PM On Reports Of Missing 96k: ‘A Fabrication’


(Antigua News Room) Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to a What’s App message being circulating about the disappearance of nearly 100k from a government entity.

Browne raised the issue on Pointe FM earlier today even without being asked by a host or a caller to the Browne and Browne Show.

The Prime Minister said it was a “fabrication” adding that “some people in the political space is becoming active with their mischief.”

Browne said in coming months, residents should expect more of that sort of false allegations.

The widely circulated message alleged that a particular manager of a TV station in the Caribbean has been suspended for forging the signature of a particular Permanent Secretary.

It is also alleged that an amount of $96,000.00 is said to be unaccounted for in the transaction that took place.

It is further alleged that the Prime Minister of that Caribbean island is making arrangement to pay back the missing amount on behalf of the suspended manager, in order to avoid additional public embarrassment to his Govt going into an election.

Browne said the widely circulated message could not be talking about Antigua & Barbuda since he is well pleased with the state broadcaster and its management.




  1. Obviously, this story isn’t over yet. A full investigation needs to be done. Hopefully the PM is right. True or false, something is amiss at ABS.

  2. Well was the local manager suspended or not? That may help narrow down.

    The irony here is that the attempt to cover-up to save face is going to garner even more attention, not just here.

    Nobody can outrun their karma.

    In any event, whether it is Antigua or not, something STINKS at ABS.
    Alleged firing during a pandemic, multiple knee-jerk transfers.

  3. Disappointed, my lub-ugly, vigilante comrades? But ask BLACK-MAN who boldly stared that he “knows the CULPRIT”.

    • BLACK MAN must tell us who it be, since he claiming he “knows the CULPRIT”. Name please, or stop pretending.

  4. @Anon the 1st: This matter would not go the way of the forgers of the Prime Minister’s signature.You also know the Culprit.I would not say the name.However,I am awaiting to see the end results.That is all that mattered.
    Where are the likes of Tenman,CErmle,From the Sidelines.If the suspect was a non insider.They would have been all over it like soft cow dung,dropped and splashed.

    • The whole story must be fake, otherwise the opposition and The Observer would be all over this story. So far not a word. The PM must be right. It’s fake news, a fabrication.

  5. Confess and forsake! not hide and protect! All of these accusations are lies all the time? We have perfection in this sinful world these people act like they walked with God daily

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