PM poised to sue over “Nastiness”

Queen Ivena performed at UPP event on June 12

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has warned radio stations here that they will be sued if they play the controversial 2017 calypso “Nastiness.”

The song is done by Queen Ivena, the calypsonian behind a number of anti-ABLP compositions.

The Prime Minister is also reportedly planning to sue the former Calypso Monarch if she does not remove a line in the song which he thinks is defamatory to himself and his wife.


Browne who is currently in Grenada says he’ll write to the performer and will make good on his promise to sue if she does not stop sullying his good name.

Nastiness is very critical of the Gaston Browne government and the head of government himself.

But the country’s leader been tame in his response to Ivena,  telling her on Facebook to look in the mirror to see the nastiness.

The song in question is being circulated on most major radio stations here.

The Prime Minister also plans to sue opposition Senator Damani Tabor and the Observer Media Group for statements made regarding his wife’s charity.

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  1. This is absolutely ridiculous! This is an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of expression and of course it is a terrible blow to artistes’ creativity, and freedom of cultural expression. Democracy is seriously undermined when leaders become so paranoid, so thin skinned, so litigious that citizens fear to exercise their rights and freedoms. V.C Bird, Lester Bird and Baldwin Spencer have all had calypsoes ( and I dare say worse than this!) written and sung about them and they have never sued. What gives! All of this threatening to sue is just nastiness. Antigua has become a nasty place. Sue me!!!!

    • Freedom of speech does not mean you should say anything you please about can say what you please but of course there are consequences ..A stop must be put to it,its wrong its wrong and its wrong.. You do not defame people,s character as you please..Antiguan,s seem to have a problem differentiating between slander and freedom of speech.. You are right Mr PM.Do what you have to do.No one can sue you for saying Antigua is a nasty place that,s your opinion,Antigua cannot sue you,try defaming someone and see if they cannot sue you..

    • Really? If it was your daughter or family member would you feel the same way? Would you actually SING this tune. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. A lie is a lie is a lie anyway you turn it.

  2. Ghee me a break to sing the truth. Nasty look a nastiness the sweetest calypso I’ve heard for 2017

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