PM: If you believe Anthony Smith then pigs will fly


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is not backing down from statements he made about UPP candidate Anthony Smith last week.

Smith has said he has no interest in the ruling Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party.

But even in the face of a lawsuit threat Browne is insisting that Anthony Smith’s response is not truthful.

Here is how Browne addressed the issue:

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  1. If he is lying, then sue him Mr. Smith.
    UPP is a sinking ship and they are all running away from that LOSER Harold Lovell and their man john Chair “woman”

  2. The Prime Minister is just embarrassed that Anthony Smith called him out. Poor Gaston, he is trying to save face.

  3. Hmmmnnnn,…let’s go to the video/audio tape! Dated and time stamped.

    Anthony…”your honor, I was inside the closet, minding my own business.”

    PM Browne…”you hear lie, that is lie’l

  4. As usual world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne spewing shit out of his mouth again. If that is the case Gaston, prove to we the people Anthony Smith asked to run with ABLP. If you can’t prove it, then you are lying. As a PM of a country you are nothing but a septic tank.

    Bring all the killers of Nigel Christian to justice. He was abducted, kidnapped and murdered execution style because of what he discovered when he was investigating the “forged” signatures at the Port. Blood is on the hands of Browne, Benjamin, Telemaque et al. Nigel Christian and his entire family deserve justice.

    • Why all the filthy talk? You know you are driving the people to the side of the PM, don’t you! Clean up your mouth a little, please. Shame on you.

      • Betty’s Hope the only shame I see here is YOU Typical of Àntigua always trying to tell someone what and how they should say something .
        Sit your ass down Shhhh !
        Àntigua Citizen is on point nobody gives a RATS ASS about your self righteous Statement .

        • @ Really?

          Don’t bother wasting time trying to talk sense into Hopeless Betty. They done drink plenty red Kool Aid.

    • Gaston worry about Anthony Smith, he need focus on running the country and produce to us the next killer for Nigel Christian.

  5. We want to know the truth. IF the PM is right, please produce the evidence, and then the whole country will kick this little wannabe to the curb, and he’ll have no future in the political arena. They say evidence exists, so we want to hear/see it. Thank you.

  6. Don’t let your eyes deceive you Mr. PM and don’t ever lay a wager on that one. You will lose. Pigs do fly, but they don’t use wings anymore and they don’t need to be in the air anymore. It’s a new dispensation. They walk among us in suits, parading as bosses, pastors, husbands, leaders, wearing robes of lies.’ arrogance and complexes.

  7. Scientists and statistics have proven that a man with a Hitler moustache lies uncontrollably and is not trustworthy

      • Do youou reply to everything or everyone on here ?
        Do you have a life there’s a whole lot going on In the world out there you should check it out sometimes

  8. @ hopeless Betty
    You believe everything this man say? Don’t be gullible because he is your family member and you are campaigning for him to stay in power so you can get a lot of benefits while others struggle to survive

    • Ironic her name is HOPE when many people run her Dictator , Lying Self Enricher family member is not feeling very hopeful Ironic her name is HOPE when many people run her Dictator , Lying Self Enricher family member is not feeling very hopeful

      Quest thanks for clearing that up I was why this Hope character trolling like that .

  9. Did mr. Smith ever speak directly to hitler moustache. Gaston said all kinds of people called him on behalf of the young man. They could all be liars or the calls never happened. The young man is doing well in the constituency and all Gaston is doing is trying to derail his candidacy. Gaston is pure evil.

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