PM explains 100k payment to Comptroller of Customs


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has been explaining why a payment of $100,000 was made to Comptroller of Customs Raju Buddoo.

Some elements in society have questioned the payment.

Click Video below for explanation:

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  1. “Stimulus for me, but not for thee”

    This Jamaican PM has been telling Antigua people he hab no money, so no Covid stimulus for indigenous Antiguans, but he hab $100K for the Indian man. Picky head smaddy must starve while the coolie head smaddy yam ham and eggs. Antigua people, ar’u vote fu dat.

    • ” Mr Byam ” your comments are very true . I always wonder 🤔 why we treat anyone that doesn’t look like us so much better . Either consciously or subconsciously we discriminate against our own people .

    • UPP hired the gentleman to do the audit before 2014 and wasn’t paid … Government is continuous… just sometimes…… how you feel now you know it was the Minister of Finance before 2014 hired him. Guess who?

      • Anansi ‘tory
        You actually believe that Anansi ‘tory? If this man was hired by the government in 2014, never paid, but took another job with the same government and worked for another 6 years without getting paid I would call him an idiot. This is pure fantasy. This is a covid 19 stimulus for the CC.

    • Ok. The politrick of it all is to highlight the fact that the cost was reduced from 81M to 30M. These figures are coincidental.
      Let’s see the paperwork evidencing that!

    • So if the plan was not to pay 81 million USD but 30 million usd, why in 2010 did Baldwin state 68 million usd would be borrowed (via a entity it owns) from Venezuela in order to help finance the purchase of WIOC?

      “During his presentation to the House, Prime Minister Spencer said that the acquisition will not increase Government’s debt stock. Rather PDV CAB, a private company for which the Government of Antigua and Barbuda is the sole shareholder, will borrow the funds for the acquisition and will hold the shares on behalf of the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

      He pointed out that the loan in the amount of US$68 million has been secured from the Venezuelan firm PDVSA to purchase NPL’s shares in WIOC. The loan has a twenty year payback period and is associated with a two year moratorium with the interest rate fixed at 6%.” see Antigua and Barbuda Government Acquires West Indies Oil Company Shares, South Florida Caribbean News, May 30, 2010

  2. Money is there for who they want to give money to, if they owed 50 staffs that sum of money they will say no money is there but they have money to pay one person that sum.

  3. Who wants to see and or hear a video.As the late Dr. Eric Williams did say.Let the Jack Ass bray.

  4. ” I love Antigua….i would die for Antigua” so sayeth the born over antiguan. Money can buy a lot of things…even indian

    • And so many promises that indian made and nothing has come me of it especially his promises to prosecute the BROKER.

  5. Hey where are Ingram
    Jamieson P
    Phillip G
    Eric Carsden
    Lynn B
    Frank Lampshade
    From the sideline
    PJ Camerall
    Frederick B
    C T Arbour
    J B Reno
    Linda D

    Have you all gone silent. I wonder why?????? Are you all compromised???Come, Come defend this waste of money. I CAN”T HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!

  6. And the violence that met to customs officers

    And the supposed forged signature

    All above boards, I’m sure

  7. Bobol as usual. This scumbag traitor dictator only continues to practice creative self enrichment between himself and the rest of his cronies all at our expense. We nothing but his financial slaves and he needs to be removed from office and investigated for all his crimes.

    The sooner traitor dictator Gaston is removed from office, the better our nation and people will be.

  8. Ma raaaaaaaahhhm! 100, 000 US?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tarl man. ANR, you should have added the currency to the headline.

  9. Gaston browne love every race but black people.. he love Indians and Chinese people especially

    • You are wrong. He only love himself. The piece of shit must be removed from office.

  10. And he can’t find money to pay the local contractors. Every time we go to Public Works or Treasury, we keep getting NO MONEY there or ready. While Gaston receive his money for his heavy equipments contracted by the government.

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