PM gives more details about houses for people making in the bracket of $3000


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the proposed affordable homes will not be sold fully completed. Owners may have to paint, plaster and tile the homes.

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  1. Chupzzzzzzzzzz. At least let it make sense for once. Chupzzzzzzzzzz. Will these people be able to do these things, repay for the house, pay utilities and feed their household on less than $3,000. Make it make sense please.

  2. To sell the mouse need uncompleted just may be a bad idea. If you’re going to develop an area, you do it properly.

    What you may end up doing, is having an area that may turn to a slum area.

    I think it’s best to finish it, have restrictions on the properties and restrict person from doing causing things to the homes to devalue the area

    I have to comment that the pertains that have moved into the homes down Dredge Bay have really kept up the area, and those gone owners must be applauded

    So I think the government should use the dredge bay model and give the ppl something proper

  3. Dumb and Dummer. Please! Take shade under a DUMBS tree. Your talking points are becoming more erratic and illogical every time you on “Rum Shop” Radio. Stay off the intoxicants and wild parsley.

    Who the hell is going to buy an incomplete house? Especially a low wage earner. Who will then have to borrow to complete the home and at the same time service the mortgage and pay insurance. What a dumbass of an idea.

    Here is one for you to ponder. Subsidized housing. Rental payments are based on an individuals income and asset availability.

    ALP/ ABLP is a failure. Always have been. Always will be. From VC to now Gaston. In all my years I’ve never seen such deplorable conditions of an island infrastructure. Wata nah RUN! Up to Now. A 2022. Not 1922. Me no want to wash me Kin in bucket a saucepan. Me want clear flowing water out of my shower head. Not Browne WATA!!! No pun intended!

    UPP. You have them cornered. Drive home the point. Stick to the issues that affect the people and pung the last nail in this Administration’s coffin. Carry dem a cemetry and bury dem for good. They are useless, arrogant pricks. Dem no care. As long as they have the comforts of life. All is well! Nutten tarl can go so.

  4. And this guy Gassy supposed to be smart 🤓😂 Lol
    That is as dumb an idea as I’ve ever heard.
    He has a serious foot in mouth disease.

  5. This is just another stupid idea from a Government that cannot govern. This idea has been around a long time and has failed in other countries..again..and again. Antigua has a huge housing problem with so many areas deteriorating into slums..with poor housing and deplorable infrastructure. Building a few undersized..half finished houses is not the way to go. But then..this is a Government that has no clue how to solve problems..whether water..housing..high food economy that contracted 17% in just one year and is showing no signs of recovery..

  6. I have listened and just laughed at his bull chit utterances.So those folks would be buying a shell of a house.By the way,what the hell are those things in the picture above. Are they horse stables?

  7. Good idea to try to cater to individuals making $3000 and less, but unfinished houses are a bad idea.
    A team of expert architects, contractors, interior designers, and bank financiers could work on a variety of affordable housing plans for modest modern homes that bankers would approve of. Should also consult average persons on what they need. E.g. some persons prefer less house and more backyard e.g. a deck outside for entertaing guests costs less than a big living and dining space. For those who want more house and less land, townhouse complexes give more indoor space for a lower cost. Homeowners pay a small monthly fee to a management company for lawn and other maintenance. Rent-to-own houses assist persons who can’t save a deposit easily but can easily pay the monthly amounts. Please consider these other options instead…

  8. I personally believe that you can build a nice home for less than $100,000. You needed to be creative, and watch alot of youtube videos on building constructions.

  9. @Wadad1: You say, you can build a nice house for less than $100,000. Please give me your description of a nice house.Would they look like the ones in that picture above?

  10. I was tempted to say this might be a good compromise but then I remembered the visions of unfinished concrete houses in African streets

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