PM delivers Christmas Message of Hope to residents


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has told residents not to lose the spirit of Christmas even though celebrations may be limited due to COVID-19.

In a Christmas Message to residents, Browne said the pandemic will keep many families apart.

But Browne remined residents that there is hope for an end in sight for the virus.

Watch his full message here:

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  1. A message of hope is what people need in these dark days. As the world was living in dark days Christ the Savior ws born. Hope of the world. It so amazes me that hope is the message the PM brings to the nation. Not doom and gloom and despair and fearmongering. Christmas is the season of hope.
    Merry Christmas Mr. Browne to you and your family. May the Lord Bless you and Keep you and your family safe in the coming year.

  2. If it amazes you then you can be easily fooled what else was he going to say bad bad everything is bad . May the Lord bless the NATION and keep us SAFE from HIS UNSAFE and assinide protocols .OH by the way I am Labor but with a difference I DON’T DRINK THE/ ANY COOLAID .

    • Mike I just saw your post and agree with you totally. Go to the head of the class. FROM THE SIDELINE can forever remain in the dunce class because of his lack of objectivity and blind worship of Gaston Browne.

  3. FROM THE SIDELINE I agree with you again for a change. What else can we have with the impact of covid and the deep financial crisis that face this country, but HOPE. What other message could the Prime Minister bring? Please, just stop bigging up the Prime Minister for the simplest most obvious thing.

    • Dear Tabor, seasons greetings to you and yours. Trust you had a blessed one and that you prayed to the dear Lord above to guide our leaders of government that they may make the right decisions on our behalf and in our favor.
      You know what they say a king gets no honor in his own country. Especially you would see the wisdom and intelligence of other leaders and cry down your own. But looking back to the last nine months has Antigua been worst of then any other regional islands. I guess not. in fact Antigua’s protocols were used as a blue print for many. And yes their are risk. And the people carry great personal responsibility. Whenever I go in town and see how many people are defying the protocols my heart gets so upset. Cause when things will go wrong the first finger pointing will be at the government. And people like you will cry out loud.
      Its like you guys wishing and hoping for bad things to happen for your believed political gain. Anything called Covid I am scared of. I would love to isolate the entire country from the rest of the world, but that is not practical. So I leave it in God’s hands and pray that he guides our leaders. So far xo good.
      Thanks be to God.

      • FROM THE SIDELINE despite your long comment you still failed to address the concern raised by Mike and myself. Let me repeat that concern for you. The concern was that there was no need for you to be singing the Prime Minister’s praises for his message of HOPE. My question was what other message could he have given with the country facing such serious problems? When I was in university I observed many examples of students with the longest essays getting the lowest grades. Please don’t fall into that category. By the way, ask Gaston about Dr. Glenn Richards (Novelle Richards son). He was a professor of history at UWI Mona. I can recall a professor at UWI who taught him and in his eulogy to Glenn highlighted the fact of a short essay Glenn wrote that was so comprehensive and brilliant despite its brevity. Try to learn from this and realize that sometimes your long comments are not dealing with the issue or worse make no sense.

        • FROM THE SIDELINE seasons greetings to you and yours as well. I hope in the new year we will continue these debates with more objectivity. I am really not into prayers so I will leave the praying for the leaders to you.

          • Charles you should not ever talk about objectivity. Not once have you ever spoken positively about this government. And when I criticize them in a few articles ago you never commented.
            But that’s OK I know you have a deep hatred for Gaston for whatever reason only you know

  4. Don’t worry Mr. Brown, the CMO and Molwyn will soon be out as they are behind the times with there stupid protocols. Antiguans are tired of them and their outdated protocols. Beaches closed at 1 the virus goes home early? 14 days quarantine ect. Time to get them out and put in forward thinking people with the real ideas and facts!

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