PM: Prolonged Closure Of Schools Could See Students Losing Interest In Learning


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has defended the decision to reopen the nation’s school on September 7, saying the prolonged closure could lead to children losing interest in learning.

“We can’t leave our schools to languish; the cost for keeping our schools closed could be monumental. It could undermine our future development, particularly as it relates to students from low-income families who rely on education to lift themselves and their families out of poverty,” Browne told Pointe FM.

“If students are in a controlled space such as a classroom and having homework later at home, there’s less time for this uncontrolled crowding and its potential to spread the virus,” he explained.

Schools for the majority of students have been closed since March.

The prime minister said all risks must be managed.

“Our parents need to work and have their children in the education system including pre-schools. We have to learn to manage the risk of further spread,” he stated.

Browne said schools cannot remain closed until covid-19 disappears.

“What if a vaccine takes two years to develop? What if it is ready sooner but it takes two years to get to us because of logistical and other issues. These are matters over which we have no control,” he declared.

He also gave a detailed explanation of some of the numerous measures that will be implemented for the protection of students. Students will be placed in groups, not exceeding fifteen persons, with one group receiving face-toface tutoring and the other attending classes virtually.

Drastically reducing class sizes is intended to make contact tracing easier should a member of a group contract the virus. Other measures include placing cameras in the classrooms to enable students attending classes virtually to fully interact during lessons.

Schools will also receive upgraded high-speed internet access while the three major telecommunication providers on the island have agreed to zero-rate internet services for students.

While the government will provide five thousand laptops for students as part of this initiative, the prime minister is appealing to families who already own a computer to exercise patience so that students from low income families can be prioritized. More than twenty-two thousand face shields will be made available to students and teachers.

This will be supplemented, however, by the Ministry of Trade’s National Garment Manufacturing Initiative which will be called upon to produce additional face masks for the education system.

Temperature guns will be provided to schools to facilitate regular testing and larger schools will be assigned a nurse as part of the staff.

The government is also considering offering flu shots to students to reduce the risk of flu symptoms being mistaken for those of COVID-19. Combined, these measures form part of the government’s arsenal to prevent the spread of the virus among the school population as the country continues its efforts to ‘manage the risks’ posed by the coronavirus



  1. How are we as parents to know what to expect when school open….. i need to know what are in place for my children to be learning in a safe environment ??????

  2. Mr. PM with all due respect no matter what you say the fact still remains that these are children, our children and it is impossible for them to be at school wearing masks and keeping away from each other all day you should see them in the mornings hitting and wrestling with each other running all over the place while waiting for the school bus to arrive to take them to school and some of these children are attending different schools but taking the same school bus How is it going to be at break time and launch time ? Will there be social distancing too? Let me just say I understand that we parents have to work like you said but parents should also be given the opportunity to choose whether they want their children to be in the classroom or attend classes virtually.

  3. For the almighty dollars we seem not to know where our head is at in a serious pandemic crisis. 60% of the economy runs on tourism. And opening the boarder creates a big risk on society now the risk is gonna be extended to the children in schools. Who is gonna take the responsibility of a sick child if they contract this virus. The struggling parent I suppose. Then you have a national problem. This government just seem to rip the people off with sense and the almighty dollar.

    • Then what do u suggets Mr Righteous. The country stay closed forever? When u people going to wake up and smell the coffee. Coronavirus is here to say! It is not leaving and even with a vaccine it will still remain. Y’all need to learn to live with it. Just like with SARS, THE COMMON FLU AIDS and other infectious desease.

  4. Another desperation move for Herr Gaston in order to continue his creative enrichment scheme. When the numbers go up, and it will, he will backtrack again as usual. After a few who dead, bury.

  5. come september i want to see his son sitting in a classroom. school soon reopen and no cameras no laptops no protective gears nothing has been delivered. sounds like this go come in like the rapid test kits that never came here. havent the schools announced the names of student who will learn virtually at home yet? we as parents are using our monies rn to buy school supplies to hear our kids got to stay home? im not giving my kids no flu shot! this is nonsense dont pple study online all the time and graduate with honors? so why cant the students study at home online?

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