PM on Friars Hill Road: “I thank you for your forbearance”


Prime Minister has promised acceleration of work on Friars Hill Road, a major headache for motorists.

“Solutions must be found, and I have insisted on them in your interest,” Browne said in his News Year’s Day Message to the nation.

He said government is committed to building a network of roads and highways in the country, that serve both the social needs of every motorist, as well as, the commercial necessities, including tourism.

“I personally share the irritation and inconvenience of the continuing work on Friar’s Hill Road particularly,” Browne said in his nationally televised address.

“For the time being, I thank you for your forbearance and assure you that 2019 will bring accelerated work,” he added.

The UK funded road project has taken much longer than expected and still there are no visible signs of actual road construction.

Motorist say it is costing them money to use of the main roads into St. John’s owing to its extremely poor condition.

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    • How can you call it failure when every year we are rated as the fasted growing economy in the region. Guess you have no clue what that means.

        • Rastaman you missed this article “Antigua Leads Caribbean Economic Growth-ECLAC”, August 26, 2018, Antiigua Newroom? What about “ECLAC Projects 5 Per Cent Growth In Economy For 2017”, August 9, 2017 Antigua newsroom? Let me quote some pertinent parts: “Antigua & Barbuda’s economy is again ranking among the top economies in this hemisphere as it is expected to grow 5% for 2017, according to the Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

          ECLAC made the announcement during a press conference at its headquarters in Santiago, Chile recently.

          In 2016, the country’s economy ranked number one in Central American and the Caribbean with a growth rate of 6 per cent according to ECLAC’s ranking.

          The new growth figure puts the twin-island in the third position in the hemisphere behind Panama 5.6%, the Dominican Republic 5.3%.”

          Rastaman this means that we have kept to being the #1 economy with the highest growth in the entire CARICOM region. Clearly we have a good driver at the wheel, shown via his consistent performance. His performance reminds of Sir Vivian Richards

      • Who growing u probably a paid operative am out here dont see no growing,st kitts growing……what has the labour party done to help poor people the only people they help is the people that run behind of them and beg ,what about Putting policies in place like what the upp did …..but that how it goes.

        • When they wrote off bad debts owned to apua by especially poor people, poor people did not benefit? When fuel at the pumps was reduced from as high as 17.00 per gallon under the UPP to now 12.50, poor people did not benefit? When 30 million was spent on diagnostic machines for MSJ, poor people did not benefit? Did you not hear that MSJ is now the #1 hospital in the OECS region? The ban on plastic bags, protecting our environment won’t benefit poor people who tend to be most negatively impacted by global warming? The move now to reduce taxes on healthy foods and increase those on unhealthy ones, poor people won’t benefit? The booming construction industry which is at the forefront of our leading the region in terms of GDP growth, has not benefited our local carpenters and masons? Boss its to the point where you can no longer find skilled construction workers so we now have to import. When the people of this country voted to give ABLP more seats in parliament, mere months ago, this was mainly poor people giving the government kudos for good stewardship so far.

          • i don’t know why this website doesn’t have the up or down vote. I miss it to give you three thumbs up. Like usual you show them up time and time again. No matter which website they run to. You are there.
            Anyway. Happy New Year to you and your Family. Gods Richest Blessings.

          • Tenman, as I see it Antigua isn’t doing too well in any aspect. Oil, incidentally, is around US$50 per barrel and the price at the pumps definitely do not and have not reflected that price. IMO there isn’t a thing happening in Antigua (or Barbuda) to celebrate as a great success for the PM. There are very few people in the world who actually have an ability to be a good leader, and so far “disappointing” would by my description. One can research around the world and learn that that there are leaders who rule by instilling fear by use of intimidation, suppression and/or violence. Those types of leaders are not interested in their fellow man, only themselves and can be seen as living a high life gained basically by stealing from the people. Not saying that all bad leaders are crooks because there are some who just don’t have the savvy to lead.
            What is glaringly obvious is the methodical and determined take over by the Chinese. I would imagine that now that China’s economy has gone from 10% gains to 1.6% the, becoming more communist again, China will be even more desperate to disperse their excessive population around the world to infiltrate the countries susceptible to corruption and support China’s economy by whatever means/resources that happen to be available in those countries. I absolutely do not believe that China is the answer in any way to improving our economy…I am yet to see anything of quality that has been built or business opened. People need to get it into their heads that the only thing the Chinese care about is China and their own people…not us and never will be us.
            Socialism has been proven not to work but it is an easy way for the powerful to enrich themselves while ensuring that the masses become despondent and reliant on the state. We need to demand that the present policy enforcement should be replaced by encouraging free enterprise/private investment (reputable local and foreign) and substantially reducing the cost of living and doing business; the alternative being controlled, pillaged and destroyed by China, corruption and money launderers.

      • The koolaid drinker on the sideline have the nerves to mention IMF. The last time the IMF published the article IV report on A&B was in 2015 for the year 2014. This is what the IMF saying on A&B for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. The authorities have not consented to publication of the staff report and the related press release.
        On the sideline what is it the IMF staff saying about our economy that the two brightest bulb in the room Weston and Gaston don’t want Antiguans and Barbudans to know? The IMF is the only organization that has staff on Antigua unlike the ones that just repeat what this administration reports “ECLAC”. You speak of ECCB and the CDB please show me a report saying A&B doing 6% growth as mention by your Puppet Master, from these two organizations. I would love for you to join me in asking the two brightest bulb in the room to release all of the IMF article IV reports from the time the ABLP came to office. What the hell they have to hide? Please open link.
        You all come in here every day with the Puppet Master spin. I wouldn’t allow this to happen anymore. Get off the sideline and read the IMF website for yourself and get off the red koolaid it’s destroying your brain.

      • So u actually believe that pupu ,tell us what growing surely not this economy they cant even pay salary…so if there is growth way the money gone what into infrastructure lol oh yeah paying trucks,excavators oh no who owned these and water trucks and and and hey just go sit down

  2. I wonder why the entire speech of the Prime Minister could not be printed. I guess we are becoming like OMG.

  3. Convenient how the UK & EU get a positive mention, I would have expected him to have gone begging at Mr Chins door again for more of what he can’t pay back.

    • You missed the part where he talked about our debt to gdp has been lowered under his administration from 104% of GDP (booked debts) to 63% of GDP (booked debts) ? While for both booked and un-booked its 140% to 70?%? Boss if that’s not success, you have blinders on

  4. Tells us something we don’t know ….the enrichment policy is in full effect and hope u enjoying it…..bless up sir ….and when you going to investigate Michael Browne and the EBOOKS SCANDAL

  5. SOS..SOS..SOS has anyone seen the Gas-ton hot air balloon it’s running out of GAS. ALL hot air no action. The guy is a failure.

    • Yeah we can see that he is a big Failure giving the growth our country is experiencing eversince he came to power. I like a failure like that anytime above a can’t count Lovell that lead us to the brink of being a fail state.

  6. Let me ask a serious question…. Growth for who? Growth where? Percentage points and grandiose promises from 2013 have not stopped people from going hungry and can’t pay bills…. Still waiting for the 15million spent on the heritage quay Peir to reap the rewards from the 1 boat in 3yrs…. Growth my people is seen when the most vulnerable in our Society doesn’t worry where their next meal or pay cheque will come from…. You all better wake up…. Antigua and Barbuda is going to get worst before it gets better

    • Growth being led by both the tourism and construction industry where most of our most vulnerable work. One would find these days that its most difficult to find skilled local construction workers. This is part of the reason why we have had to start importing labour to meet construction demands. Some of these same vulnerable persons have been able to purchase vehicles, putting the figure for both used and new cars at the highest its been in over a decade. 2019, due to the opening of hotels will see the growth more widen, since it will involve the need to hire especially women to work in these new hotels

  7. MSJ is now the #1 hospital in the OECS region? Lord help us! Lol have you ever been there? Been a patient? Had family that suffered there? Seen and felt the sheer horror of how it is ran? The incompetence of it all? The long ass wait even in emergency care…where doctor’s can’t spare a sec to make sure the right procedures are being done where wrong drugs are administered? Where nurses spend their time on their phones while patients ring dong de place and a bael out nurse nurse? Who feels it knows it bass..only in Caribbean! Please if anyone see me on the street dying..please leave me least I will die in peace..comfort

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