PM Expected To Address LIAT Workers On Tuesday

LIAT Crew and Staff POS
All LIAT workers represented by the ABWU are asked to assemble for a meeting with Top Union Officials at the Union’s Headquarters, Freedom Hall, Lower Newgate Street on Tuesday 7th July 2020 at 10AM.
General Secretary David Massiah will be updating the workers on the issue of Pension and the ongoing Saga of the liquidation of LIAT 1974 Ltd.
The meeting will be available on ZOOM Cloud for those unable to attend. Contact the Shop Steward for the ZOOM I.D.
During the meeting, the Prime Minister, Hon. Gaston Brown is expected to address the workers of LIAT 1974 Ltd. via ZOOM Cloud on his plans for the regional carrier.



  1. Poor LIAT going down by knock out.Good luck to all of you the workers of LIAT.For many of you would not be retained after the reorganization of LIAT.That would be financially hard for many of you.

  2. Gaston, please do not waste the time of the employees by giving a “them against us” speech. Mia & Ralph are not the enemy and that type of speech serves no purpose other than to try and make you look good for elections. Use the time to give the employees useful information which will help them. Please…

    • Sorry but elections not even on the horizon so Gaston has nothing to proof other then his commitment to pump more money in a reorganized LIAT

  3. And “The Comrade” from St.Vincent is still as Marxist as they come. You are a wise man, Gaston, and Antigua is with you.

  4. What about the no more than 10 people per group? I wonder if Gitler will ZOOM in again.

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