PM hoping to duplicate Grenada results with clean sweep in Antigua


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has reacted to the historic Grenada elections, telling supporters at a campaign event that his party also indents to win all the seats.

The Antigua Barbuda Labour Party leader said he just received the good news that his “friend” Dr. Keith Mitchell had for the third time won all seats in the legislature.

“Mark my word, it will be 17 none,” Browne told vocal supporters.

Browne said he was confident of increasing his party’s seat count in parliament because of the country’s “irresponsible opposition.”

“They can jump high, they can jump low its 17 none,” the ABLP leader insisted.

He assured residents that when his party wins all the seats, it won’t abuse power “but the UPP must be sent a message, they must be taught a lesson and we must do so in the public interest.”

In the 2014 general election, Browne led his ABLP to 14 out of the 17 seats in the parliament.

Tonight, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell led his New National Party (NNP) to a historic clean sweep of all 15 seats in a general election, making it the third time he has achieved the feat in electoral politics in Grenada.

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  1. Stop paying and bribing people to vote..allow people to vote out of their free will ,u have a lot to tell the almighty u better start to ask for forgiveness .Just remember Antigua no belongs to u and u family.,Time will tell

  2. Chups ……17-0 the PM said. For he(Prime Minister Gaston Browne) has proformed.. ABLP deserves a new term….ABLP str8.

  3. What the hell gaston brown do talking about clean sweep. What is the ABLP track record under yr watch as prime minster he is insane u think people stupied all u gaston brown care about is yr wife yr son and. U to in rich yr self while u in power u didnt do nothing for the poor hard working class people of this country

  4. in the interest of the general public,the political arena
    need some balance to avoid of abusing power.the people of the country will choose the best candidates for the country.

  5. The only hope UPP has for the future is to dump their leader and get somebody who is a man or woman of the people. Lovell finish now and he take UPP down with him. There are some good men and women in UPP who are just sickened over such poor leadership. A new leader could revive the UPP for another time.

  6. Better mind the none isn’t you. DE MAN HAS NO CLASS!!! What you have is a Narcissistic personality disorder.

    Get a doctor!

  7. Get READY for the UPP BLUE WAVE on March 21st! It will not be a clean sweep. Get ready for a SURPRISE!

  8. If it is one time Antiguans need to follow another Caribbean Island is now. 17 – 0
    And we will be part of the history in the making. First ever clean sweep. Shortest ever election.
    UPP doesn’t even have their manifesto out as yet. They caught with their pants down. No time to campaign properly and spread their lies. They have no money for exuberant campaign. Butch is not like Stanford he doesn’t put his money where his mouth is. At least not all of it. Just the pittance. And jet he would expect to be rewarded royally. Hell NO.

  9. Everyone knows the UPP going to lose this elections just as badly as 2014 maybe even worst all the noise the empty vassals here making their fate sealed. They would have been better off with Koanne Massiah at the head instead of Harold Failure Lovell

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