PM Meets With More Than 100 Police Officers Via Zoom

Prime Minister Gaston Browne held an earlier Zoom meeting with over 100 police officers
Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Minister of Legal Affairs, AG Steadroy Benjamin meets with over 100 members of the Police Welfare Association (PWA) today.
Issues such as health and safety, working conditions, benefits among others are currently being discussed.
Vice President of the PWA, Marilyn Harris thanked Prime Minister Browne and the AG along with her members for participating in the near 2-hour long meeting via zoom.



  1. This is what you call LEADERSHIP. Knowing how to defuse a very tens situation. I mean the haters and the nay sayers were all hoping for a confrontation. The PM said on Saturday on his radio show that he doesn’t mind meeting with them, but given the circumstances not in person. And thank God they excepted the offer. And now ma cooler heads prevail.

    • @From the sideline
      I believe I read that you wanted the PM to come down on the police with an iron fists and show them who was the boss. Now that the PM has chosen the path of reconciliation rather than confrontation, you are changing your tune. Do you really have any convictions or do you just write what you think your masters want to hear?

      • Yes I would have love to see that. Because I’m not like the PM. I don’t take rebellion easily. Not in my home not in my workplace. You are out the door very quickly. But the PM is different he always find ways to compromise. If the nurses strike he find money for them, if the post office strikes he find money for them, If CBH strikes he finds money for them. So everyone knows by now that you can get things done if you only threatens the PM with strike. And they are taking advantage of his kindness.

        • @From The Sideline
          BS. That’s why you would never be prime minister in a democratic state but maybe in a fascist one. Guess your other half must be a mouse. But I doubt it. I bet you employ only foreigners who need a job and will put up with your BS. If you have children be nice to them as you will need them in your old age.

  2. Kinda off topic a bit………but now we have Covid, things are getting done by ministers and other officials without having to travel overseas. Hoping they are not somehow manage to manipulate the system and still claim their travel allowances……..and this will be the new norm of most government businesses which will save monies to the government’s purse.

    • Only you would come up with such a scam. Good thing you’re not there cause your brain always working to see how you can scam the system.

  3. Lord, have mercy on the Kool Aid drinkers who have been so intoxicated that noteven the naked truth can sober them up!

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