PM Meets With Citizenship Company From Dubai


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has met with AAA Associates immigration advisory, a company exploring expansion into the Caribbean.

In a news release, the company said the move is to consolidate its international position, which will significantly help its Middle East applicants in cutting down the application processing time of acquiring Caribbean nationality.

Imran Farooq, Chief Executive of the immigration advisory firm AAA Associates which specializes in the Citizenship-By Investment (CBI) programmes, met Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda Gaston Browne and discussed ways of boosting Antigua’s Citizenship by Investment program to the Middle Eastern potential applicants.

Browne welcomed the AAA Associates delegation headed by Imran Farooq, Chief Executive Officer of AAA Associates, a part of Samana Group of Companies. Both sides had extensive talks about the growing investment opportunities in the Caribbean and how the applicants in Middle East could avail them.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, AAA Associates immigration and CBI advisory assists potential applicants for residence planning, citizenship and real estate consulting. In addition to UAE residents, the company serves applicants from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, India, Pakistan, Iran and Syria.

The high applicant inflow is attributed to the latest amendments in the citizenship legislation of countries such as ‘Antigua & Barbuda’, ‘Dominica’ and ‘Saint Kitts & Nevis’, where these countries dramatically slashed investment cost of Citizenship by Investment in a bid to take the programme to the maximum number of people.

Antigua & Barbuda economic citizenship by investment program is contributing to the Antigua & Barbuda national development fund. For single applicant, or a family of four or less is of US$100,000. Family of five or more is of US$125,000.

The Citizenship-by-investment programmes are increasingly becoming popular among wealthy residents in the UAE in particular and in the Middle Eastern citizens in general. It allows access to visa-free entry into over 120 countries, including Schengen Zone for either for investment, business or educational purposes.

“We are very happy to meet Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda H.E. Gaston Browne. Our discussion was really fruitful and we are ready to work together on Antigua & Barbuda’s CBI program. AAA Associates will put all efforts in attracting people to this programme and guaranteeing the programme has Antigua & Barbuda assurance of investment safety,’ said Imran Farooq, Chief Executive Officer of AAA Associates, part of Samana Group of Companies.

The UAE, which hosts more than 8 million expatriates who contribute US$33 billion (Dh121 billion) remittance flow, is an ideal hub for emigrants and for countries in Europe, America, the Caribbean and Australia and New Zealand – who attract wealthy investors and skilled immigrants through business and investment immigration programmes offered to boost their economic growth.

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  1. This is good news, but our CIP program needs to be updated and modernized. For example, if a CIP citizen has a newborn child after being granted Antigua citizenship, they have to pay $25,000 for the new baby to have citizenship – that is crazy! St. Kitts has much better policies regarding the CIP program and we should copy some of their policies.

    In St. Kitts, if an economic citizen has a new born child, they are automatically given citizenship without any fees or charges whatsoever. That is the proper and fair way to do things.

  2. Mr. PM, what do Antiguans have to show for all the CIP money raised? One would think that these funds would be used to make tangible improvements to Antigua and provide lasting benefits for the people. Where has all the money gone?

    • Sad when every six months financials are tabled in parliament how the monies are spend and you guys still ask the same questions. Shows you guys really do not have interest in knowing.

  3. This PM doesn’t sit on his laurel when he knows the country needs money to pay its bills. Just like when he came to office and saw how bad the situation was. IMF looking for money, Pensioners and many other loans delinquent, he went out and got CIP money to pay the bills.

    • He will never done paying the bills because he keeps running up more loans like a credit card junky. You would think that with all the money he collected from CIP he would have $90m us to modernize the port. Antigua is in a sad financial state and this government does not appear suited to fix the problems.

      • I wonder why the debt to GDP has been decreasing. Could it be that he is paying off many of the old debt from the UPP. One thing I know, no country will ever be debt free. You will always occur debt in order to finance development. Money just doesn’t sit in the bank waiting to be spend. That is not how it works.

        • Do you think the debt to GDP could be decreasing because the GDP is increasing more than the debt is increasing? There is something called functions and relations. You have to look at the actual numbers before you can determine the reason for the decrease. Has the debt actually gone down?

    • And that is so right. That is why we should be glad we finally have a PM that has a vision for this country. Making Antigua and Barbuda into an economic powerhouse in the Caribbean. So far we are the fasted growing economy for several year on a row.

      • Do you think the debt to GDP could be decreasing because the GDP is increasing more than the debt is increasing? There is something called functions and relations. You have to look at the actual numbers before you can determine the reason for the decrease. Has the debt actually gone down?

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