PM enters farming to lead from the front on food security


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is currently developing his own farm with the intention of leading the national effort from the front.

He also wants farmers to come together to coordinate their production to avoid crop glut.

“You have to be smart with the crop you grow because it doesn’t make sense to grow lots of a particular crop when the demand in the marketplace is not there,” Browne said. The Farmers’ Forum is one group that can help in this regard.

Among the many advantages of growing more foods locally, according to Browne, is an increase in food security and the reduction in the outflow of foreign exchange from the country. There are also health benefits to be reaped.

Specifically the prime minister advanced the position that an increase in coconut production could lend to the efforts of health professionals in encouraging persons to replace harmful, sugary soft drinks with fresh coconut water.



  1. Well Sir I want 5lbs of RED pepper, 4lbs of RED beans and 6 RED apples. If your farm is that diversified I need 6 GREEN cabbage, 6lbs of BLUE berries and for the protein, gee me 3Lbs ah dem BLUE chicken dey!

  2. Better late, than never!
    Tenman, do you recognize where folks like myself were coming from, in terms, of the Nation’s future?
    #VisionMatters, not idle ‘chatters’ opposing, because they lack vision.

    Gaston Browne, PM – You MUST not only get into, the Agriculture business by being an example, you MUST pass legislation, in Parliament that gives LOCAL INVESTORS, the same incentives, concessions etc, as those investors, in the Tourism Industry.

    Tenman…we also have a part, of the solution to the water problem, in case, you didn’t know.

    • Don’t know how Tenman got in this? I don’t see any posting by “Trenman”. Yes, the PM is totally right on this matter. Agriculture can save the food supply of the nation. Our farmers need to be encouraged in every way. Next time you see a farmer, tell her thank you for being on the front lines, and contributing to the well-being of the entire nation.

      • @MaynardW…as in Tenman, Tenisha’s(spell check) Man…
        I have no idea, as to who you are; however, if Tenman would stand, to my face from Jumbee Picknee days, to being Smood, as a butterfly, today and refute, the fact(s), that he vehemently opposed greater investments, in the Agricultural Industry, Mr/Miss MaynardW, I would call him, a liar, to his face!

        Now, a who U be?
        Me a smell, Nuff n Edge Up!

  3. Brethren I see you continue the unnecessary argument. Will soon send you some pics of me growing lettuce on my pond. Have the filters already setup with both biological and mechanical filtration. Also have a uv sterilizer in place. Think you know I have been into fish keeping hobby for years? Agriculture will continue to compliment, not replace tourism. The latter will remain our main industry even after you and I no longer breathing (air)

    • @Tenman…me a thrown carn! No argument here!
      Great to know, that many are coming to their ‘senses,’ in part, thanks to COVID-19.
      No one wants the Agricultural Industry to replace, the Tourism Industry. Simply gives those who are willing, and able to invest in Agro Businesses, the same concessions, tax breaks and other perks, as say those being enjoyed by Yida; dollar for dollar, as those investors, in the Tourism Industry, and those other Carpet Baggers Economic Zones!

      Be safe!

  4. @DUNCY BAT: Good to see you are back.We now need your buddy Pompey back.Then it would be like the good old days of Boxborough,Smood,Tenman.Jumby Pickney,Antigua Woman,John French II and others.Just hoping those days could return.Where we agreed and disagreed respectfully.

    • YES, we needy Pompey back. Please don’t abandon us, especially in times like these. we need to hear from all of those you named. Together they are the real Antigua.

      • @CErmle…the humble one! Pompey’s still around, sharing his knowledge and expertise. He’s ‘masked up,’ and being the “clean” Richard Pryor, on FB.

        Be safe, in these crazy times!

  5. @Ras Smood:Man,you are always on point.Stand by your beliefs.Do not let Tenman try and derail you.

  6. @The Falcon and the Snowman…a wah a guarne? Yes Sir, we had fun taking and sharing blows!
    As for Tenman, we know he has those ‘eagle eyes,’ like a satellite protecting his peeps, in the government.
    It’s good to know, that you’re still paying attention. Stay safe, and positive as usual.


  7. By doing this the PM will experience first hand what it takes to be a farmer. And what he last disclosed is that he has spend about half a million already and not even a seed in the ground. This tells you that farming on a commercial level is for those that have the capital to invest. The bank will not lend you that amount of money. And then as he is not an agronomist he will have to hire experts to assist him. What our PM is, is an entrepreneur. He sees that their is a market and he doesn’t mind making the investment. And by doing so he will create employment opportunities for many young educated farmers, Not those drop out of schools that think because they work in the field that they are farmers. A farmer in these days is a University grad.
    And Barrett seem to be doing the same thing. He sees the opportunity and gets into the business. Same way he went in to the supermarket business. When we all know he is a Hotelier.

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