PM Mottley announces snap election in Barbados


Prime Minister Mia Mottley has announced that Barbadians will go to the polls to elect a new government on January 19.

In an address to the nation Monday evening, Mottley said she has advised President Sandra Mason to dissolve parliament with immediate effect.

She has also asked Dame Sandra to issue writs for the holding of elections in Barbados.

Prime Minister Mottley said Nomination Day will be on January 3.

Mottley said she intends to have meetings convened at the Electoral and Boundaries Commision and the COVID Cabinet Sub Committee so that they may advise how best to structure the actual voting process to reflect an appreciation of the realities of COVID-19 in the country.

She said she would also ensure that the Leader of the Opposition, Bishop Joseph Atherley, and herself are fully briefed after these meetings and will update the country “in a matter of days on any agreed-upon changes with respect to simplifying the conduct of elections in this environment.”

Mottley said she’s thinking, for instance, that the number of rooms could be increased to accommodate polling in a facility.

“So, for example, at the St Leonard’s Secondary School we could shorten the alphabetical size of a station so that there’s shorter times because there is more rooms within which people can vote,” Mottley explained.

The Prime Minister said she is aware that “we are still in the midst of COVID” but she noted that “we’ve all agreed, COVID will be with us for a while.”

Pointing out that “Omicron is coming and it is going to impact us”, Mottley said, “I want us to unite as a people and to work as one.”

“It is coming, and I need Barbadians to approach and fight Omicron as one country, as one nation, as one people,” she said.

The Prime Minister said she wants Brbadians to “recalibrate as a people behind one Government and one leader.”

“And let me say, whoever emerges as that leader, I will support …Let us unite to fight the threats to our safety, our development and our prosperity,” Mottley added.

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  1. What is the RUSH,MIA? Are you playing from those Chinese playbook in Barbados? People of Barbados,look at what happened in Antigua and Barbuda after that snap Election in 2018.The Administration thought they owned the Nation since then,they got 15 of the 17 seats in Parliament.Do not make that mistake Bajans.Where you would have a non existent Opposition in numbers in Parliament. Your leaders could become little Dictators.

    • Guy stop chat rubbish. Do some research. In BDS the ruling party that Motley leads came in winning all 30 seats. I gather she is now trying to burying the opposition, just like will shortly happen here, deeper in the ground

      • TENMAN I did not realize you could be such an idiot. She won 30 seats in a 30 seat Parliament in the last election. Could you please tell me how she is trying to bury the Opposition? Mia has called a snap election because there are problems in the BLP and some of her colleagues were planning to oust her as leader.

      • @TENMAN:I am fully aware the time of the year. It would appear you had to much mixtures to drink this holiday season. Too much Red Kool Aid Mixed with Rum could screw up your thought processes. Do not drive and drive.

  2. Mandatory vaccinations in the future maybe? Or does she plan to make homosexuality legal?? Something is obviously coming shortly so she needs the mandate now!!

  3. Stone! Tap that! You don’t have the cojones. Bold move by the Barbadian leader of government. Leadership takes courage and the wherewithal to know when to steady the ship.

    Raise your sails and let your moral compass be your guide Bajans. You deserve a government of, by and for all it’s citizenry and legal residents.

    • Ha, ha, ha! If you believe this, then you are living in a dream. Mottley called the election because there was a move by nearly half of sitting representatives to remove her as PM. She is therefore acting in her self interest, and not that of the country.

      I have watched with amusement when people like you praise her and try to suggest that she is somehow a better leader than PM Gaston Browne. I guess the grass always looks greener to those on the outside, eh?

  4. She’s a great lady, deeply grounded in the social democratic/democatic socialism philosophy of the founders of modern Barbados. She is greatly loved by the people and will continue to govern from the left. Long Live Barbados!

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