PM equates contribution of V.C Bird to that of Nelson Mandella


The official celebration of V. C. Bird Day was marked by a wreath-laying ceremony at the V. C. Bird Bust in St. John’s this morning.

The late father of the nation, Sir Vere Cornwall Bird Sr.

would have celebrated his 109th birthday on December 9.

Sir Vere, one of the country’s national heroes, was the country’s first Chief Minister, first Premier and first Prime Minister.

He is also revered for his work in advancing the trade union movement in Antigua and Barbuda as president of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union and was a founding member of the Antigua Labour Party.

Prime Minister, Gaston Brown declared “V. C. Bird is the equivalent of Jose Marti, of Simon Bolivar, Map Zedong, of Martin Luther King. He is the equivalent of the late National Hero of South Africa, Nelson Mandela”.

He chastised opposition forces for boycotting the event.

“Those who disrespect the contributions of our national hero, Sir Vere Cornwall Bird Sr shall not flourish and shall remain in perpetual opposition”, the Prime Minister posited.

The Prime Minister and Chairman of the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party, E. P. Chet Greene both called for non-partisan support for the commemorative activities.

“This day is a day when we as a people like the Americans, like the Jamaicans, like the Chinese, like the Cubans, like the Venezuelans set aside to recognize the work of he who singularly is the most important Antiguan & Barbuda ever to have walked this country.” Greene said.

The Governor General’s Deputy, Sir Clare Roberts and President of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union, Wigley George were among the other speakers at the event.



  1. I think it is very nice to pay honor and respect to the legacy of VC Bird. However, I do not like the idea that Antigua has to pretend that this man was the only person responsible for Antigua’s independence and formation in 1981.

    I certainly do not like sculptures being made of political leaders, public service is a privilege, not something that you do to get sculptures made of yourself near the road. I like PM Browne, but I do not like the idea of Antigua pretending that we have our own George Washington or Nelson Mandella. Antigua is a nation made of up of many races and many contributors, not just one.

    VC Bird, nice man, but stop treating him like a God – its kinda creepy actually.

  2. We are blessed to currently have a progressive Prime Minister who speaks Truth as Leader of the Nation, man of the common People. Yes, Vere Cornwall Bird is likely the greatest Antiguan ever. He does stand forever in the tradition of the Great Liberators, in the company of Jose Marti, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jomo Kenyatta, and a host of others. The spirit of V.C. Bird is alive and well, and lives among us. May the red flag of democratic socialism, labour, social democracy and trade unionism continue to flag proudly in this Great Land. We ARE blessed! In the words of the great Maurice Bishop: “We are in nobody’s back yard. Forward Ever! Backward Never!”

  3. This man getting greater and greater as the years go by.

    Next year he gonna be compared to Jesus

    Who knows maybe God the following year

    Wonder what poor Cutie thinking bout all this and her lost childhood?

  4. I wince everytime this day comes up because I cannot understand why Ablp took what could be a meaningful day for our heroes and turn it into a national Ablp second Labour Day. So is this it? Are we all expected to adorn our red and sing praise to an Antiguan who unlike Prince Klass did not even give his life? How is the opposition suppose to dress for this day? This celebration as presently obtains is shortsighted and does more of a disservice to VC than celebrate him.

    • would think he would be happy to know that persons have decided to take the bathon he left and run further with it. Unfortunately the party you tend ri support would prefer we spat on his legacy. PM was right, those who refuse to honor VC will forever continue to tread water

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