PM names contenders to be polled for ABLP seats in next general elections


PM names contenders to be polled for ABLP seats in next general elections.

Listen to him make the announcement in this clip:

Browne says St. Peter where the name of Shermaine Jeremy has been put forward and St. John’s Rural West where Londel Benjamin is the Current MP are the first two constituencies to be polled.

Speculation is high that a general election could be called in Antigua and Barbuda later this year or early next year.

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  1. Keep up the good work. Find the best people. March forward under the red banner in the spirit of V.C. Bird and the founder fathers and mothers.

    • The spirit of V.C.Bird you say.V.C.Bird that I knew.Would run like hell from this ABLP and its current Leadership.

    • @Really, I agree with your comment. VC Bird make sure poor people had food 🥘 in their mouth 👄. I know that he would have a stimulus package 📦 for the people. He was a man especially for the poor. I don’t think we will ever see another VC Bird in our remaining life time.

  2. What happy to Shawn Benjamin wa he is not qualified enough to run for his community.he is from Gray’s Farm to.

  3. I am coming down to run.No one could and or would stop me from running.Perhaps if you Politicians did run.We the people of Antigua and Barbuda would have a trimmer,slimmer,Cabinet.With brains functions to spare.Instead we have a sets of sluggish,lame,lazy asses.Doing absolutely nothing to enhanced the lives of the poor and down trodden in the Population.

  4. You just want to get rid of Londel Benjamin. He won his seat as you did last election,Gaston. Even though you wanted someone else to run in that Constituency. The folks did say they wanted him over Christian. Since then you have done nothing to help him in that Constituency. Talking about polling in that Constituency. Regardless if he did win the polls or not. He should run as an Independent Candidate and show you. You have done absolutely nothing in the Grays Green Communities. As the man holding the Purse string as Finance Minister of the Nation.

      • he dont want no work to do, he now just wanna stay home and collect his monthl 10k a month doing nothing til he dies.

      • Gaston also said he would only run for two terms and told Michael Browne to prepare himself. Now he appears to have changed his mind and Michael may be forced out. Hope the people come to their senses and grant him his original wish.

  5. Well, well Gaston a telling you. Harry a eat down your garden more than you. When you sleeping in the morning or in the night. Harry gone keep the flowers blooming like dynamite.

    So you better water the garden. Gaston water you garden. The convention waiting on you. It’s waiting on you. So you better dig in you pocket and pull out the hose because Asot gone water you garden too.

  6. I voted for PM Browne twice, but I am open to the idea of new leadership for Antigua, as long as they:

    1. Maintain 0% income tax rate.

    2. Maintain our CBI/CIU citizenship program.

    • @ open to new leadership
      You must be one of the wealthy or high income individuals who paid income tax as the majority of Antiguans didn’t pay any. I know a teacher who paid $45 dollars per month, and teachers make more than the average civil servant. Do you know the millions collected in taxes even at this rate? Do you think that the government isn’t recouping the taxes through indirect taxation? These indirect taxes are passed on to the poor. The rich and upper income people can afford to pay. There is no free ride. There is bound to be an increase in duty and sales tax or the government will have to borrow or sell off our lands to foreigners to find money to run the country. Which is exactly what they are doing. Some people don’t want to pay taxes but they want updated infrastructure, consistent water, up to date health care etc. Where do you think governments get money from. They either tax their people or borrow or beg.

  7. What are the qualifications to be a Politician? They would look you in the face and lie. Then they would know that you know they are lying. Then dem lie some more. That is the only qualification you would need to one.
    Gaston Browne: Asot would like to know.When is the Party’s next Convention? Why are you so fearful to call it?

  8. A message to the greedy : wealth gotten by vanity shall deminish, the greediest MP of all time covet the leader from wilikies and trying to get more.

    We the citizens of Antigua is not against success and prosperity but we are against those who enrich themselves by making others suffer with all these conflict of interest

    • @Robert yes it is she is contesting for a spot in the most corrupt organization in the world.

  9. What is this polling for representatives in the ridings is Gaston talking about? Is this in the constitution of the Labour Party? I thought the constituency picked the candidates. Does Gaston think the people are not smart enough so only he can decide? We all know any kind of so-called polling is a farce. Didn’t he play the same game to have his wife elected? If the people in these constituencies allow Gaston to pick the people he wants and then has some phoney pool to confirm them, then some Antiguans are more fooly than I thought. We have in the person of the prime minister a person who thinks he should control everything. Even picking the people who run for his party. Is Antigua a dictatorship or what?

  10. What is this woman’s qualifications again? Is she married? I thought I heard someone say that she could be a potential daughter in law for the PM. Gaston real bright, bright, bright.

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