PM Hints At Early General Elections


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has hinted at an early general elections in Antigua & Barbuda amid heightened political activity.

In a Facebook post he said his 6-year-old Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party could win all seats in the parliament based on the slate of candidates of the opposition United Progressive Party.

“Seventeen none, in their tail next election, which incidentally, could be as early as November next year,” the prime minister wrote.

Browne dropped that hint after a list with names of the UPP candidates began circulating. The UPP later confirmed four of the people on that list as being on their slate.

The ABLP leader was quick to trash the new opposition candidates.

“The BluePP announced four mules to contest the next general elections. When you have mules in a horse race, the outcome is predictable,” he said.

According to Browne, one is an unemployed retiree who dropped out of school in third form, and now fraudulently parading himself as an intellectual.

The second one is well known to the ONDCP, and the third, a non-achiever, who Browne says is synonymous with the word clown.

The fourth whose claim to fame, was his $1.4M earnings from BOE for a third rate IT text book. This special deal was given by the UPP government to because of his political affiliation.

Bunch of losers claiming the ability to “rescue” our country. They are the ones who need to be rescued from their numerous failures.

“Then again, Harold Lovell, a perpetual loser, party leader would not be attractive to winners.”

“Why don’t they first demonstrate their ability to rescue themselves; to show some level of competence and achievement, to secure the confidence of the electorate ?” Browne asked.

Voters went to the polls to elect a new government in 2018 giving the Browne led ABLP 15 of the 17 seats in the parliament. One seat went to the main opposition UPP and one to the Barbuda Peoples Movement.

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    • I will happily vote for any new political party in Antigua that supports the following platform:

      1. Continuation of Antigua’s CIP program, and upgrading the CIU strategy to be more successful.

      2. Commits to never imposing a Personal Income Tax (PIT).

      3. Reduces or eliminates immigration from Jamaica and D.R. ASAP.

      4. Withdraws Antigua from CARICOM ASAP.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly. Gaston Brown reminds me of Donald Trump. Strongman, dictatorship, No respect for the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. We should not have to be scared to call him out. But citizens are scared that they may get blacklisted if they speak out. Sic.

  1. I guess the 600K plus from government rent at south mall makes the top dawg somebody. Pot really a call kettle black. This idiot in power now going for seven years no new investment, his claim to fame is packing the public sector with Labour Party supporter and giving out duty free to young people to buy vehicles. Covid 19 has exposed his ineptness, he is a failed experiment on the people of Antigua and Barbuda. Time for them to go and go now.

      Knight you should be off the Radio. I hope someday Hon.Gaston Browne will SUE You. You are just A BIG LOUD MOUTH without substance. You are a DISGRACE to Observer Radio. You are a very DISRESPECTFUL Person.UPP should distance Themselves from you. You are helping the UPP in NEGATIVE way. Just an ABRASIVE Person. Hon.Gaston Browne you should sue KNIGHT and OBSERVER Radio for DEFAMATION. Knight is an AWFUL Person. Shame on you KNIGHT.

  2. Antigua is being led by an outstanding statesman. We are blessed by God to have this Prime Minister at the helm curing this difficult time. He stand head and shoulder above the opposition. Indeed, thee is no comparison. That’s why UPP-ers are deserting their party and becoming either independents or simply swelling the membership and supporters of the ABLP, working together to build an even greater Antigua and Barbuda. These are difficult times, but together we are standing up and overcoming together under the leadership of our blessed Prime Minister and his Cabinet.


    • Whether the PM calls election today or tomorrow, results remain the same; not seeing the government out of power at this time, i think the government have earned it. If took out personalities and badmind clearly you’ll see the government manage the affairs of the country a lot better than the then UPP Party.

      • @Istrong
        After 6 years, tell me what this present government has done for the people. There has been a lot of talk by them but nothing happens. Do you know why Gaston talks a lot about investing? Eyes on a piece of the action. More self enrichment.

  3. Clown calling who clown?!
    Wonder why he can never go a full 5 year term?

    The only mules will be those who will continue to suffer under your “leadership” and still vote for u and ABLP!

  4. POLITRICKIANS AGAIN ! I emphasize once more it is time that the constitution be changed to allow for general elections to fixed to a specific date every 5 years. It is really sickening how POLITRICKIANS are allowed to exploit our elections and make a mockery of the system.
    People ….it is time to open your minds and ask God to liberate your minds from SLAVERY. Your POLITRICKIANS are corrupt and so are the people of the nation.
    We cannot allow our children and grand children to be faced with the mess that this country is in presently. We have a bunch of CORRUPT, SELFISH, EGOISTIC and FOOLISH people who parade themselves as leaders when in fact what they really are: MISLEADERS.

    All the people who follow these MISLEADERS will end up in the same fate as them. It is time to put selfishness aside. Turn to the Creator. I am reminding you that all of us will one day sooner than we think, “HAVE TO GIVE ACCOUNT FOR YOUR STEWARDSHIP OF THIS LIFE”.
    POLITRICKIANS make promises…fool the people…enrich themselves…. keep us in slavery; while they continue to live the corrupt lives. THE END SOON COME !

    So go ahead, my friend: Grab all you can ….. deceive as many as you can….. steal as much as you can…. ALL THIS WILL END. We have two choices in life: Good or Evil ! No middle ground.
    You can choose the EVIL now, enjoy the fleeting moments of fame and richness, but it will all come CRASHING DOWN. Your Loot and VANITY cannot save you !
    A word to the wise is sufficient. WAKE UP, ANTIGUANS: God is patient and giving us the opportunity to choose Life. He will NEVER FORCE HIS WILL ON MAN. NEVER! However, if we select to follow evil; then the consequences will be DESTRUCTION….NOT LIFE IN HELL. The options are LIFE OR DEATH.

    I am calling on ALL WHO ARE parading like blind fools behind the POLITRICKIANS …yes you….you…you too…you know who you are: WAKE UP.


  5. He wants to call early elections because he knows the economy is going to tank from covid19 and an empty treasury. There is a lot of hardship in the future for Antiguans. Call an election before the big crash.

    • He said November next year (2021). Your thinking is the economy won’t as you say tank till 16 months from now? You do know we are already feeling the impact from Covid?

      • @Question
        Agree with you. Antiguans are feeling the pain. Things are going to get worse. The people in the hospitality Industry may not be back to work for years. What will they eat between now and then. The food parcels will runout.

  6. No PM. You already told Lovell to set the date. Be a man of your word and allow Lovell to select the date.

  7. Gaston Browne: From one Browne to you Browne.Cut the “bull dung” and concentrate on running the freaking country.Calling your citizens names would not put bread on poor people tables.You would call others names.However,when they call you names.You get all thinned skinned.Be a damn leader and stop cussing people every day.The Country as we know it. Antigua and Barbuda is bankrupt in my opinion.You cannot pay your monthly expenditures.Tell me and only me.How the hell did the country get to this state of(deep sadness) despair.It got there because of poor money management by YOU.As the Minister of Finance,tell us why.You and your Deputy are supposed to be the brightest financial geniuses in Antigua and Barbuda.How did you two let the economy spiral over a cliff.I have brought ideas into Antigua.You,smartest in the world,conceited,MULES, laughed at me.Take a wild guess as to who is laughing now.LMAO at you.So stop cussing and managed the damn country’s finances.I can speak because I support persons inna Antigua.I put my finances where it mattered.Not giving free concerts that were not really FREE.The artists had to be paid.The losers in all of this,THE PEOPLE.It was their Tax paying monies that facilitated those concerts.Now no stimuli foo are you.Are you already foo get are you duty free cars in ya for free.Those were your stimulus/stimuli.I am a proud National of Antigua and Barbuda.A dey me barn.

    • @TUNA
      I know you want to portray an IMAGE of BRILLIANCE but you are not !!!!!. Do you actually believe that the Slate of CANDIDATES that the UPP tendered can really do anything for Antigua.? Look at Their EXPERIENCES, SKILL ,EDUCATION . What can They do for Antigua ? If this what the UPP attracts there will be NO Opposition in Antigua for Loooong time.

      • Question 1, How many Persons on ABLP Slate has had previous experience before the past 2 terms that they have been in power? 2, Do YOU actually know of the person’s educational background or you just listed to what the Prime Minister says? 3. Do YOU know what their experiences have been? 4. What is the current administration doing for Antigua & Barbuda? because nothing TARL a gwarn ya! UPP doesnt have to have politicians with experience, but honest men that are willing and able to serve their communities and the country on a whole. The minds of the country men and women have been confused because of the things they hear from politicians and not what they see. Employers sometimes give persons jobs because of how well they speak in the interviews and not experience, then when given the chance, its the best thing ever. Do not cast judgement on persons that YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT

      • Mr Patrick:Those candidates from the ABLP.Were they born politicians.Were they experienced in the political sphere when they entered politics.I do want to portray any images.I say things as I see them.All of those smart politicians in Antigua.What the heck are they doing.What have they done.I am not smart.You people are very good of trying to tear others down.Because you all are paid to do so.Paid operatives and damn poor along with it.

        • @TUNA
          FOOLISH NARRATIVE. Why don’t You put your real name and stop hiding behind ALIASES.

  8. Is that a gang in the above photo.Is that the new Red Shirt Gang.Please folks watch that belly fat.Not good for your livers.

  9. The building top left in the above photo.Is that a bathroom? The entry way looks like one you would find at a sports field.Left side for Men and the right side for Ladies.Just asking.

  10. This man has got to be Donald Trump’s twin brother. In the flesh.
    Two lunatics, holding their countries hostage with their egos

    • The man is Donald Trump’s opposite. You need to study this thing. The PM is a social democrat/democratic socialist in the labour tradition of V.C. Bird, truly a man of the people. Thanks be to God that our present PM is at the helm as he sees us through this health crises. He is in solidarity with the common people. I didn’t vote for him, but he is a true Leader, a man for the common people.

  11. Why does Gaston have to denigrate people? Does he not know how to constructively criticize them and their policies or is he only able to call them losers thereby denigrating himself in the process? One thing I can promise. After this Covid, Gaston is in for a BIG surprise next election. Gaston, be careful when you ask for another election soon, because you might just get it and you may not like the outcome.

  12. This government is between a rock and a hard place and has nothing to offer Antiguans in this time of crisis. Why not call an election to divert from what Antiguans are facing? Maybe a little excitement and a lot of hot air will fill their hungry stomachs.

    Knight you should be off the Radio. I hope someday Hon.Gaston Browne will SUE You. You are just A BIG LOUD MOUTH without substance. You are a DISGRACE to Observer Radio. You are a very DISRESPECTFUL Person.UPP should distance Themselves from you. You are helping the UPP in NEGATIVE way. Just an ABRASIVE Person. Hon.Gaston Browne you should sue KNIGHT and OBSERVER Radio for DEFAMATION. Knight is an AWFUL Person. Shame on you KNIGHT.

    • RUPERT MANN: Is Gaston Browne above reproach.He could go on the Radio and cuss others.However,no one should say anything about the chosen one.

      • @ MOUNT O
        You Guys cuss the Prime Minister also….What the HELL the Prime Ministrr should do …sit and be trampled on . You Guys play ball and afraid to fall. FOOL.

  14. If you wait until 2023 to call an election you know you will loose. Didn’t the calypso say a hungry man is an angry man? Why UPP bother to run in any election?. Only Labour have the wherewithal to fool backward Antiguans.

    • Antiguans are not “backward” and not easily fooled. You must learn to respect the People’s Choice. We moving forward, even in the midst of a pandemic. The people are with their Prime Minister in this difficult time.

  15. Some of you know nothing about governmental policies, plans or objectives. Some of you don’t care to rationalize, appraise or critic with objective lenses. You just want to publicly display political solidarity and affiliations to fit in or collect crumbs hence the incessant tolerance for relentless bullshit. Our grandparents were illiterate and drank the Kool-aid… What’s your excuse?
    I see some post on social media by advocates on both sides of the political divide and often wonder if it’s illegal for these people to use their brains. Who would have thought in 2020 our politics would still seem so archaic? Politics of killing even the horses the messengers rode in on. Silly season is quickly approaching again and zero growth whatsoever in the mindset of the electorate. It seems like my prayers for a paradigm shift are falling on deaf ears.

    • I hear you Audley. I am with you 100%. Your eyes are wide open. Please help the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda to be more open-minded. If we voting strictly down party line like our fore parents, we will never be progressive. Politicians line their pockets and give the people crumbs. Antiguans and Barbudans wake up. Make the party in power a one-term party if they become corrupt, you will see how fast they straighten up.

  16. Been saying this for a long time……the PM may be egotistic and arrogant but he is no fool. A lot of these new guys will solidify their pension should an election called in 2021 and ABLP is returned to governance. We need to keep our eyes on the prize….the politicians are securing their full pension while some citizens are busy cursing out each while justifying their corrupted practices. Will say again in a few years there will be no monies to pay government employees because the politicians will make sure not only their salaries are paid first but also their allowances and when there is not enough dem RAID de Statutory Corporations. When will some people see the light.

  17. The Economy is in dire need, of several forms, of stimulation; and, and, and, if one thing is certain ELECTION CAMPAIGNS generates lots of spending locally.
    This means, that the election campaigning will act, as a STIMULUS for the stagnant economy!
    And, folks this is your stimulus package.

    Election Campaigning = Stimulus Package!

    Nuff Said….

  18. I am warning the people once again. DO NOT BE FOOLED ! Your MISLEADERS …POLITRICKIANS are CORRUPT…DECEIVED….EVIL. YOU who are following them are likewise just like them!
    Why do you allow politrickians to control your minds ? Their minds are controlled by demons.
    You can jump high or jump low….all your jumping are in vain ! Those of you who keep pointing calling….THE END SOON COME !
    Those who are elected to serve have become the served. Are you blind, people ? Are you so ignorant that you foolishly just follow politrickians? The loot that they give to you CANNOT help you. Your are playing the future of your children and later generations. Are you so foolish that you just do not care ?

  19. When prime minister can determine long before an election that his/her party can win, you nor your issues matter.

  20. What a better way for people to get rid of gas from their hungry belly’s than by running around Antigua in red shirts screaming?

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