PM Concerned About Recent Robberies, Promises Action

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has expressed concern about a spate of recent robberies and break-ins, promising to do something about it.

In the last three weeks thieves have targeted everything from churches to funeral homes, and everyone from women and the elderly.

However, prime minister Browne is reassuring the public that he intends to do something about it.

“We take the security of the country and the people very seriously. We will be having a national security meeting this week and we will come up with certain strategies,” he said.

Browne indicated that he cannot disclose what these strategies will be.

“The people of Antigua and Barbuda can be assured that we continue to keep the country safe. I believe we would have had two homicides for the year, that is remarkable,” he said.

“I just know that we have a few incidents of robberies and we need to make sure that we zero-in on those individuals and bring them to justice and I am pretty sure its just a matter of them before we capture them,” Browne added.

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  1. PM Browne, I am truly one of your biggest supporters and I think your government is doing a great job. But please tighten up our immigration policies in relation to CARICOM immigrants specifically.

    I think OECS immigrants are totally fine in terms of Antigua’s public policy but CARICOM immigrants often have a totally different profile when it comes to criminal history, education and economic standing. So please consider tightening things up.

    Lastly, I think the best immigrants to Antigua are our CBI/CIP immigrants. I hope we can design programs that actually encourage our new CIP/CBI citizens to actually live in Antigua because they are usually wealthy, educated and do not commit violent crimes like robberies.


  2. when the prime minister have to step in it just shows how trash of a police undp and defense force we have here in Antigua. In the mean time make sure y’all find those kids who beat up the 17 year old kid who is still fighting for his life why? Cause the specialist doctor is off island trash health system and since hes not a popular person he wont be flown out for medical attention as well step in!

  3. Where are the more jobs you promise the Antiguan people? Do something to give them more jobs and maybe they would ease up on the break-ins and robberies that are happening as of late

  4. I know why there are more robberies. Retired and now charged, again, hero officer, who is not afraid to investigate suspects and their suspicious behavior on people’s property they have no right to be on, are being arrested, detained unlawfully, beyond the 48 hours without being charged, and then being charged for a crime that no reasonable attorney or police officer could have at the time set a Prima Facie case of a crime and that all circumstantial evidence supported good-faith act of this hero retired officer and that there were not only reasonable suspicion, there were probable cause, to approach the suspect and then in defending his life from the suspect.

    So, criminal will continue to be in no fear. They know they are protected and they will continue burglarize, rob, kill rape and sadly you can now blame the police and prosecutors and government for this increase in crime because criminals are not afraid, they know if they are caught or shot, they will be set free and the good-samaritan instead, you the people, will be charged for protecting your friends house, your friend’s daughter and their property.

    The criminals have no fear, I am sure these criminals are back to victimizing more folks. So enjoy what encouraged, supported either expressly or impliedly. Criminology is a serious matter. You have a normlessness, people not knowing when they will truly be punished of committing crimes because they see other criminals being let go and victims being charged instead. Welcome to the world of the Anomie Theory, differential association, labeling theory, Strain Theories, Social Disorganization Theory, Social Learning Theory, Psychological Theories. A small country like Antigua and Barbuda has perfect examples of the crime theories. Instead officers do their job correctly, they prefer charging someone unjustly to cover their butt because they violated some one’s constitutional right, and allow a criminal to walk free without a charge. More criminals see this and they are on the move, they know police will not arrest and charge them, they know most people in society can not protect them-self, and they see the profits of their fellow criminals making in crimes, very low arrest and solving of crimes. Antigua is a perfect place for criminals.

    I wish there were more hero officers like this retired and criminally charged for self-defense and defense of others retired hero ASP.

  5. Mr. PM when the authority catch them please tell us their nationality. If they are Antiguans and Barbudans, we will put them in the streets of St. John’s and beat them. It they’re non-nationals we deport them back to their native land.

  6. Recent Robberies? Check the stats on robbery for the last 5 years.Where have you been? Too busy navigating around the world on private and public jets.Adding your share of pollution to the atmosphere.And then you hypocrites talking about climate change.Look at that picture of the young man.He was brutally beaten by 5 thugs for a pair of Adidas slippers and a cellphone.Perhaps if those thugs had jobs.They would not resort to such levels of heinous crimes.

  7. Police are getting paid for doing nothing, they drive up and down wasting the gas that the people of Antigua and Barbuda pay for. When they actually do something the magistrate/judge let them walk even if they have evidence. These people are jokers and want people to vote for CCJ? Must be for them to kick us in the ass. Oh how things would be different if the goons were terrorizing them and not poor people.
    Gaston this could help if you actually cared about antiguans and barbudans
    1) get the police to enforce the tints on vehicles, remove and charge if not correct %. That include the clown police officers and government officials.
    2) adjust the law on smoking marijuana to your homes only. That way the punks won’t be able to disrespect the police in public. Funny how they like to say ah fuh we world boss give we this.
    3) do something about our borders. Antigua is over populated. You may say it’s not, but you can’t keep letting people come and you have no work for them.
    4) get Cutie out of that position he’s a lawyer also his son. That’s how they make money so he doesn’t care about addressing the problem.
    I could add a lot more but let’s see what you do with the above

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