PM on Mandatory vaccination: The Time has come for us to act


An angry sounding Prime Minister Gaston Browne today stopped short of announcing mandatory vaccination while addressing Parliament today.

Browne said the time had come to take tougher and more unpopular measures to save lives and the economy.

He said, although unpopular, his administration will not hesitate to implement mandatory vaccinations.

Browne said he is giving residents yet another chance to make use of the many vaccine doses available here.

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    • Implementing of mandatory anything could be done if the people let it be so.Today,mandatory Vaccines,then tomorrow what next? Once the doors to mandatory anything are opened.The windows would be opened also for them to climb through like thieves into the nights. The State of Emergency is being used as their covers.

      • “Charlie”, where did that filthy mouth come from? Who raised you? You are degrading yourself with such nasty-ness. Respect yourself. You appear to be a very disturbed individual. You need salvation.

      • Charlie, you are obviously mentally disturbed. Use your mind for good, for God, and for righteousness. Seek the help you need, please. Your comments are shameful. Your are degrading yourself. Who raised you??

  1. Wait am I hearing or reading right? Didn’t the Prime Minister say a few weeks ago that his government would never implement a mandatory vaccination policy. ANR please get that recording and post it.

    • They should also pull recordings of D. Giselle Isaac on UWi, Lovell on UWI, Lovell o Scotiabank. It’s a fluid situation. Biden has just announced updated policy. So e go.


      Very disappointed in you. The DASHBOARD is increasing RAPIDLY. The Prime Minister has to change according to situations. Come on TABOR..Stop the POLITICS.

      • ERIC (THE RED) in some cases you have a principled position. I assumed when the Prime Minister made the statement about not making vaccination mandatory it was a principled, ideological position. We know that mandatory vaccination can be legally justified. The Prime Minister was aware of all that when he made his statement. I am therefore amazed that he would have changed his position overnight. While I know legally that mandatory vaccination is permissible, ideologically I do not support mandatory vaccination. The Prime Minister needs to make clear what exactly is his position.

    • It’s not mandatory. Get vaccinated or get tested. if you don’t want to get tested, don’t come to work. If you don’t come to work, you don’t get pay. It’s simple

      • So why the vaccinated not tested too. Nine employees in one company in Antigua that only allow vaccinated workers tested positive. The news won’t tell you all about these stats. They need to push testing for the vaccinated too

  2. There’s been an outbreak among students at AUA. Staffs are not fully vaccinated. They are testing every fortnight. But it not enough. Once da COVID hit a place like that, it wild fire! This gonna hurt our economy even more.

    • Like U of Illinois is doing.

      If there’s an outbreak at AUA admins are keeping it hush hush from the students

    • And? Close down the campus and people as you can go freely to do the most important thing you do (BEGGING without remorse) you are not considered human…just garbage to be use to litter for justified non sense…sad for your parents

      • There you go again Charlie! Your “parents” must really be proud of you. Sheesh!!! Did they raise you to have a mouth like that? Get out of the gutter.

      • 1. I said test twice a week. I said nothing about closing the campus.

        2. Im an AUA student so if campus were closed I’d just go to my home country not beg anyone

    • It will because of retarded policies they wanna put in place. How can you test only unvaccinated when both can catch and transmit the virus in workplace?🤔 who came up with such q stupid idea? What i see is an act of being vindictive and no rational thinking to protect both parties.

      • Also campus should provide N95 masks to all students and employees to wear on campus

      • Yes, Covid can spread regardless of your vaccination status, but who will die if they contract Covid?
        If the unvaccinated are not going to get their vaccine, then they need to be aware of their status at all times. Getting covid will have worse implications for the unvaxxed.

      • Covid spreads regardless of vaccination status yes, but who is more likely to die after contracting it?
        If you don’t want to take the vaccine, then you need to always be aware of your status. Not because you can spread it, but because you are more likely to die from it. The faster you know you have it, the faster your life can be saved

  3. Yall stop the bickering.Strengthen your immune system and drink alot of water.Vaccine or vaccine not we still could ketch it.I am very sure alot of us ketch covid and dont even know but because for some of us our immune system are strong it fights the virus.Yall leave people rights alone cuz yall know damn well if it was certain other places they would have killed the Prime Minister for doing alot of fu.For some the vaccine will be okay to others it may not.Everybody bodies are different.I make take a avid for a nasty headache and it stops.My friend will take a advil for her nasty headache but it wont stop.Stop letting the government mess with peoples rights.You still can ketch it you stil can get hospitalized and you still can die.So yall stop…If those who wanna take it let them take it if those who dont wanna take it well leave them.Damn it.These negativities aint helping.Yall need christ.Unity love and togetherness.God is our only way out.Dont talk about vaccine.

  4. The people are many the government is just a few take a stand antigua people do not submit to something you do not believe in stand your grounds everyone should have a choice not someone choosing for you or tell you what to do this sounds like Marshall law.

  5. If these vaccines actually prevented transmission and illness a mandate would make sense. But they don’t. See Israel.

    Maybe buy some vaccines from Cuba. They might be not efficacious

  6. Well said Prime Minister. The time has indeed come to stop all the nonsense from the conspiracy theorists and the COVID deniers. How anyone can continue to say this virus is a fake or it’s being exaggerated is beyond me. Talk to the frontline healthcare professionals who are dealing with the victims, talk to the grieving families, talk to the scientists and the experts who actually understand epidemiology! All of them will tell you that the best way to fight the virus and get back the freedoms you all claim to be being denied is to take the vaccine. A vaccine that has been proven beyond doubt to protect against serious illness and death. A vaccine that will prevent the health services becoming overrun and will therefore allow other illnesses to be properly and safely treated, thereby preventing further unnecessary deaths. A vaccine that will allow the country to be safely open to tourists who, whether you like it or not, are the engine that drives the economy. I am fully supportive of this stance the PM is taking and hope that the rest of the country see sense and protect themselves and those around them.

    • Spoken like a true dunce, lacking the mental capacity to think for one’s self with reason and comprehension.

      Spoken like a true demon with no respect for human life or the free will the almighty creator gave us all.

      Spoken like the true sellout you are supporting something you know nothing about because you lack the balls and intestinal fortitude to do otherwise.

      While you do the work of the devil, remember one thing, after you complete your mission you die and then the rest of who you came from and who you produce. The first rule when making a deal with the devil is don’t.

      Only the weak, wicked and those who has to serve this type of Karma will take the jab; which is by the definition from the CDC NOT a VACCINE.


      • You clearly have no respect for people’s life if you would rather have them die than take a vaccine to save their life.
        You preach saying that they are demons and work for the devil, but given your take, you may be the imposter here.

    • As a frontline worker yes, ask us.

      Ask us about the lies about the hospital being over run by unvaccinated COVID19 patients when in fact 75% of the critical COVID19 cases are otherwise healthy individuals who took the vaccine

      Ask us about persons who clog the health care system for ailments such as 3 bites from a fire ant

      Ask us about sexually adventurous persons who visit and clog our system because they failed to spend the money and buy the proper toys and instead come in for us to dislodge vegetables and other foreign objects from their orifices

      Ask us about persons calling because they want us to babysit their elderly parents or persons in their care while they go out so they call ambulances for fake illness

      Ask us about the increase in seizure cases since the rollout of this vaccine initiative.

      I am NOT against vaccines. I’m not even against this one. I think vaccines have brought us a very far way. Polio, whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella, yellow fever, (tuberculosis), and the list goes on. These ailments all threatened our existence but here is the thing…

      Taking any of these vaccines you have are highly unlikely to contract the ailment you are inoculating against. Almost zero hospitalization, Almost zero death.

      COVID19 vaccine however has almost none of these benefits. Still at a high risk of hospitalization. Still a high risk of death.

      People please check the facts. Listen to both sides and let no one force you to do anything with your body that is not your choice.

      • Why don’t you state your name? Its because you well know what you state is a lie. So the public is to believe that the Doctors and health officials who have come forward are liars? Those who hide in the dark are telling the truth? Boss you wish for darkness identifies you

        • I dont need to lie. Ok do this experiment… fake some reason to go to the ER. when there look to the left where the trauma room is you will see a line of persons wearing oxygen masks. They are the suspected COVID19 patients. Walk over and ask their vaccine status. Please come back after and give your findings.

          There is something happening. We are not permitted to know what it is but be careful.

          • But you are being untruthful and its worse since you admitted you have no need to do such. This then means you are doing it out of choice. History will not judge persons like you kindly. Before persons lamented that they wanted to hear from the technicians not just the politicians. The techs have come out and basically echoed what they have told told the politicians. Guy lock yourself in your bedroom, add some burglar bars and stay hidden

      • Why are these vaccines being pushed so hard when they don’t stop transmission or illness?

        I wonder if it’s true that most of those hospitalized with C19 in Antigua are vaccinated as person above says.

        Either way this government should be looking to buy Cuban vaccines as the American/European/Chinese ones don’t seem to be working and have dangerous and deadly side effects

      • Researches been done and I’ve read stories and watched videos of people relating their experiences and side effects of the vaccines taken. Some children suffering with seizures due to the same vaccines. People are mourning the lost of loved ones due to the vaccines etc. Information coming out off of CDC websites stating opposite to what am hearing and seeing from alot of people here. Thats why right now am just shock and amused to be hearing what’s going on here in antigua like no body has done researches or heard about or read about what’s going on with these jabs like really? Smdh!!

    • You are a clown, a puppet, a brainwashed baby in servitude to Gaston Brown! Time has come for what stand? What mandatory vaccination? Let him try it! Let them bring it on. Yell gonna see fireworks and craziness in this country and in the world! Look around the globe and see the tension. Fire and brimstone gonna be raining down soon. The people will not be bullied! F…king idiots!

    • He’s not forcing, he gave choices. Take the vaccine or take a test. Take a test or don’t come work. And if ya don’t come work don’t ask for pay.
      You can simply work somewhere else if you don’t want to take the vaccine or test.

  7. When Pringle said to test they say it don’t make any sense to do random test now they following his idea that they said was foolish

  8. Open up the place to vaccinated people and force the others to isolate themselves. The world has gone mad with superstition and its returning to the hocus pocus of the dark ages. All the hard work and progress made going down the tubes. UGH

  9. I’m happy I took the vaccine months ago! I think I made the correct decision! I am happy too that I have been able to influence quite a few persons to take the vaccine. I act in my vest interest and in the interest of safety of others, the public and my clients!

    • And by now your antibody titres have dropped too low to stop you from catching Covid…You’ll likely still be protected from getting seriously ill, but I’ve recently seen a study that indicates that this blessing may be a curse in the long run (hint: some research scientists now think the vaccines suppress parts of the immune system, thereby actually increasing the risk of non-covid infections while protecting you from severe covid outcomes).

  10. I’m happy I took the vaccine months ago! I think I made the correct decision! I am happy too that I have been able to influence quite a few persons to take the vaccine. I act in my best interest and in the interest of safety of others, the public and my clients!

      Thank you very for playing your part. I hope Charles Tabor will act more responsibly

  11. Gaston say it is time to act. Let us see if he has the chops to really take meaningful action. He has not done so to date. The anti-vaxxers have so far had him on the run, running scared of them and back-pedaling straight. Let us now see if his backbone is made of steel or jelly. This is your legacy, Gaston. You will be remembered either as the leader who stood up and acted in Antigua’s time of need or buckled like a ton of bricks.

  12. The worst thing was to let politicians lead the charge in something they know not one damn thing about. From day one the right people should have been in the front line. The rest of the world should be ring down Antigua phone trying to contact the knighted one to hear how wonderful he handled covid.

  13. These people going on like people not supposed to think for themselves or question anything that they have concerns about. Because them say take you must take or you must not survive. We remember Jim Jones.

    • Dis bwoy a chat like he can only do pon media. If only people valued their lives he wouldn’t have his. I would like him to try his mandatory action. Once you have food, kick this bastard to the curb. Go to work everyday. Take pictures and videos daily showing that you went to work and is being denied access. You CAN bring lawsuits against the government for these so-called legal but not lawful actions. Once you have proof that to went to work, they Have to pay you. Go look up the laws of Antigua. And if it comes to it, ALL who refuse the jab-jab come together and do their own thing. Love and Support run the living not money. Tell dem tek dem JOB and shove it in their children’s asses!

  14. The world has gone mad the genetically modified humans hates the organic, pure division and fear, people are not thinking rational

  15. I was born free and will die free or die fighting for my freedom. No one and no govt will ever dictate me to take anything into my body.

    Where are the kidnappers abductors executioners of Nigel Christian? World dictator traitor liar bully thief (HT) Gaston Browne is involved. He thinks we are stupid by trying to throw the scent off him by offering $50,000 reward. Nigel Christian was murdered execution style because he found out all who were behind the “forged” signatures at the Port. Govt members are involved and that’s the reason no one has been brought to justice. All govt did was pay some fools to take the fall for it. And they could only convince three people to be their scapegoats. The family of Nigel Christian deserves justice.

    Where are the kidnappers abductors and human traffickers (HT) of Mehul Choksi? They are walking about freely as if they are above the law.

    No one especially govt ministers and police are above the law. Eventually the sordid truth in both cases will come out and justice will be delivered and they will all pay for their crimes against humanity.

  16. Idiot bravo no one said the virus is fake.Yes its out there but why take the vaccine and you still could ketch covid you still can be hospitalized you still can die.So why take it? Does it gree with everybody and to those who have underlying conditions huh.Look at the 13 year old in guyana who is fighting for her life after taking the vaccine.Come on guys…Just take good care of yallself and follow the protocols.And keep safe guys.Pray guys.Lets stop hating because of politics and all a that.We need to unite.We could help one another.

  17. Listening to D.GISEL ISAAC this morning on Observer Radio. I am a UPP Supporter but I am really PISSED off with Her. D.GISEL ISAAC could not answer a simple question if the UPP supports The Public Service should be Mandatory Vaccinated and tested. D.GISEL ISAAC shame on you.UPP is very INDECISIVE . That is the reason why UPP is losing MEMBERS. Stop dancing around and make proper decisions. Hon.Gaston Browne is a decision maker. Smarten Up UPP.

  18. After listening to the clip, who still believes democracy exists?

    There is no such thing on a slave plantation….

    • Not sure what your understanding of democracy is but its clearly not anarchy. Democracy involves the will of the majority and also laws be followed that protect even the minority. You would have read the opposition spokesperson state that mandatory vaccination is indeed legal. Stop the whining, get onboard, ensure that you and those you love are vaccination

      • @tenman
        My name is Kunta Kinte

        What is your name?

        • Mel.. Tarzan or Robin crosoe more suit you. I recall the story about him being that he lead a group. Are you suggesting that his needs and rights were superior to those of the persons he led? He would not make sacrifices for their safety? The persons he led did not carry out his orders? Guy find someone else, someone who led no one, did his own thing, maybe Robinson Crusoe or Tarzan. As for my name ask C Tabor, he well knows it and as usual is busy playing a scribe and or Pharisee

          • TRNMAN whether I know your name or not is not the issue. I found out your name by chance. The point is you are criticizing someone for not using their correct name and you are DOING THE DAMN SAME THING. Are you that hypocritical or you do know what HYPOCRITE means? I believe you know what hypocrite means so please start using your correct name like me.

        • MELCHESIDEC I see that you are calling out your comrade TENMAN. I can assure you that you will never get TENMAN to use his correct name. I must confess though that you are not in a position to demand such since you are also using an alias. All you guys — JUST SAYING, FROM THE SIDELINE, ERIC (THE RED), PETE, PHILLIP G, FREDERIC and CARSON B must be a man or woman and stop hiding behind alias.

      • Mandatory vaccination can never be legal! Who has the capacity and power to make this order? The government? The system? Who empowered the government? Who birthed the system? The vanguard rests in limbo and lethargy right now. But try stuffing mandatory down their throats and see who has the real power! You people calling out for mandatory vaccines are not only blind, but obviously mentally retarded!
        No other human being on this planet can dictate what must go into another person’s body. Note….my body is mine. Do what the f..k you want with yours, but please don’t u dare mess with mine!!! Tek warning. Damn assholes!!

    • By accident? Guy I told you who to ask. Why do you constantly mek things up? Just today watch you wrongly suggest that Melford said the DPP should investigate. Instead it was clear they are simply seeking a legal opinion from the DPP, to determine whether further investigation (yes by the police ) is needed.

      • TENMAN you and the Cabinet seem to be so stupid it is sad. Why would the DPP be asked to give a legal opinion to determine whether the police should continue to investigate? Firstly, it is for the police to investigate and not the DPP. What further investigation? That is a red herring and pure foolishness. Secondly, it is a breach of the covid Regulations which are simple summary offences. For your information, I was given your name before you indicated who I should ask about your identity. Now, since your identity is known by a few people Mr. Hughes why don’t you come out and put your correct name beside your comments. Stop telling people to put their correct name when you are no damn better.

        • TENMAN HUGHES I should add that even if all the individuals who attended the Royalton pool party have left the island, the organizers of the pool party would be vicariously liable for the breach of the covid Regulations.

  19. @ Charles Tabor
    You completely missed the pun. You are way off course.
    I am not interested in ten man’s real name…

    My reference was to the Kunta Kinte seen in roots liken to the political whip that is plundering many at the moment.

    All I was inferring was I will not be broken……

  20. Panic and stupidity. Have we forgotten 2020 when the virus was ravishing the world, millions got infected and millions died. There was no vaccine not until December 2020. We are now in 2021 vaccines are now available yet number of covid infections and death continue to rise. Politicians in there clueless state of mind blame the continued spread on the unvaccinated. In fact no one is properly vaccinated as the powers[big pharma] is now telling us that a third jab of this highly acclaimed vaccine is now needed to stem the tide of the rise in covid. Our leaders seem to be getting more confused by the hour. So you mandate vaccines, there is no guarantee that the situation will be remedied, who will be the next scapegoat?

  21. Mr. Prime Minister, the efficacy of most of these vaccines last six months. Where are you going to find the money to buy the second, third, forth and so on boosters? The pharmaceutical companies are laughing all the way to the bank. Do you notice that the more you vaccinate the more infections showing up. Do you notice how the infections have gone up since tourists started coming to the country in July in large numbers? Most of these tourists are vaccinated but can still spreading the virus. As you say Antiguans should get vaccinated so when they catch the virus, they don’t become seriously ill and die.

  22. TENMAN HUGHES I should add that even if all the individuals who attended the Royalton pool party have left the island, the organizers of the pool party would be vicariously liable for the breach of the covid Regulations.

  23. MELCHESIDEC I don’t think I really missed the pun. I was responding to your comment and more particularly TENMAN’s comment to your comment when he compared you to TARZAN or ROBINSON CRUSOE.

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