PM Lashes Out At Observer Over False Coronavirus Reporting


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has condemned Observer Media (NewsCo) for their inaccurate reporting on the Coronavirus.

The opposition-friendly media house recently said that there were two suspected cases on the virus in Antigua & Barbuda. The report was false and since then health officials have been busy indicating to the world that there are no such cases here.

Reacting to the false Observer report, prime minister Browne said “Observer has proven to be an unreliable and very spiteful media organization, they are becoming extremely spiteful to the government trying to undermine everything we do.”

He said “Observer media people, managers, owners especially Serpent; they are no fools. They understand that bad news travel faster perhaps than the speed of light. Good news travel extremely slow, so they sent the bad news out firstly that has gone all around the globe now and the fact that they have corrected it can not mitigate against the damage they would have done.”

The media house apologized for the misinformation but Browne said the damage has already been done.

“In fact, as responsible journalists, they well know that when you have such a critical health issue that will affect the population that they had an extreme duty of care to find out exactly what was the truth before publishing.”

“It was clear that they were reckless, this is inexcusable.”

“It is extremely unfortunate that there are individuals who are seeking to score cheap political points out of what is clearly a serious risk factor that the government is trying to manage to protect the people of Antigua and Barbuda. This is no joking matter,” he said.

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  1. Shame on OBSERVER RADIO MEDIA. Serpent , Knight ,Cleon Athill ,Gladys Potter et Al just tell LIES LIES LIES.Observer Media should be abondoned by the Citizens of Antigua. Observer Media do not have any CREDIBILITY.

    • Oh shut the hell up, DID YOU READ THE ARTICLE? The article when I read it spoke to PRECAUTIONARY measures taken with two unrelated recent visitors to China. So it was in fact an ACCURATE story HOWEVER the headline was misleading hence the APOLOGY that was made. When Gaston come lying to y’all asses bout no tax yet windfall taxes and other taxes by another name killing we ass AND NONE Y’ALL COWARD ASS WIPES HAVE A VOICE TO CALL HIM OUT ON IT. I SWEAR THIS MAN WILL SPIT IN Y’ALL FACES AND SAY IT’S DRIZZLING AND Y’ALL SAY YES OUTSIDE SET UP FOR TRUE. Shame of what ANTIGUANS have become to this WICKED MAN.

      • @ Apology Accepted. You sound like you believe that “THE ENGINES ARE NEW” lol. Did you go to the blood in a hotel lobby press conference? What has become of that brand, spanking new Wadadli Power Plant? lol

        Is it serving Antigua and Barbuda well?


      No need for ‘…Bickering or Bittering’ (new word).

      Na-a-ah! Knight not in ‘Dat.’

      Neither ‘…writes; …edits nor reads news.’

      Listens most times.

      Crazyish like hell sometimes.

      Aint reach ‘…Clarevue’ yet though.

      Wander off into his habitat ‘…Snake Pit,’ and see if somebody wouldn’t have to get some kind of ‘…antidote injection’ before one of those two ‘…Lady Takers,’ send a wagon.

      Would be ‘…first to last ride’ to some darn place.

      Then ‘ebrybady’ gone into abandonment mode.

      When snakes ‘…ah sleep,’ don’t touch tail.

      Might wake and do two possible things;

      (i) …Spew venom; and

      (ii) …Bite like hell.’

      To a snake, either one is ‘gud’ (Ras Smood’s word).

    You are so CORRECT. Observer Media would like to flush ANTIGUA down YOU KNOW WHERE. Observer Media is NOT a CREDIBLE outlet. I share the same sentiments uttered by Prime Minister Gaston Browne in reference to Cleon Athill . I CANNOT believe Cleon Athill has a PHD. Whenever she speaks…does not make sense. Cleon Athill and Damani Tabor cut from the same cloth. They just oppose ABLP without reason. Shame shame.

  3. Who report more lies than gaston’s very own point fm since there inception. Observer a beat them bad so they would go all out to discredit observer for any mistake they make

    • That was not a “mistake.” That was 100% deliberate. Cheap headline in order to get clicks. It was even beyond that it was reckless. I’m all for a free press however press should not be free to lie and cause fear and panic against or citizens for money.

  4. Yes everyone knows that given its history, Observer has one helluva axe to grind with the red party. That is still no excuse for them to engage in sensationalism and dishonesty. How did their newly appointed “British-trained” (as they put it) Editor and advocate of homosexuality allow that to slip by her? Not looking good for you Gemma Handy. Maybe they need to get back Mickel Brann. Just because someone has an accent does not mean they are better than.

    They let this headline slip and they let Janice Samuel slip through too. What next?



    Unlike the ‘…Frenchmen- Sixty Million of Them,’ for whatever the reasons, the ‘…Mighty Sparrow’ says, ‘…They cannot be wrong.’

    Now two prominently-positioned public officials;

    (i) …Comptroller of Customs, Raju Boddu; and

    (ii) …Prime Minister Gaston Browne; though far outnumbered by the ‘…Frenchmen,’ seems that they too ‘…cannot be wrong.’

    To all intents and purposes, ‘Boddu’ apportioned blamed to the Media for ‘…over two incidents;

    (i) …A massive EC$3.3 Million Fraud, allegedly perpetrated by ‘…an unidentified Customs Broker; and

    (ii) …A near fatal shooting of a subordinate officer/investigator of the ‘…alleged Massive Fraud.’

    Boddu appeared to have ‘…cried foul’ when he reportedly said this of the Media ‘…They tried to ‘provoke and lure him (me)’ [OMG: January 31, 2020].

    Two days later, as far as identifying ‘…an offending Media entity,’ is concerned, ‘…Prime Minister Gaston Browne’ neither showed hesitation, nor restraint in mincing words in identifying the ‘…Observer Media Group.

    Showing abhorrence; and consistency in a feisty counter-attack’ (not sure if this is the darn right phrase to use), but he was clear in his darn mind what ‘…United States President Donald Trump’ has popularized as spreading ‘…Fake News’ [ANR. February 2, 2020].

    He was reacting to information reportedly disseminated by that news portal about the ‘…deadly Coronavirus’ reaching the nation.

    Said he, ‘…They are becoming spiteful to the Government, trying to undermine everything we do’ [ANR: February 2, 2020].

    Aint no Judge, so not hear to judge ah darn thing.

    But suffice it to say, that a news portal would not only be ‘…callous and reckless,’ but also ‘malicious’ in saying the darn thing reached here to have ‘…People like;

    ‘…Ras Smood;

    …Duncy Bat;

    …His Rock Head Brother; and

    …The whole darn nation panicking’ over whose funeral would be next.

    Then this ‘…Duncy Bat’ and his brother ‘…Rock Head’ arguing over what the nation is up to. One saying the nation speaking about closing borders with China.

    But on the other hand, China could allow the students to come home from harm.

    Duncy Bat was adamant that if the are allowed to do so, some ‘…Bats’ would die.’

    Though he is considered by a few people as a darn ‘…Dunce,’ seems a little brighter than his ‘…bright brother Rock Head.’

    He said, ‘…Let the students stay right there in China, for ‘…they will get to do two things’ and ‘…get one thing;

    (i) …Continue and complete their studies; and

    (ii) …Avail themselves of proper medical care, if ‘…they ketch the darn thing’ or ‘…if the darn ketch dem.’

    If he continues to improve with his intelligence, this ‘…Bat’ will be elevated to the next Grade.


      Told that ‘…Ras Smood’ has been grumbling that ‘…Duncy Bat’ could be hiding vital information’ from some of his ‘…gud frenz’ (Ras Smood’s spelling).

      But in fairness to the ‘…’…Duncy Bright Bat,’ whether ‘…gud or bad, nah ebry darn thing gud frenz fe know.’

      Now, hear the dangerous brother Rock Head, ‘…See wah happen to Observer?’

      ‘…Meck ebrybody know that ‘…some darn thing reach and it aint reach yet.’

      Then he and his brother ‘…Rock Head’ telling some ‘frens; that ‘…’Merica’ say that ‘nobady’ who is in China can come to ‘Merica’ to bring neither ‘…Corona nor Vita Malt.’

      Still don’t know what the ‘Dickens’ these two Malts have to do with ‘…what broke out in China.’

      Seems the ‘…Duncy Bright One’ ‘doh’ want nobady fe drink dem, so hear him;

      ‘…Wan ah dem might ha virus.’

      According to the ‘…Duncy Bright Bat, ‘…Little Antigua and Barbuda’ seems to be siding with ‘Merica.’

      Nobady’ can travel to China from ‘Merica, and nobady can travel from ‘…Antigua and Barbuda to China.’

      Borders closed.

      One exception though, ‘…any amount of Chiney Money’ can still come.

      Borders still open.

      Flying well ‘…Bat.’

      Watch yo’ wings though.

  7. It is a burning shame when the UPP and Observer Radio are trying Their very best to harm Antigua and the Citizens. These People do not love Antiguans. They will do anything to score cheap POLITICAL points .As a Young Person it bothers me. We are forming an Organization called ” YOUTHS EMPOWERMENT”. We can conclude that the UPP and Members plus Observer Media are destroying Antigua. Now I can understand why the Young Persons definitely prefer the ABLP. I can predict that the DNA will take over the Opposition from the UPP. UPP completely destroyed Themselves. Let Us not talk about Jamal Pringle who is a TOTAL DISGRACE to the Opposition in Parliament . This Guy shows NO improvement.


      Know that ‘…Audley Phillip’ might just be fuming ‘…a wee bit.’

      It is either going to be ‘…Harmless or Harmful,’ whichever darn way.

      Though not in the same category, know that ‘…Jamal Pringle’ neither represents ‘…me, cockroaches nor fouls.’

      Cockroach ‘…in a house or in a foul pen,’ faces the same darn danger.

      To fowls, it is ‘…Mahogany Chicken.’

      They ketch and gobble it, then ‘…lay eggs and hatch chickens.’

      Householders on the other hand, ‘…flit and kill it.’

      Can neither ‘…ketch me, flit me or gobble me.’

      Certainly not wrong to say that the honourable gentleman is a ‘ …Parliamentarian.’

  8. The headline was such a poor decision by Observer. In the body of the story, there was no mention of health officials alluding to the likelihood that the virus is on island so I don’t know how the reporter could have deduced there were “suspected cases” on island. Also, who does vetting over there? I don’t know how a second person could read the story and say, “Yes, we’re running with that headline.” Absolutely ridiculous.

  9. Just heard a recording on Pointe FM 99.1 with Cleon Athill . I cannot believe my ears. What a DISGRACE. iS Cleon Athill really has a PHD ? This Lady does not pronounce words properly. WOW WOW.
    I wonder if Mr. Pompey will comment on Cleon Athill recording. Need to hear some more comments.

  10. Why do we have so many brainless comments. Tell me which media house that did not have to retract a story and apologize ? Can anyone read or know what is in the heart? Why then do some of the same politricktians in the ruling party still go on observer to speak. That was the PM voice when he was in opposition and friends with the same people he is now condemning. No body accepts constructive criticism anymore. People see things differently all the time. Nation before party.

    • YOU: “Can anyone read or know what is in the heart? ”
      “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh”

  11. This the same media house that claims to be the ONLY INDEPENDENT media house in Antigua?? LMAO!!!!! And like to claim that democracy and free press are being stiffled? Only when it suits them. Winston Derrick must be rolling over in his grave. Look what his brainchild has morphed into? TMZ-style and National Enquirer “reporting”

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