PM defends wife after Sean Bird says she is an absentee MP

PM Gaston and wife Maria Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has defended his parliamentary representatives over criticisms that they are absent from their constituencies.

He was responding specifically to a criticism made by Sean Bird, an opposition candidate.

This is how the PM responded:


UPP’s Sean Bird bemoans lack of attention to Rural East constituency

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  1. How dare he attacks the PM wife! That is going too far in politics. Nevertheless, PM Browne will defend his family and come out swinging.

  2. While what the PM said seems plausible, we would like to have water running every day like it does in Crosbies. two weeks without water is not healthy. Why in my 62 years of life I have never had good running water? Spent almost a year recently and I do not see any progress in my village in fact it has declined. We don’t need to see the representative but we need to see the works in progress. The hospital need a wheelchair ramp in the back parking lot and our facilities are in shambles. it is obvious.

    • @ Skyewill FROM YOUR OWN MOUTH AND EXPERIENCE the facilities in shambles,the village is in decline ect…. But you don’t need to see her .
      Folks wonder how some of these Ministers keep surviving their political careers YOU SKYEWILL is RESPECTFULLY A CLASSIC CASE AND POINT.

    • @Prime…u beat me to dat shyt, about Robin! Me a wander if, de #Salad want sum a Gaston dressing!(Style – wid yung pullet pan ‘im arm!)

      You beat me to the Punch bowl for a drink! Yes, Robin looks like he could use some of Gaston’s #dressing(fashion style with a young fresh flesh on his arm), on his Robin’s purring #Cat #SALAD.
      That pussy cat licking on some good, fattening milk.

  3. Maria has been absent prior to COVID. I don’t care to see her ever so often but she should pass through from time to time and have liaison officers letting her know the issues and find ways to address them and do follow-ups.

  4. Bilbo from All.Saints get real.The Pm wife is just like any other woman in Antigua.Wete you asleep when other women get attacked by those in high placeJust the other day he who is in high places went so low to say a certain Dame wears her husband brief, and the host of the show had to give a cation and daid to he in high places that he is not going down that road with him.Bilbo from All.Saints i have some many examples that i could share of other women in politics especially UPP ladies that are being dragged downTime doe not permit me to share at this time all the vulgarity.Wake up Bilbo from All.Daints pls be fairminded in your thinking.

  5. JAMAL PRINGLE still in New York selling fry fish and funji or has he finally returned to Antigua.

    How many absences is an MP allowed from parliament before they are disciplined

    He sure has been absent consecutively. JAMAL PRINGLE where are you

    • Parliament should set a rule that any member who is absent a certain amount of times (number to be determined by Parliament) is then automatically should have her seat declared VACANT and a special election called to fill it. Simple as that.

  6. Let us not forget,Maria Browne is a Member of Parliament.She is the wife of the Prime Minister,so what turns on that.She was elected by the people of a Constituency.She has been missing in action ever since elected.She is being paid monthly to do her work.Has she been doing it? I say hell no,based on the feed back from the Constituents in that Constituency.So what is Gaston Browne defending? She is like an invisible worker,one that cannot ever be seen.Or should I say say,like a ghost worker.Persons have said that from time to time they would have seen Ghosts.However,I have not heard one person say they have seen Maria Browne, anywhere.LAST TIME I CHECKED ANTIGUA IS 108 SQUARE MILES,SO A WAY SHE A HIDE.GETTING FREE MONEY MONTHLY AND DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MUST FEEL GOOD,MARIA BROWNE.

  7. I think she is a great lady and has some of the best finest of the Bird DNA, but I’d like to hear her voice speak in Parliment on the issues, on a regular basis. I am longing to hear her.

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