PM presents proof that he’s vaccinated after suggestions by Trevor Walker

PM takes second dose of Moderna vaccine/ File Photo


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  1. Those cards are for people vaccinated in the US. Not people vaccinated by cover of night in a foreign country illegally contravening that country’s laws.

    The CDC is not an Antiguan institution.

    And even if this clown was really vaccinated, why didn’t he take one of the vaccines he is literally FORCING others to take?

  2. There’s something called a vasovagal syncopal reaction where some people faint after being given a shot.

    What is this BS?

  3. I do agree that the PM should have taken the same vaccine that the nation is taken but this is a serious one unfortunately this is what the world has come too but we have to protect ourselves and family and don’t bring politics into it. Our country that we all love infact the world is under attack and we should come together to get back to some kind of normamical. Leave politics out of it all. Wadadli we love

  4. Gaston clown just give up. stop trying to lie. we already know you lied about taking anything cuz you never did.
    The card you are showing is for the USA, not Antigua.
    The mere fact you could never be with the ppl to take a shot, to prove to them that nothing is wrong with the vaccines shows you are lying.

    In this world there are many awakened ones who gets dreams, visions and messages from the one true God, the GODHEAD. you cannot hide your lies from us

  5. Hey from the onset he said he took that vaccine, yes I would have preferred as a leader he took one of those administered here ,however you asked for proof and now you get proof you find something else to complain about. You do not have to light lamp and look for PM Browne , he says what he means and means what he says. Time for us to move on and take the available vaccines. Vaccines save lives.

    • Vaccines do not save lives so stop soreading bullshit. And that is not proof cause where is the 3rd? And he scampish enough to have that forged since he has a history for that anyways. Do your research before you take any of the vaccines people but I assure you if you get the right information, you will not take it Because it does not help AT ALL. You are 13 times more likely to still catch covid that an unvaccinated person and 50% of vaccines are placebo so you won’t know how or when you’ll the real thing how your body will react because it’s EXPERIMENTAL. People drop dead everyday from adverse reactions from the vaccine but THEY WILL JUST MARK IT DOWN AS A COVID DEATH FOR INSURANCE.

      • I am vaccinated twice and if I take the booster it would not be on my vaccination card. You naysayers are a bunch of hypocrites and appears to vey ignorant with your political dialogue. Don’t worry about the PM, focused on your own health issues. This deadly Virus is not a political game. The Politicians of all stripes have taken the vaccines and they are protected. You dumb idiots continue to spread falsehoods and ignorance base on your political alignment is foolish. GB will be ok.

  6. 🕵️ This is truly incredible never before seen a vaccine administered with a patient standing
    💪Must be the new breed of humans they were working on. Oh 🙆it’s the Moustache

  7. That card looks like mine with two exceptions. The Doses lots are different to mine.My card does not have my DOB on it like that of Gaston Browne’s.

  8. Why are the dates so close? When the nation is told come back 3 months after getting jab 🤨🤨🤨🤨. Now tell us why you had to take the two behind close doors, plus no one never heard about you having any sort of symptoms, I guess you was really that scared to go and show your face or scared of covid, big boys don’t get scared, that man in the pic is surely not you, this person looks taller, the forehead hmmm just laugh, different shape mate, I like the stunt double, let us when the movie is coming out. how can the country of sensible people trust you, cuz surely I never trust no government. And if you did why was personnel not suited properly? After it’s a plandemonic. I end my words.

  9. Lies lies lies! The US got vaccinated in stages. With front line workers and veterans and high risks first! You had to
    Contact the city in you perspective states, answer a bunch of questions. Etc to be vaccinated initially, because it wasn’t available to just the general public. You had to be in a specific group then they would move on to another group. The general public was not able to get it until mid March, so how did a foreigner ( Gaston brown ) get it in January and February when US Citizens couldn’t get it at that time. Is the prime minister a US CITIZEN ? This man is full of lies and the country just allows him
    To continue

    • Please stop your foolishness. Now you see the proof you are still saying it’s a lie. Goodness.., Gracious..Don’t you have any dignity and humility? Are you so blinded with political hatred? Sometimes it’s best to shot up. Cause you are making a pure idiot. Leave it alone you will loose whatever little credibility that you possess. Remember, it’s not fools are reading. I guess you want to get rid of his government but if you making insanity comments will not happen.

    • I got Moderna in the US in March and April.

      It was only available to the general public starting in March.

      So either the PM is lying or those are stolen vaccines that someone was paid to pilfer from supplies intended for other people.

      Those lot numbers could be checked to see where those vaccines were supposed to go if there’s ever a legal inquiry into this.

      Also no doctor or nurse would vaccinate someone who is standing up.

  10. Forge signature , Forge vaccination cards. He has no credibility. Who wants to be blind continue to be blind .He too lie

  11. Is their any vaccine for the kool aid?

    This country is over whelmed with kool aid drinkers……

    only a vaccine can help them

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