PM predicts spike in COVID-19 cases by January due to tourism

Covid-19 Digital virus rise in corona virus infections. 3D illustration of a bacterium with an arrow pointing upwards. symbolic image for increasing infection numbers




      When was that ever a part of the regulations?

      You people really need to read for yourselves.

  1. Then why did you just rescind your mandatory vaccination policy?! It is blatantly obvious that you are playing politics Sir. When it finally looked like the Government had a backbone by making the necessary tough choices to save our community, you basically threw away all of your progress because of your political insecurities. You say a Covid spike is going to come and you’re advising people to be cautious and vigilant?! Are your irresponsible, nonsensical governing tactics an example of caution and vigilance?! One step forward, 2 steps back. And when we’re in the middle of the next Covid spike, you will blame it on the people. But it is YOUR job to govern the people. If the people fail, it’s because you failed them.

    • You really believed the bullcrap about preferring to be and ordinary citizen?

      Then you must believe the cow jumped over the moon.

      Gaston is a bully and he has been exposed.

      Time vote he and his gang out of government.

  2. The PM predicts this and that.I am predicting that your arse would be voted out of Office on your moustache.Cannot wait to see your fall from your high horse and hit your big,round,fat head.Just hoping you are wearing a helmet.Then again,with a head as big as yours who needs a helmet.

    • RED KOOL AID you are the absolute best. You are funnier than Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor rolled into one. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh 😂😂.

  3. I thought in the pass the spike in covid cases was cause by returning nationals. Now he is saying the increase will be by the tourist . What mechanism is in place to try and mitigate a severe spike ? Lord have mercy !

  4. Okay, so we spike and…..?
    Let’s hope the frontline workers are not too tapped out. Let’s hope we have the Merck tablet.
    Lord knows if it comes to locals dying for the Yankee dollar, he is all in. Maybe the UK may have mercy on us by restricting nonessential travel to and from the UK

    • If and when there is a spike he will just blame it on the UPP. The sad thing about this all, many Antiguans will believe his BS.

  5. Gaston full a shit because you implemented mandatory vaccination I know you going to tell us that after there will be spike nonsense what kind of leader are you so after opening the borders you know I realized that the cases will be going up so I come to wonder that majority of the passengers coming into Antigua is not vaccinated then because how can we be vaccinated and yet still there will be a spike secondly I know upon arrival you should have a negative test an another should be administered after you arrived as what red Kool-Aid said you will be falling off your high horse very soon so continue to enjoy your puppet show because you’re no leader you’re an ass

  6. All the countries with high rates of fully vaccinated are seeing a surge in covid. So the vaccines are loosing the efficacy. I suggest that if Antiguans don’t want to see a surge they should continue to wear their masks and practice hand washing and social distancing. The vaccines are not preventing people from catching covid so things are going to get worse. All the tourists are from countries with high numbers of covid among both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

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