PM Hoping Economic Recovery Committee Will Recommend Stimulus Package

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says he expects that the recently installed  Economic Recovery Committee (ERC) will recommend what can be included in a stimulus package for Antigua & Barbuda.

The membership of the ERC will be drawn from every sector of the economy.

In an address to the nation last night Browne warned that the stimulus will come after ongoing relief efforts.

“I have no doubt that, out of this national effort, for which the contribution of all is welcome, will come pathways to our national progress, to include the development of a genuine, post COVID-19 Relief, stimulus package, to increase national value added and to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the economy.”

He said “It is my expectation that the ERC will identify and explore new ways of investing to stimulate and diversify the economy and new opportunities for business expansion and job creation.”

Browne said the ERC must focus on the critical sectors for development of export services include; tourism, health and education, while expanding the manufacturing, agriculture and fisheries sectors to ensure food security, food sovereignty and import substitution.

According to Browne, “the ERC’s mandate also include the development of plans and programs to accelerate food production, processing, preservation and packaging; new and faster means of online data access for education, health, finance, and e-commerce; and to propose new business initiatives and plans that can supplement tourism and diversify our economy.”

“We are in a national crisis, and while my Government can – and will – give leadership, we want to encourage a national effort in which all views are heard and in which all ideas contend,” he added.

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    • Gaston Browne in the above picture.Surely looks like a tired and beaten man.And that lip hair does not help the looks.A waiting for me stimulus Gaston. A are we money, anna fu you.

  1. So if the ERC says no stimulus is needed, Gaston will say it’s the people’s decision? It is the will of the people, many of whom have lost their livelihood? Sounds like a classic case of reverse psychology and a total waste of time. Patiently awaiting this ERC report – Easy Run for Cover!

  2. The ERC will be nothing but an ALP talk shop. I heard the infantile mention Cort name, what will he be advising on, the return of income tax or taxing monies leaving Antigua. Cort let me give you an advice to give Gaston tell him to tax the one percent of the poupolation who are raping this country with the help of our government with all the concessions.

  3. Why doesn’t the island have a big emergency fund for just such scenarios like this? The government should have been taxing all these huge international firms that have been coming to the island and making money off of tourism. A small ‘sales’ tax or exchange tax on all tourism related industries– like maybe a half-percent– to go towards an emergency fund and the island would have been able to deal with this crisis instead of being held at gunpoint to the tourism industry.

    Gaston Browne with his little Hitler mustache is a buffoon. The island is poor AF and people are struggling. Instead of preparing the island for these emergencies, Browne trie to tell everyone that “clean living” will address their concerns about the virus!

    How much money is Gaston Browne getting from these corporations in order to let tourism back in?


    Knight you can never see good in anything . How the hell you sleep at night . You are a TROUBLED Man . Nobody take you serious. Knight is just a BIG LOUD MOUTH with NO substance.

  5. I see All the UPP Minions are out tonight. Have not heard from Tabor for a while. When will the UPP present the Candidates for the 2023 Election ?????


    How much money UPP paying You to write Stupidness ? You are the BUFFOON.

    • If I am getting paid by UPP, can you hep me find de check? I dinne git one in de mail. Call them and tell them me still wait in for de check. Ok? Thanks, bro.

  7. BE TRUE TO ONESELF seems as if you miss me. I am certainly not a UPP minion. I try to restrict my comments to legal matters as you might be aware and I also try to be as objective as possible. Objectivity is a trait that I notice the many ALP minions seem to lack.

  8. Plain, and simple; put the ACC-?Antigua Christian Council, on notice, that it’s time to repay their deaths to the Society which made them filthy rich.
    They alone can come up with a stimulus package, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and it would put a dent in their coffers.
    They’ve being leaching of HUE-mans for hundreds of years, and as they preach, but do not practice, they can’t take it to heaven.

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