PM debunks several lies related to Point Fire


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  1. Gaston, you are a real DAWG. Instead of using your platform to comfort the people in Point, you used your radio station to cuss Kem Warner.

    What kind of human being are you? Don’t you have blood running through your veins!

    You are a horrible, horrible, man.

    God NAR sleep!

  2. Once again PM, the people who were there before you got there the fire chief was not there, you both got second hand reports from the firefighters. Making excuses for not having fire tenders is unacceptable. Stop calling people liars. Nobody , neither UPP or ABLP need to make this political. People lost their homes , let’s come together as a community and do better. The country fire service makes excuses everytime there is a fire . FIX IT, FAILURE FAILURE, FAILURE.

    • Mr… in the US, UK etc when there is a fire, are you suggesting that the fire trucks there are in general, nearer to the fire vs the distance between Coolidge and Point? I listened keenly the PM and he pointed out that additional fire trucks are on the way. You miss the deeper issue here ie the closeness of those houses to each other. Even that issue, measures (Booby alley housing project, HAPI program etc) have been put in place to provide housing for such persons.

      • Excuses, Excuses, Excuses – The ALP MANTRA.
        Never their fault!

        Under the UPP there were 6, yes 6 working fire trucks!

        I weary hear the PM say that they are buying fire trucks.

        The PM like to boast about how rich he is! Instead of seeing how he might enrich himself, he should be thinking about his constituents and there needs.

        What a failure is Gaston Browne!
        What a poor excuse for a Prime Minister
        Clearly, the worst Prime Minister ever!

  3. How long will the government purchase fire tender for the country? will it take them when the Prime minister office or some other government set a blaze. Please come on it is long over due. St. John’s fire station need at least three (3) fire tenders that whole 3000 gallons of water. Let us not waste any more time and get the fire tenders.

    • Just a little over a year ago, two were purchased “More new fire trucks ahead” 3 March 2020, by OMG: “new fire truck a year as of 2021 has been pledged by National Security Minister Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin in a bid to keep residents safer in the event of a blaze.
      The Minister made the announcement on Monday morning during a ceremony to mark the handing over of two water trucks to the department.

      “We will make sure that we order for the Fire BrigaMore new fire trucks ahead
      3 March 2020de, a fire tender that is until such time that Mr Weaver and his men are satisfied that there are enough tenders to take care of Antigua and Barbuda,” Benjamin said, adding that his ministry had “enough money” in its budget to accommodate the purchases.
      The gesture comes as welcome news for Fire Chief Elvis Weaver who, along with new Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney continued to request more fire trucks at the ceremony. The men recognised that there are simply not enough vehicles currently to comfortably service the entire island.

  4. Gaston Brown is not credible. He is a narcissistic idiot and instead of showing some humanity and empathising with the people who lost their homes, he has made this about himself. Time is longer than rope and his time will come. God never sleeps.

  5. Gaston, this is your constituency and you failed your people!
    Did you really give people the finger!

  6. You can buy a million fire trucks . When your HYDRANTS can’t produce WATER;all you get is bunch of AIR. Air can’t fight fire. You need WATER and that is the Achilles heel of this country. No water to bathe 24/7. No water to wash your clothes, water you garden, wash your car and when you need it to protect property from FIRE! Nutten tarl dey. This administration likes to look the part. But as we have all come to realize they are not the part.

    Tick Tok! The election clock is chiming!!!

  7. Gaston Browne what were the lies.The people I heard from,were there from the very beginning to the end.Did the fire happen? Did the houses burn to the ground? Were there several families left homeless? You need to go,NOW.

  8. While poor people home in your constituency burning down because of lack of water, yours and all your wealthy white neighbor’s pools in Jolly Harbour full of running water 24 hours a day!! No shame and totally uncaring !! Biggest mistake was to vote ABLP! NEVER AGAIN!! Please call the election NOW!!

  9. I want see G-Ass-ton debunk there was no water in the fire hydrants dem. I know G-Ass-ton is king lyad so I want see how he go lie bout this one now.

    As for Robbing the Hood, I wish fire bruk out by him and everything burn up since he only have enough water to shower once a day.

    Dem wutless asses in office need to be removed from office. All dem a do is disservice to we.

  10. When them a run about buying old fire trucks what do they expect. It is like buying a lemon, always breaking down. This government is a real joke.
    The other thing I would like to say to Gaston is that you were not elected to go on your radio station and try to destroy the livelihood of Antiguans. Kem Warner is not a politician and you are out of order attacking him on your radio show. You think you are the smartest and most educationally qualified person in Antigua. Only you and your family should make money.
    I heard that if people don’t vote for you, then who? I will ask the question, if you should die tomorrow, Antigua will cease to exist?
    Continue to lord over your people in your ghetto because your time will soon be up.

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