PM has some words for Michael Browne as he re-enters Cabinet


Governor General Sir Rodney Williams has sworn in Michael Browne as Minister for Creative Industries and Innovation.

The All Saints West MP, took the Oaths of Office, Allegiance and Secrecy at Government House this morning.

As part of his new position, the Minister has responsibility for Culture, Carnival, Independence, One Nation Concert, V.C. Bird Day Celebrations, Visual Arts, Graphic Arts, Decorative Arts, Performing Arts, Musical Arts, Happiness and Unity, Innovation, and the UNOPS.

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  1. Mr Browne run! This man doesn’t mean u well… smh. U could get other jobs elsewhere..come on now!!

  2. The All Saints West MP, took the Oaths of Office, Allegiance and Secrecy at Government House this morning. Oath of Secrecy is referring to exactly what?


      This simply means:

      (a) ‘…Matters Discussed at Cabinet:

      (b) …Matters coming to his official knowledge pertinent to his Ministerial Responsibilities: and

      (c) …General Matters of State.’

      Revelations of these man only be made if so ‘AUTHORIZED’ by Cabinet.

      For now only two officials have been so authorized:

      (i) ‘…Minister of Information -Melford Nicholas: and

      (ii) …Chief of Staff- Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst.’

      Fool not yourselves, though. There are usually ‘…FLIES ON THE WALL OF CABINET.’

      Even before the ‘…Cabinet Meetings’ are over, some darn ‘FLY’ usually ‘…WING OUT’ with information.

      Then some darn news reporter or radio station starts ‘…SINGING OUT.’

      Blessed New Year-2022.’

  3. Minister of Happiness and Unity really ?
    They making a mockery of you. Give you enough crumbs and you’ll be content.
    Tell the big head Dictator go suck a lemon you can do better than that come on man .

  4. All these responsibilities of the minister is a big joke. Is a minister really needed for these? Just a way of paying him more money.

    • I wish that we black people would actually get a bit more creative with our Creative Arts. E.g.

      1) There is a serious deficiency in the entertainment industry of content appropriate for kids or that is family-friendly. Are our creatives not creative enough to create catchy songs without explicit adult content or shows and movies without adult content and violence? Do we even care about our children enough to take the time to produce content suitable for them? I would like to find black content on YouTube etc. for my child to watch to help connect them to their roots, but there is nothing appropriate. So, mine just watches general kid-friendly content produced by other cultures. Meanwhile, many other parents let their 3 year old children watch all the grown-up black stuff and don’t have a problem with them copying the rude (adult) dances all day.
      2) There is a lack of decent local and Caribbean content on places like YouTube. A lot of kids primarily watch YouTube instead of cable these days. ABS should have a more consistent and updated presence there and also there should be a good Caribbean “channel” or “multiple channels” as well featuring not just soca, but human interest stories, history, skits, cooking, gardening advice, lifestyle etc. with family friendly content. Similarly, a lot of people use firesticks, android T.V.’s, tablets and phones as their main entertainment device. It is time to produce some apps with regional content apart from all that adult music. With the Covid situation, crowded fetes and carnivals are now “out of fashion”. Instead, of focusing on those, our creatives should embrace new ways of sharing their talents with the world.
      3) To promote “happiness and unity”, some content geared towards the large Christian population would be useful. (The Minister himself recently said that he is a praying man…) A lot of Christian people don’t feel represented by the constant focus on explicit music that is popularised by the islands. We could identify talented individuals who can produce other kinds of songs as well. Note that international sensations such as Rihanna are not famous for that kind of extreme explict music but for something much tamer. We have many talented young people who could make it big internationally if we move away from the extreme lyrics and music. Also, moving away from the constant focus on gyrating body parts would help to reduce cheating and improve family stability in black communities in the Western world. This would improve the economic, social, emotional and spiritual well-being of many people, especially the children, making us all much happier…

      So, overall, there is much that the Minister and other creatives could do differently in the future instead of the same old same old. If the Minister were to succeed in finding new ways for creatives to express themselves and also, very importantly, create a new focus on child-friendly/ family-friendly content being produced then he would have redeemed himself (in my eyes anyway) from whatever he might or might not have done.

      Just a thought!

  5. The new minister frequently refers to God and prayer. Can someone tell me if this man is a real Christian? I read that he is an Adventist and somebody else said he is Pentecostal. Does anybody know???

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