PM Defends Position On Cancellations Of Parties And Events


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has called on the police to revoke permission for public gatherings and to clamp down on private home parties.

At least two events, a motorcade and a drive in movie were cancelled this week after police granted permission to these events only to revoke permission later.

“Permission should be revoked because you going to put all people at risk,” Prime Minister Browne told Pointe Fm moments ago.

He said his Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party’s upcoming movie night should also be cancelled.

“How can we be so reckless to be having these big gatherings,” Browne said, amid reports of numerous private parties being held.

“That will be a recipe for disaster,” Browne added.

He said, “those functions are to be cancelled so that we don’t have a significant health challenge.”

The prime minister is calling on residents to cooperate because COVID-19 is here.

He is also calling on the police “to act accordingly.”

“Those who organise these fetes, we expect the police to go into those home, lock-down the fetes and charge the organisers and property owners.”






  1. The reality is they know alot more people are infected and dont want to say that. So instead they are clampimg down more. Countries with higher populations like Barbados and Jamaica are hosting events but we with less people and land mass cant control covid?

    Why doesn’t he start to close down the bar at the police station where people party up to 2am like its nothing especially after positive cases in the police force.

    • If what you say is true, then that damn thing needs to be shut down tonight, but if you are spreading false rumors, you need to be changed and locked up, Let’s get to the bottom of this immediately.

      • Very much true, all til 3am and nothing being done or said. Police feel them above the law, he need fa lock up some a dem officers for breach of curfew, many of them off duty and liming all they do is show the badge and all clear and it shouldn’t be.

  2. Boss you sound dunce
    Covid here because you allow it to come here
    All are you a Gwaan with you go have kill arwe for Tek aryou vaccine

    • I wouldn’t say he brought it here, Antigua jus as other countries has had a spike in cases but remember our borders needed to be open so persons could go back to work, were u goin to go out of pocket to feed single income homes?

  3. Humans are social beings, therefore restricting us for a prolonged period will have lasting effects…stop the flights as well Mr. PM…ooops I forgot, you defend money.

  4. The Regulations of 22 July, 2020 again show how inept the government is when it comes to legislative matters. The government seems to turn all legislative issues on their head. The ABLP drive in movie or the UPP calypso show at Splash do not fall within the 3 categories of the Regulations that are prohibited. The Regulations only speak to private parties, sporting events or any sports stadium and banquet, ball or reception. The Regulations gives law enforcement the power to stop any gathering that falls within the 3 categories I indicated. Now tell me if the ABLP drive in movie or the UPP calypso show (drive in as well) fall into any of the 3 categories. In any case, all these Regulations are unlawful since the procedure to give them legal effect were not followed. Some one will eventually test that matter in court.

  5. How come are u nah lock up all them Spanish pple Inna villa that always are party. The people them that always on the side of the roads playing dominos and the bar up wilikies main road and on new gate street close to the parking lot where no protocols are met. Oh I forget y’all pick and choose who u want to mess with right?

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