the rights of workers, including their right to bargain and to protest. That is their inalienable right,” Browne added.

 He protestations should never be designed to hurt the state, or the livelihood of its people, nor should any union officials seek to use the institution of trade unionism for partisan gain, at the expense of the national economy.

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  1. Gotta respect the vision of the PM to lift the image of our capital city and surrounding areas nationwide. It is the job of each resident to put hands to the plough. Many hands make the work light. This is all a part of “embracing our national pride”

    Step by step bit by bit, it can become a reality. Each Endeavouring All Achieving!

  2. The state of Saint John’s City has ALWAYS been a sore point of mine, and although I welcome what the PM is saying, I still think it drops short.

    The city needs to some serious love and rehabilitation. Lets face it the City is ridiculously dirty with open and broken drains, broken sidewalks….

    This is what I think the Government needs to do to make Saint John’s City better.

    1. We NEED a central Sewage systems

    2. The car park needs to open so that persons have a better options os park their vehicles to get business done in the city

    3. Although most of the roads in the city are “ok” I think there’s still room for improvement, Lets fix them up and paint there with the proper road signs

    4. Every street NEEDS to have the name of the street

    5. Stop signs at every junction in the city

    6. Break down old buildings, and remove any galvanize fencing

    7. Make the sidewalks more handicap friendly

    8. Enforece the laws which prevents businesses from placing their merchandise on the sidewalks. The sidewalks are PUBLIC places

    9. Enforce the laws which prevents businesses blasting their music for the public. The music can be played much softer in their businesses if they want some melody to either attract their guests, or to fill the silence.

    10. Improve on the street lighting

    11. Encourage businesses to take more pride in the appearances of their business. As such, I think that you make an incentive, such as a reduced property tax, or something if they maintain their buildings.

    13. The gutter that divides Tanner Street…. Cover the gutter, and perhaps vendors can now vend on that covered portion, or you can simply cover it, and now, with the proper reinforcements, make all of that a part of the road. As it is, Tanner street is very narrow, especially with people parking on the road.

    14. Rehabilitate Country pond. That pond is a land mark, and I think we should do our best to make the pond more attractive for visitors. That area can be fixed up, with some café there where persons can go and sit and enjoy themselves.

    These are just a few points, but I’m sure persons can add to this short list.

    It can be done, and we should do it. We just have to plan ahead and make it happen.

  3. Love this indeed

    Also signs for tourists to know what streets they can go/drive up and what down cause sometimes they are coming down a street where you you can only go up

    Also repaint the lines on the roads where you are not to park!! Repaint the lines for the lanes on the road

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