PM calls UPP Women’s Forum ‘opportunists and propagandistic morons’


PRIME MINISTER GASTON BROWNE: “So a fb friend jokingly asked that I bring old men and sugar daddies from St Vincent.

I responded in jest that I have already asked Comrade Ralph to send some beautiful ladies to expand our population. Incidentally, that’s a long standing pre-crisis joke between Ralph and I.

These opportunists and propagandistic morons in the UPP, are trying to accentuate a moment of social levity into a political issue.

I have one of the best records of people empowerment, especially women empowerment in this country.

My commitment to women empowerment preceded my political career, continued during politics and will continue until I die.

There are many UPP candidates who have systematically used and abused our women.

They rape, beat, plunder and even murder them. Several refused to accept or provide for their children, and destroyed many families, by deliberately targeting and exploiting their friends vulnerable wives.

Those in the UPP who published the rubbish statement are fully aware of the abuse suffered by our women, at the hands of these evil UPP candidates.

If these women in the UPP have any decency and moral conscience; if they really cared about women’s empowerment, they would agitate to rid the UPP slate of those women abusers.

These embittered failures have no moral authority to judge me; they need to get a life.

I rest my case.

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  1. Always so combative as usual. When You take a man out of the ghetto and make him prime minister, this is most likely what you get. Can you take a person out of the ghetto and think you can get the ghetto out of him?

  2. Claims he has a record of empowering women. Never mind that this should be done by women foremost anyway, but where is the evidence for his claim?

  3. Call them out for what they are…no mince you words PM. I wonder what they have to say about their non hopeful political member who has committed one of the most heinous of crimes against woman. Yet in their shadow cabinet the have him looking at prison issues. The audacity of these people.

  4. Since when Antiguans become so serious. Hon. Gaston Browne is joking….Wake up People . Learn to laugh. I smell UPP placing POLITICS into this…. Have fun. ABLP will still win the 2023 election. Results as follows.


    You are correct. UPP has the worst record when it comes to women. At least Two members on Their CANDIDATES had done the worst things to women. UPP WOMEN are DOUBLE STANDARDS. UPP WOMEN bunch of HYPOCRITES. Clean up your yard before talking. Shame on UPP WOMEN FORUM.

  6. As a woman…I am saying that the UPP Women take it out context. I read the Prime Minister Facebook page . The Prime Minister was joking with Someone. This is hype about NOTHING.

  7. We would welcome Hon. Gaston Browne in Dominican Republic. Very Handsome Man. I believe UPP women are jealous.

  8. Everybody going nuts these days. People are just too explosive. Maybe that Sputnik vaccine will calm some of the looney tunes down. Chuptz.

    • How can he call his colleagues/kinfolk ” morons “?
      Well Well, in another country (not the US), the menfolk wouda mek he apologise one way or de odder

  9. You Guys cannot understand that Gaston knows how to keep His name in news. The radio stations , Journalists etc. Gaston has You Guys number. Gaston is a GENIUS. He does whatever He wants.He will win all the seats next election. He knows politics. He knows CAMPAIGNING.

  10. PM Browne hit the nail on the head.

    You want to meaningfully attack the incumbent party? Come with hard, cold facts that will shock the conscience of every Antiguan. We the public can see through this type of political BS.

    But the problem is they can’t turn the public against the ABLP because the ABLP is doing a decent enough job, and they are certainly running the country better than UPP did…even through crisis.

    Who vex dead

  11. Hon.Gaston Browne and ABLP ATTRACT WINNERS. Harold Lovell and UPP attract LOSERS. That is the BIG difference between both Political Parties.

  12. When he demote gail when she was pregnant, what was that..
    Private joke with ralph is private, fb is public
    Maria, one day, you too will speak out, we gat ya

    • “spouse” in relation to a person in public life means a
      person to whom the person in public life is married or who
      is living with that person in the circumstances of husband
      and wife for a period of three years but does not include —
      (a) a married spouse who is living separate and
      apart from the person in public life;
      (b) a married spouse who has ceased to live with
      that person and where proceedings have been
      instituted for a divorce or judicial separation
      during the period a declaration is required to be

    • Is Jacqui Quin -Leandro still married?
      All these people came out of the closet since 2004 and showed their true colors. I mean to date no church has really condemned their lifestyle so I guess it is acceptable now in our so called Christian society.
      I personly do not have any issue with anyone’s lifestyle, I just live mine. One man to one woman. That’s the way God planned it.

  13. The UPP WOMENS FORUM…I know this forum is comprised of CLEON ATHILL , PEARL QUINN , GLADYS POTTER and JANICE ( FORMER HOST OF SNAKE PIT).Where is Janice….Is She still in Jail? These are the Characters the UPP WOMENS FORUM attract. Hon. Gaston Browne is right to call out these HYPOCRITES. I heard the Prime Minister on Pointe Fm on Saturday describing CLEON ATHILL , PEARL QUINN and others. This Saturday our Prime Minister will call out the others. DOUBLE STANDARD WITHIN THE UPP.

  14. Every day this man Gaston Browne wake up and behave like a jack ass. Why doesn’t he find something constructive to do instead of fing around on Facebook with anti man bramble and behaving like a bitch.
    Gaston get out the gutter and do what taxpayers are paying you to do.
    Stop dabbling in the mud.
    Call the inquiry and clear your name of that Odebrecht scandal.

  15. Calling on the Da Bear! Plenty mele up for sale! My second attempt to reach the master. We need a second version. You’re guaranteed the crown because you will command the crowd with your lyrical content, innuendo, satirical wit and cold hard FACTS! They can’t cage you! The Treasury and the Finance MBA need ABST. Recreation grounds will be rocking. You need to expose them jumble crab politicians!

  16. This garbage traitor dictator Gaston has no business representing our nation and our people.

    Vote the garbage out.

  17. Two things can be true at the same time.

    The statement/joke was distasteful. Not just because of crisis but it shows the deep patriarchal conditioning as to the value of women.

    However it would have been better if UPP women had just stfu because they do not have credibility.

    Did PM say some candidates beat and rape women? That could literally be from either political side. Soongu and soongu neck and neck.

  18. Why you guys at Àntigua newsroom not printing my opinion. You print every word that Gaston calls women and also his opponents but not my rebuttal to his derogatory style statements . I

  19. Definition of moron
    1: a foolish or stupid person
    … once their business is over [clients] go right back to thinking you’re either a crook or a moron. Realty is not a friendly business. It only seems to be.

  20. Did Gaston Browne referred to persons as Morons? That is like the pot saying to the kettle. You are black. Gaston Browne do you really like to see. What a Moron looks like. Take a look into a mirror. That reflection that you would see. Is the image of a MORON.

  21. Traitor dictator Gaston as usual talking shit. He thinks he can bang up women like he bang up he own wife. Traitor dictator Gaston should never be allowed to represent our nation and our people. That scoundrel need a thorough bull bud lashing.

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