PM Issues Firm Warning To Some On Barbuda


(Real News/Progressive FM)

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is warning Barbudans not to break the law or they will be dealt with severely.

Browne, making his usual weekend radio appearance, was referring to the recent uproar involving members of the Council and other residents over the Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) project.

Last Friday, September 18, two members of the Council were arrested, reportedly for not wearing masks and for trespassing on private property.

This came after the Council members and dozens of villagers sought access to the beach area near the project.

Browne says that, on many occasions, the Police would drop charges after interventions are made on persons’ behalf. However, he says the Barbudans should be jailed for their continued infractions of the law.

According to the Prime Minister, he is willing to have Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF) soldiers deployed to Barbuda to assist the Police with keeping order on the sister island.

However, some residents are asking why Browne is always so quick to threaten Barbudans with State-sponsored violence.

It was only a month ago that he said he would call out the Regional Security System (RSS) against MP Trevor Walker, again because of the controversial PLH Project.

One resident tells REAL News he would like to see the Prime Minister speak as forcefully against the four persons who abducted and murdered Customs Officer Nigel Christian in July, and call in outside agencies just as easily to help solve the crime.

Other persons say Browne continues to meddle in law-enforcement matters, proving yet again that he gives directives to the Police.

“It is not in the Prime Minister’s place to determine whom the law will deal with harshly,” one pundit tells REAL News.

“As usual, he is crossing the line, undermining the credibility of the Police, and proving there is no separation of powers in this so-called democracy,” the woman says.

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  1. @Gaston Browne:You want to arrest some of the people.However,you cannot arrests and stop all of the people from exercising their Constitutional rights.Gaston Browne,do you think the Barbuda people are your children.If you do this or that you would be arrested.Speak that way to your Cabinet Ministers.Tell them if they were to break the Laws.They would be arrested by the same Police.You would want to arrests the Barbuda people.Is the usage of insider information for personal gains.By all Cabinet Ministers and their families a crime in Antigua and Barbuda.How it is no one has been arrested for using such information.Is it because without you saying so.They,the Police cannot make a step into that direction.Oh how I would like to see. A Minister of Cabinet being escorted from Office in handcuffs and ankle chains.

    • I listened to Browne and Browne on Saturday and something he said confirmed to me what a conniving person he is. He said that when his son was about to acquire the lands at Long Bay he took the matter to Parliament/Cabinet. This he said shows how open his government is. Firstly, I thought he said his son did not have inside information and secondly which minister of his party would dare oppose him? The MPs have all acquired government assets under dubious circumstances. They know it and Gaston knows it. Gaston is running a corrupt government and can do what he pleases with no questions asked. He has the goods on all his MPs and I doubt he will hesitate to bring them down if they don’t tow the line.
      I wonder why most of the people who phone in exhibit such limited intellectual ability. These are the majority of his people. Not difficult to fool.

  2. Hon.Gaston Browne ,Those Barbudans who break the law I hope the Law Authorities will arrest Them….Then the Judge will deal with Them in Court. No One is ABOVE the Law. Time to teach Trevor Walker, Devon Warner ,Paul Nedd and Others a STERN LESSON.

  3. I heard one of them saying they went for money, really ? Gò and ask Trevor Walker for money to pay You, the Govt gave their 60% so ask him for the 40%, Gaston majority is still with you ,do your thing and keep pleasing the Majority

  4. Wake up call. No one is above the law. I am sick and tired of Barbudans being given the license to break the law with impunity. If as we say this is a unitary state, the law should apply equally to all. It’s time to bring Barbudans into the 21st century, and those people egging them on are just using them to score cheap political points. How pathetic!

  5. When u give man a yard, they want to take a mile… This is what these Barbudans are doing…. The PM needs to show them that he is the man and that he run things and not things running him…. Enough is enough…! Those members of the Barbuda council behave like first class idiots just for public attention. They definitely to feel the full force of the law…. As the days pass by, they are exposing their stupidity more & more to the world… Sad!! Sometimes it leads me to wonder if the Barbudans are using their feet to think or if their brains are packed with sawdust. As one of our great calypsonians said in one of his songs, ” Don’t lose yr head, bcuz yr brains are in it” My advice to you Barbuda, Please take heed!!

  6. Nedd and Warner please wear your face mask. What happen to our democratic rights? I hope when there’s no more lands in Antigua for the generation to come, your all will remember Barbuda Brains full a sawdust.

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