PM denies opposition claims that his Moderna jab was illegal

PM takes second dose of Moderna vaccine/ File Photo

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  1. It was an illegal act. Now you are trying to justify that illegal act committed by you and others in HIGH SOCIETY. You are such a selfish person and a sellout. By the way,I spoke with the Doctor and his staff in Pennsylvania,a week ago. That conversation would be kept a secret for now. Unlike you whose mouth would open and does not engaged with your BRAIN.If anyone had done what you did.You would be on all of the Social Media Platforms dribbling,farting at the mouth and shaming the individuals.However,because you are little ADOLF in black skinned.You think you could do as the HELL you like and get away with it.I hope your rusty arse is voted out in 2023,call the Elections now.

    • No it was not illegal. The customs act was amended in Feb, PM first took the vaccine in Jan. There was no legal restrictions that held him from doing what he did in January

      2. Amendment of Third Schedule – Goods Prohibited or Restricted to be imported or exported
      Part II of the Third Schedule to the Customs (Control and Management) Act 2013, No. 3 of 2013 is amended by adding the
      following to the categories of restricted goods –
      “The importation of any vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19 disease caused by SARS CoV-2 except by the Antigua & Barbuda Central Medical Procurement Unit or under Special Licence issued by the Minister on the advice of the Pharmacy council.”

      • Are you saying that before this amendment there wasn’t any restrictions on the importation of vaccines? Are you saying that before this amendment any tom, dick or harry could bring in vaccines…willy nilly? Tenman …I await your answer? I am sure you will pause and do the necessary research before you reply

      • TENMAN, TENMAN, TENMAN you can spin all you want but you will not be able to change the fact that neither the Medical Procurement Unit or Pharmacy Council knew anything or gave any permission for Moderna to be imported into Antigua. If Gaston and yourself are so sure of that have an investigation into the matter. Boss you will go to hell and back to justify and rationalize Gaston’s wrongdoing and illegalities.

      • Tenmsm are you a part of his kitchen cabinet? Did you get some of the Madorna?True he amended the act in February after he and members of the money class already imported the vaxine the US had an embargo on so that nobody else could do the same.
        Only they were entitled to be vaxinated at the time, everyone else wait for AstraZeneca.

  2. I do not know which Moderna jab the Prime Minister is referring to i.e., the initial one or the booster. In any case it does not matter since both jabs were illegal. When both jabs were given the Moderna vaccine was not imported into Antigua since there was no approval from the Pharmacy Council. Mr. Prime Minister you broke the law and it is that simple. I know the police will not get involve but the least you can do is to apologize to the country.

  3. Gaston Clown no matter what you say or do, we know you are a liar and a deceiver. you admitted in the voicenote that was was recorded in that you knew the vaccines were under embargo so stop trying to justify your criminal acts, you shall pay for everything you ever done

  4. He is still lying. I dont believe he was vaccinated to begin with. First of all in his vaccination card pictures is the same doctor nurse that jabbed him and it should be a male but that’s a woman and they already stated that that picture is from his “first” jab….make it make sense please….somebody😂😫

  5. Charles can you please site the relevant law? As usual you allow your dislike for the current government to cause you to chat rubbish. I recall when this was being debated in parliament Trevor Walker, contrary to you, argued that the PM used a loophole which they were now closing. Walker’s argument at the time was more that it was immoral not illegal. The amendments made, according to Trevor Walker, gave the pharmacy counsel the power to restrict entry to specific treatments, before this, they had no such power. The specific section being remedied stated:
    “The importation of any vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19 disease caused by SARS CoV-2 except by the Antigua &
    Barbuda Central Medical Procurement Unit or under Special Licence issued by the Minister on the advice of the Pharmacy

    Note this amendment to the act (THE CUSTOMS (CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT) AMENDMENT OF THIRD SCHEDULE) ORDER, 2021) became law Feb 2021 and was signed by the minister (GB). Also the Moderna covid vaccine has been approve here by our pharmacy counsel

      • Guy, the pharmacy counsel, had no power to control imports related to covid vaccine until Feb. Suspect you like Charles, if the PM had not taken the vaccine in Jan, and got infected you guys would attack him for not taking advantage of the opportunity. I can see Charles posting that this shows the PM had doubts about the vaccine’s as the reason why he did not make use of the opportunity. Problem is when you dealing with persons who will always find fault, best ignore them and let your conscience be your guide. PM simply made use of the first available opportunity to get vaccinated. If only Charles and the antivaxxers would follow that example

      • Guy this is the purpose of the pharmacy counsel according to its act:

        “AN ACT to establish a Council to control and regulate the practice of pharmacy, the sale of drugs and poisons and to make provision for the registration and control of persons admitted to practice as pharmacists and engaged in the business of pharmacy.”

        What does that have to do with a private person bringing in a US, WHO approved drug not for resale, but for himself and a few friends? The importer was not running a pharmacy. Since when a prescription was needed in order to take a covid vaccine? As I asked Tabor, point to the section of any relevant act, which shows the PM broke any law by taking the Moderna covid vaccine in January. Let me end with a statement made by the head of the pharmacy board (Moderna was approved in the US 18 December 2020 and EU Jan 6th, 2021) regarding how they approve drugs:

        “The Pharmacy Council President said historically once vaccines have been approved by reputable regulatory entities like the FDA, the Canadian Pharmaceutical Commission, the EU, the UK., the Council would automatically approve them (see President of Pharmacy Council Says Antigua and Barbuda Awaits Approval of Sputnik V Vaccine From Russia
        28 March 2021).

        • TENMAN you can jump high and jump low up to this date Moderna is not an approved vaccine for use in Antigua. I am getting all the information from a Pharmacist tomorrow and will finally debunked all the LIES of Gaston Browne that you are trying to justify.

          • Boss so as usual you spoke out of ignorance Again all the US approved vaccines have been approved for A&B by the said Medical counsel. Unlike you I pay attention. I would be surprised when you admit your error

    • @Tenman:I have never seen anyone taking those Vaccines standing up.That picture above is as FAKE as Gaston,himself.

  6. Stone if LIE was a defined word in the dictionary. Your words would mean nada! The conspiracy that you have found yourself spinning around in. Is man made by you. You obtained a pharmaceutical that was not authorized to be exported from the United States and along with that you fraudulently obtained vaccine verification card. Now tell me again what crimes you did not commit?

    The elements of both of those crimes can be proven.One you admitted to taking the Moderna vaccine. Two you introduced documentation that you should not be in possession of to prove such action was taken by you.

    The worst part of all of this conspiratorial actions. Is that you have outed the other actors that took part in the illegal acts.

    True Coward! Take the heat!!!

  7. The moustache has spoken…”the means justified the ends”. That’s why he killing us to save

    • I am not surprised at all that “the means justified the ends” in Gaston’s twisted Machiavellian mind.

  8. I agree with the substance of Mr Lovell’s criticism although it is considerably diminished by his reference to the Hitler moustache and he should withdraw that to preserve some dignity. He is better than that.

    I think Gaston has generally been quite good in facing a dreadful problem but I have no hesitation in agreeing that it was disgraceful and hypocritical for the PM to take a different vaccine from the rest of the population. At that time there were great doubts about the Astra which makes it worse

    Did he take it in Antigua? Any evidence for that? Seems unlikely. If not in Antigua my guess it was most likely Miami.

    I think he has somewhat redeemed himself in my eyes as I personally believe he is correct in wanting vaccines to be mandatory. A brave position for which he has exposed himself to attack.

    But again he made a tasteless, foolish and yes..cowardly choice in taking a different vaccine from his fellow Antiguans and it diminishes his credibility somewhat in this crisis.

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