PM concerned about rising level of miscreant behaviour


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is hoping that the reopening of schools will help curb miscreant behaviour among young people.

Browne told Pointe FM that some weeks ago as he drove around the country he noticed many young people congregating in large groups in violation of the health protocols in place under the State of Emergency.

“We can’t reopen the economy and not reopen the schools. Our parents have to work and they can’t do both; work as well as take care of their children,” he remarked.

Browne said he has heard reports of vandalism in Villa. Residents have also complained about the behaviour of youth in Golden Grove.

With the reopening schools imminent, Browne said the aim is to create a secure bio-sphere at each school where all the required COVID-19 health protocols are practiced. Arrangements will be established to accommodate both face-to-face and virtual learning.

A government representative in Miami is currently undertaking the purchase of six thousand laptops for distribution among the nation’s students.




  1. My dear Sir, do you anticipate that the behaviour of the young people will improve while in school? Who will be responsible for policing hundreds of students to ensure that the students follow safety protocols? There are many teachers who are high risk and the added stress of being a ‘police’ can potentially increase blood sugar and blood pressure, and God forbid that even one student or teacher is infected with COVID-19. September, let’s happily return the students to the underpaid glorified babysitters because all are immune to COVID and teachers will solve all problems with people’s children.

  2. 6,000 laptops to be purchased.At what price?What would be done with the E Books purchased earlier in the process.Because millions of taxpayers dollars were paid for those.They were empty of contents.A total waste of monies.Those monies could have been paid into Social Security.So that Pensioners are paid on time monthly.Today is the 17th day of AUGUST,2020.Pensioners are still awaiting their July,pensions.

  3. Here we go again: A few years ago there was the E-books venture that was to have brought to a higher level of education for the nation’s youth. Failed experiment or was it just another enrichment scheme ? So time now to move on to another.
    It is the obligation of a government to account for any venture undertaken because it is the peoples’ money that are being spent. No way should a government be allowed to discard one venture and proceed to another without first accounting for the success or failure of the previous. It is only common sense and simple earth politics. No space science needed here !
    How do we trust that another venture will not go down the same path as the former one.
    It is either our misleaders are MADLY CORRUPT OR CURRUPTLY MAD ! Whichever way it is…. it is highway robbery. Tell the nation that you are using your personal funds to purchase these 6 000 laptops because it definitely could not be tax payers money that you are dipping your paws into again to do this educational stunt; when you have not accounted for the last one.
    Antigua people…you need to wake up.
    People of Point, you corrupt business men, corrupt calypsonians, corrupt statuary board members, corrupt misleaders of religion, corrupt taxi drivers, corrupt permanent secretaries, education officers: YOUR DAY TO ANSWER TO THE ALMIGHTY WILL SOON COME. What will you say: ” that a politrician made you do it” Complete crap! You are the author of your own actions and will give account for such.
    Covid-19 has exposed all the fakers; the government being the first to come forth and others are following.


  4. The black man needs to change his life family structure. The majority of black children born here are born out of wedlock. Some don’t even know or have a relationship with their fathers. Some are living in homes with siblings that have two or three different father’s, mother is unmarried, father nin-existant. Who do the majority of young people have in look up to? We need to face the truth, if we want to escape the cycle of poverty, low level of education and crime. We have to do better.

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