PM faces a barrage of questions on Mehul Choksi in Parliament

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has been answering questions on Indian fugitive Mehul Choksi.

The questions were posed in parliament today by opposition leader Jamal Pringle.

Here is the exchange between Pringle and the country’s leader:

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  1. The Hon. PM should have been asked what was his rationale for publicly stating that Mehul Choksi should not be returned to Antigua where as a citizen he was defending his constitutional rights? Does the integrity of our judicial process mean nothing to the Hon. Prime Minister?

    • You’re the lawyer..defend your client and stop looking for the easy way out. I am sure you are charging a pretty penny for your services so do the work.

      • Mehul Choksi is a Citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. His is protected by the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda. What are the real reasons. Why the Administration in Antigua does not want him to come back there. What are the real reasons. Why Dominica’s Skerrit Administration is holding on to him. Instead of sending him back to where he came from,Antigua. They are charging him with entering Dominica illegally. When in fact they damn well know he was kidnap.I personally love the people of Dominica. However,I would not even attempt to go there illegally. You Politicians in Antigua tink are we trupit. Wheel and come again.

    • The Prime Minister just wanted to get Choksi, his erstwhile buddy and fellow resident of Jolly Harbour, off of his hands. Under International Law a country is supposed to protect its citizens rights anywhere in the world they are found. However, not so with Gaston despite the fact that Choksi is a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. Initially, he was telling India when they requested the extradition of Choksi that Antigua is a sovereign country and the due process of the law must be observed. Oh how things have changed. He is now throwing Choksi under the bus.

      • Hes throwing under and infront the bus bcos his purpose has already been served……moreover INDIA has donated thousand of astra geneca vaccines to ANTIGUA so its antiguas due dilligence to turn him over for good faith & further diplomatic relations.


  2. This was a very professional exchange from both sides of the aisle, just as we expect from our parliamentarians.

  3. Thank you for posing those pertinent and grammatically correct questions prepared by Lovell and Giselse. Now I hope that they will also help you to prepare pertinent and grammatically correct content for when you contribute to house debates.

    • @ Hmmmmm
      You should thank God for your intelligence and await your knighthood. Today, you are declared the most intelligent individual alive.

  4. Yes, I am very much alive n kicking. And bold enough not to hide behind a pen name when I speak out to truth. The Hon. PM needs to further explain his initial outbursts, which have now been tempered in light of the international publicity which this matter has attracted

  5. This only shows how corrupt our people minds are in Antigua . When Mr.Leroy King was in the same situation ,he wasn’t allegedly adducted and was allowed to pursued all legal means to prevent him from been extradited. Hope none of these koolaide drinkers will ever end up in the same situation as Choksi. Antiguan’s seems to lost all it’s moral compass.

  6. Mr.Simon,of course they will always hide behind a pen name , because they know in their hearts and brain ,that they are defending corruption. This is the problem in Antigua. This tribal politics. Wrong is wrong !

  7. Why doesn’t “Hmmmmm” try to get himself/herself elected and also learn how to spell Gisele’s name correctly?
    When you don’t like the questions, you change the subject to English A, huh?

  8. The questions were all rhetorical….the PM probably hand a hearty chuckle when he saw them.

    1 Did Mr Choksi donate any resources to the ABLP election campaign?

    2 Was there a breach in the Immigration system why a man was denied entry in Barbados because he was flagged as a human trafficker and JRCC shared that information with all member states?

    3 How many loans have the government taken since 2020, and is any entity assisting the government with paying public sector’s salary?

    4 How much longer can the government sustain LIAT?

    5 What is Antigua’s total indebtedness to China?

  9. Why is Choksi fighting so hard to stay out of India where he is wanted on allegations of bank fraud. If he is innocent why is he running? He is using his lawyers to delay the hearing in Dominica by concocting excuses about his health and prison conditions…don’t think there is much difference between Choksi and his lawyers just a bunch of crooks..

    • And those lawyers getting plenty money, I am sure. How many of them working for free, simply helping a man for free. CHUPtZ.

  10. Mr PM Gaston Browne, thanks for letting the people know that the Antigua Police Department is investigating individuals of interest relating to the abduction of Choksi.
    Did you convey that information to the Dominica PM R Skerrit?
    Would appreciate any more details you can provide!

  11. Antigua PM needs to be investigated thoroughly in this high profile criminal case along with the execution style murder of Nigel Christian.

    We the people can no longer allow this type of trash to ever represent us again.

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