PM fires back at Lionel Michael amid his criticism over handling of COVID-19 pandemic


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says Lionel Michael is presenting himself as a big time COVID expert.

Browne was responding to the former Chief Health Inspector for criticising Antigua and Barbuda’s management of COVID-19.

Michael now holds a similar role in the BVI where Browne says cases are on the rise.

In repose Browne tells Michael he is becoming too loose.

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  1. Yeah the cases in the BVI are increasing daily. I guess Lionel Michael will get things under control in the BVI to show us in Antigua and Barbuda how to do it perfectly right.

  2. Ignore him. Nobody knows who he is. We have our own experts and they are doing an excellent job. This guy isn’t anybody who we even know.

      • You sound like a very ignorant individual. Ungreatful set of people! When our own CHI was mia during the peak of the pandemic, it was MR. LIONEL MICHEAL who kept us informed and up to datebusing his personal FB page. This is something he did not have to do. Put some respect on the gentleman’s name.

        Moreover, he was the CHI in Antigua and Barbuda for over 20 years, so if you do not know who he is dog better than you.

        Bunch of Johnny come lately!

  3. @Betty’s Hope ……seems like you just come if you don’t know who Lionel Michael is. Maybe you should take some time to learn a few things about Antigua and Antiguans instead of being Gaston Brown’s toilet papet and deciding for Antiguans who should be our leader and who shouldn’t.

  4. Cases are high in the BVI because they are doing something that we are NOT doing in Antigua and Barbuda. It is called TESTING!

    So don’t let that dashboard with low numbers or 0 cases fool you. Its time we wake up and smell the coffee.

    In addition, vaccinated persons being allowed to go home without being tested upon arrival at V. C. Bird Int’l or being quarantined is utter rubbish. These individuals could very well contract the virus during the 5 or 7 day window of being tested prior to returning to Antigua, and when they would have actually travelled.

    We need to do better at our borders and stop making decisions based on the “urgent need” to encourage persons to get the vaccine.

  5. Ya’ll keep talking about the CASES. Case numbers are meaningless given the fact that they can be manipulated by how many cycles you run the PCR ‘test’. If ya’ll are running the PCR test over a certain threshold, you will get ever increasing numbers of false positives. Cycles over 30 guarantee 100% fake numbers. (The W.H.O. once said everyone should be doing 40 cycles before they were forced to walk that back)

    CASES are not DEATHS. Cases are manufactured by the PCR ‘test.
    Covid-19 ‘virus’ has NEVER be isolated so it can’t scientifically be said that it even exists.
    There is no pandemic because there are NO EXCESS DEATHS therefore there is no scientific basis for the EMERGENCY.

    What we DO HAVE are a bunch of POLITICIANS in bed with the globalist cabal trying to institute the NEW WORLD ORDER and global reset according to a pre-planned agenda. If that sounds like a conspiracy, that is BECAUSE IT WAS A CONSPIRICY!

    We the people have have enough of our ‘leaders’ criminal behavior. You and the people who are foolish enough to follow you… like the police and the military only amount to approximately 1000 people. There are 100,000 of us and we are getting very angry.

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