PM Harris shares St Kitts-Nevis’ COVID-19 successes with the world


Through strong and effective leadership that saw the implementation of effective protocols and non-pharmaceutical measures, the small island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis was able to weather the COVID-19 storm better than most countries.

Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris said his administration made the right decisions very early on that kept the nation safe and healthy during the worst pandemic in living memory.

To date, St. Kitts and Nevis has the lowest number of COVID-19 confirmed cases of all independent countries in the American hemisphere, and there have been no deaths and no major hospitalizations as a result of the deadly disease.

We have a success story to tell the world and it includes the following lessons: early preparation in advance of the pandemic helped to save lives in St. Kitts and Nevis and prevented the overwhelming of our health system here; tough decisions were taken like curfews, closing our borders, saying no to the entry of carriers from high-risk destinations. Safety of our country certainly cannot be subordinated to the profit interests of individuals and entities. Their concern is their bottom line. The government’s interest must always be the safety and welfare of the people,” Dr. Harris said.

The prime minister further noted that his Government adopted an all-of-society approach to the management of the situation and faithfully followed the science as it pertains to the Novel Coronavirus.

As a result, every area of socio-economic life in St. Kitts and Nevis is now operating as near normal as they could be under the current circumstances.

Our successes, in my view, can become part of an international best practice. We have held over the last 11 months constitutionally due elections at the height of a pandemic using COVID-19 protocols, and according to CARICOM and local observers, our elections were free and fair. We held a successful National Carnival and this brought the largest social media viewership in its history. Although our borders have reopened, we have been able to contain the number of COVID-19 cases. Thank God that in St. Kitts and Nevis at this time we have no community spread, no cluster spread and no deaths,” the honourable prime minister said.

Prime Minister Harris further noted that by continuing our vigilance, discipline and sacrifice “we can save lives, protect our small and fragile health system and put our country on a path to growth realizing the eight percent economic growth projected for St. Kitts and Nevis by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).”

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  1. St. Kitts don’t have a stupid Opposition that goes out supporting all the idiots in society like the protest of the curfew a few months ago with JTruth….. remember Allister Thomas was one of the UPP candidates that was there pushing the Government to relax the restrictions (being grossly irresponsible) ……. lucky St. Kitts for having an Opposition that puts sensibility before cheap political points

    • That the current government botched the pandemic response?

      And JTruth is a conspiratorial moron by the way.

      But the current disaster in Antigua is on Gaston Brown

    • True Local: I am blaming it on the rain.Gaston Browne is the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.He and his band of Merry Men botched this pandemic responses. Now you have the gall to blame others and not Gaston and “Sir” Molwyn.St.Kitts helped their citizens financially and otherwise.While Gaston holds on to the public’s money as if it is his.He gave you ramen noodles,vienna sausage,corned beef,as your stimulus.

  2. Why this boastful attitude? Coming at a time when some of our sister islands are facing serious challenges with covid. Be careful Mr. Harris it is not over yet.

    • PAUL T.
      Why you did not tell that to Gaston Fat Dawg Browne.When he penned that sarcastic letter to the Prime Minister of Barbados.When her country was going through.What Antigua is now going through.What goes around comes around.

  3. TRUE LOCAL the issue is not about Opposition but about Government. What St. Kitts has compared to Antigua is a serious, responsible government that puts the interest of its people first. The issue therefore turns on the comparison of both governments and not opposition. Please stop finding excuses for the government’s poor performance. A case in point of both governments performance is the fact that St Kitts can give its people a stimulus while Antigua’s stimulus according to the Prime Minister was duty free for the importation of cars.

    • We are all in a crisis so how about the government and the opposition actually work together instead of trying to cut each other down? The government sucks, the UPP sucks. How about joining forces for the good of Antigua and stop playing crabs in a bucket? Goodness man. I am tired of you all!

    • Boss its not you the other day, making clear you support Ralph Gonsolves ideas against curfews and lock downs? You were there lauding their #’s and ignored the fact they were trending up. Since we last talked, SVN now has the most active covid cases in the entire OECS region (790). Total cases (1,170) now, second only to SLU (1,556), with double SVN’s population. SKN went the lock down route for international travelers. It has the fiscal space for such in part because it has had a CIP program for some 30 years It opened its borders late Oct (may as well say early Nov), while Anu did so months before. Cruise industry was already closed, and their stay over #’s tend to usually be less than half of ANU’s. While your guys(Walker and the potato chip) arguing against the SOE, SKN was extending theirs (it ncluded a curfew),

      • TENMAN I just want to be sure before responding to you. I hope you were not directing your comment to me since I have never spoken about what happening in St. Vincent. If your comments were meant for me please let me know so I can respond to you.

        • Tabor breaking news, SVN just today (based on dashboard released late yesterday) 103 new cases. Yet watch you in January hailing Ralph for better covid management. Today you here hailing the SKn PM, who had a better hand than this current admin. There was no IMF death in arrears when he came to office. The kitty was fully with CIP money.ANU under lovell did not go the route of restructuring debts, forcing, even our own social security, to lose moneys (50% of the face value lost), as SKN did in 2012. At that time its debt to GDP was near some 200 percent. Boss Harris got a better hand due to the hard choices, but long term good decisions, made by his predecessor. While in ANU, its well known that the former UPP admin, made a mess of things

    • Bad memory or lie Charles Tabor:

      Charles Tabor January 3, 2021 at 11:15 pm
      Maybe you should also direct your comment to Dr. Ralph Gonsalves the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines since there is no curfew there. Ralph’s position is quite similar to that of Pringle.

      “Charles Tabor January 4, 2021 at 10:28 am
      TENMAN I would really like to hear you rationalize St. Vincent’s 24 cases as opposed to Antigua’s 159. Remember as well that St. Vincent did not close its borders or imposed a curfew and state of emergency. From a cursory analysis I would say that St. Vincent’s fight against covid is by far more successful than ours. see Antigua PM stands in solidarity with Barbados over increase in COVID-19 cases, January 3, 2021”

      Brethren its perhaps this “memory” loss and bad logic (at the time it was 24 active cases for SVN and 121 total cases) why its so easy for you to support Lovell yet hold into bitterness for laborMay help if you speak less then perhaps you will remember more

  4. “saying no to the entry of carriers from high-risk destinations. Safety of our country certainly cannot be subordinated to the profit interests of individuals and entities. Their concern is their bottom line. The government’s interest must always be the safety and welfare of the people,”

  5. Avatar photo Social distance, mask and wash hands Oh, before I forget but allow tourists in with no qurantine time. What school these people went to

    Yes yes all things UPP of course of course .Did you read the full article or you just glanced over the part of (quote )” The safety of our country certainly cannot be subordinated to the profit interests of individuals or entities . Their interest is profit , the Government’s interests must always be the safety and well-being of the country ” .

  6. Boastful attitude ? Who in the Carribbean more boastful than Gaston . What happened to Àntigua is a economic power House . St Kitts never said that but they gave their Nationals a stimulus Àntigua couldn’t . It’s called good Management .

  7. I challenge the PM to have a sit down with PM Harris to a sit down and have a conversation about leadership, ethics, corruption, personal responsibility, finance and best practices in government. He just might learn something that he can implement for the good of Antigua and Barbuda. After all PM Harris is an educated man. He has a Doctorate not an Honorary Doctorate that you can make a contribution and get. Maybe he can educate about fiscal management and practical budgetary measures to improve and grow Antigua’s economy at a sustainable level. Just maybe he can learn that the borrow spend model does not work. Hold developers to a performance clause and stop the under the table deals that sap the economy of much needed revenue in times like we find ourselves in. A PANDEMIC!

    • Wasn’t this the same Harris that allegedly got gifts from the man the UK labelled batman (Virdee)? You don’t take the time to listen to allegations made against Harris? Your focus is on Gaston? You jealous that Maria get to play with the moustache?

  8. @true local LOL so its the opposition fault? ANYWAY stupidity is an earthly gift dont take all for yourself.

  9. Avatar photo He's the head of State and extremely financially secure . Anything that threatens his health no stone will be unturned including Doctors , Medivac ect the question is will you or your family get the same ?

    Mr Tabor as usual , the voice of sense . Even at their of own potential peril and that of their love ones they will follow or allow a leaders policy to threaten their very lives without even the slightest fight amazing !

  10. We’re almost a year into the pandemic and most Antiguans live like nothing is going on in the world until these last 2 weeks. The good thing is that the rest of the world has been nose deep into the Pandemic, and we can learn a thing or two. Control what you can control and stay safe.

  11. TENMAN I just want to be sure before responding to you. I hope you were not directing your comment to me since I have never spoken about what happening in St. Vincent. If your comments were meant for me please let me know so I can respond to you.

  12. It’s unconscionable and totally ridiculous to be engaging in a blame game at this point and time when the existing problem remain unsolved with no proper plan in place as to how we are going to go about handling the said problem. Incumbent Governments and their supporters over the years, keep blaming the opposition for their mishandling of everything. If this is going to be the norm, this nation will never move forward

    TABOR you’re a HYPOCRITE and OPPORTUNIST. Why the hell compare ST.KITTS to ANTIGUA when you TABOR opposed every darn thing Hon.Gaston Browne has done so far. Tabor stop drinking the DAMN Blue KOOLAID. Shame Tabor.

  14. Today for Antigua…Tomorrow could be ST.KITTS. We are happy for St. Kitts. Please let Us stop the comparison. Comparing does not make sense. St. Kitts is just lucky. Let Us hope it keeps up.

  15. I would hope Mister Tabor have other things to do than to respond to some of the Nonsensical and pointedly angry political boushwa bullshit . Why not compare Àntigua with St Kitts ? it’s a bigger island , larger economy , more Airport traffic , more tourists per year larger working sector , bigger GDP ect ect . They can give a stimulus but Àntigua is hand to mouth.What Gaston did was not nearly enough to protect it’s citizens but the tree is about to bear fruits so we will see wrong or right .

    • Phillip you should check the OECS website as to which is the number one economy. You should find Antigua and Barbuda number two. Don’t have a jaw opening when you see is number one.

    • Phillip:You say the tree is about to bear fruits.What is that tree.Where is it planted.Is there water nearby,to nourish it daily.If not,it would withered and die.Antigua is not hand to mouth.Member of Parliament,Weston did say.The Administration has access to $500 million.So why not access it now.The people are broke and broken to their cores.No help whatsoever from this Administration.Are they going to wait until before the next elections.To use those needed funds now for handouts then.

  16. A government that cares for the people tackle the problem from the root and not put the blame on the citizens. Talking about non imported cases are higher than the imported cases. The problem started with high risk countries entering the shores and no proper measures in place to adress the situation

  17. @ PHILLIP
    Thank you very much for riding the same train as Tabor.You Guys will strive on anything to derail this Government but that is FRUITLESS . So what if St.Kitts give STIMULUS !!!! EVERY Island is different. Antiguans will Prosper and COVID will soon pass. Tabor and Phillip your UPP will lose the only seat next election. You will be in Opposition for at least next 30 years.

  18. After reading all the CONTRIBUTIONS, I can say that I am very disturbed that in this PANDEMIC , Antiguans are blaming the Government instead of looking after Their Health. This is a Health issue it does NOT matter who is in office We should be working together to get rid of this PANDEMIC. SMARTEN UP PEOPLE.

  19. Aah MR.C.CORDE I actually don’t blame you . When taken , I know the full effects of it . It’s not a flaw in you , some of us are should I say , a little bit more independent thinking and stronger to resist .. I was offered the same thing that consumes you and forcefully I might add but , refused it’s called THE RED COOL AID. Amazing even Gastons failure to properly protect you and your love ones at the border which put yours and theirs very lives at risk you see only RED . The virus doesn’t care about your party affiliation . I look forward to Mr.Tabor continued contribution.

  20. Lol these comments! If y’all want go SKN to live then go!! Lets see how long before y’all dog back home. Sure SKN seems to be on top but there is always more to the story than what is being reported in the media.

  21. Because proper protocol management is being pointed out you should go to SKN to live ? You people in Àntigua ignorance is never far behind . Never can have a different view or opinion or else Attack Attack Attack . Stupid fools , believe in the protocols that can’t and still not protecting you and your family and still see no wrong .

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