PM on Indian Investor: “IF HE FAILS, HE FAILS”

Yida Zhang, Browne Vijender Singh

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to people who are asking about the financial backing of Western Imperial Special Economic Zone investor Vijender Singh.

Here is how Browne responded to questions about the investor:

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  1. Just maybe this one will be different. Because all your so-called investors have been failures. Just tell him to return our passports so they don’t end up in the hands of criminals.

      • You should Look at the signed agreement before you say people chatting crap. They were given passports to pay for their infrastructure. Imagine that.

  2. Tell us about the man from fancy bridge, that you got involved with WIOC who disappeared in china.
    Instead of chatting bs, bring the side work, to show us how much antigua has benefitted from YIDA, and their contribution to the GFP of the country.
    Tell us how many jabs or jobs has he created for antigans. Also tell us why you decrease the acreage required for a special economic zone to suite Singh?

  3. If he fail he fail??? Ah joke u ah mek!! A so u ha life general??? If he fail he does what every other friggin investor do come and tek wah belong to ANTIGUANS and have it tied up in all kinda bangarang. Look at all the lovely things Stanford put dung that r we can’t touch. You na just crazy u renking crazy. Tiyad ah u now man.

  4. Away de Sheikh from Morris Bay garne? You,the TAP DAWG say,you could smell those with money.How come you could not smell the Sheikh? Maybe he took a shower that day.

  5. IF HE FAILS,HE FAILS. REALLY? If he fails you would be seen as a failure also.You brought him into Antigua and gave him that Economic Zone Status.Now He rents your house at Jolly Harbor.What would you do with that house then,sell it?

  6. Wow, did he really say what that have to do with him if he owes George Ryan $2 million. My question to the PM would be if he Gaston Browne would personally enter into a business transaction with a man that owes $2 million. Of course not, but you taking chance with the country’s assets. SMH

    • Yes, he said that. That statement confirms that our PM does not care about us; all he is concerned with is making money for himself and his family. Can you imagine the so called developer saying he was present on Sunday to give us permission to survey his land? Lord have mercy.

  7. In the meantime, you GASTON BROWNE, would have gotten your rent money and Antigua would be left to suffer.
    What happen to the Arab man that you cuss off Kublai for.
    Guess Kublai was right after all. Kublai, the man who you say don’t have any subjects is brighter that you.

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