PM Calls On Keoma Hamer To Apologize


Prime Minister Gaston Browne today called on the woman alleging that her twin daughters were stolen in 2004 to apologize.

“I was asked to apologize for intervening on behalf of the family and the state. I believe it’s more appropriate for those who wrongfully ridiculed Esther for stealing Hamer’s child to apologize. Hamer also needs to apologize to this family for the trauma and to the people of Antigua & Barbuda for the mess she has created,” Browne said in a Facebook post.

A DNA test to concluded that Esther Amos is the mother of the Petal Burley, the woman that Hamer claims is hers.

Hamer alleges that the babies were stolen from her in 2004 after giving birth to them prematurely at the Holberton Hospital.

Browne said, the truth moves slowly, but will always triumph over lies.

Hamer says she wants to visit Antigua and has agreed to subject herself to a DNA test.

“To Esther Amos and Petal – Stay strong and press on. I could not have sat idly and allow, those with their speculation and conjecture to destroy a beautiful Antiguan family and undermine the image of our country,” the country’s leader said.

He added that “the irony about all this is, if a defamatory claim is pursued against Hamer, those who encouraged her will abandon her. Then again, I understand $400.00 has been contributed so far to her Go Fund Me account, in which she is trying to raise over US$150K.

“SMDH how some people could be so gullible and confidently hostile about a false claim of child theft, despite the DNA and other evidence to prove otherwise.”

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  1. Why should Ms. Hamer apologize? The claim that was made about her twin babies and the relentless cover up by all parties concerned, including now the government, has not been refuted by compelling evidence. There are to many gaps and unanswered questions surrounding this matter. Consequently, there should be a thorough investigation to provide credible answers to all the questions. Just parading a birth certificate and the alleged results of a DNA test do not bring proper closure to the issue. There needs to be a legitimate DNA test conducted with the child, the putative parents and Ms. Hamer. From all that is said so far in this matter, it would appear that a number of people are hiding something. Let an investigation unearth the truth and the chips fall where they may. I hope that the FBI and the Dutch government really get involve in this matter since our government is refusing to do so and find the truth.

    • Says the man who cant spell his own name. The gaps exist because all information is not for john public. Hamer has all the info that she needs.
      Let them (Hamer et al) spend the money, our tax $$ need to be spent on hospital supplies!

    • Oh hush ya mouth Tabor anna fu she pikney cant believe one so call big time lawyer (liar) lakka u ah support that crazy woman and she money grab if she min all that intrested inna she pikney wha men she want government fu pay fu she ticket fu she do da dna test ya think fbi have time fu waste with she and she craziness.

      • As a mother myself, I would love to have closure of the so-call-death of my twin babies if I were Ms. Hamer. Some may say that she is crazy and other may say different.
        She don’t need to come to Antigua to have a DNA test done. The sample can be taken from her and sent to Antigua.
        During my court battle with my son father who lives in Florida, my son DNA sample was taken here in Antigua and sent to the lab in Florida who was handling it.

    • Tabor, I am disappointed in you. You are still peddling conspiracy theory nonsense after a dna test has identified the biological parents? Do you know how much pain and suffering this likely has put the family of the child through and you continue to peddle the nonsensical conspiracy theory? Where is your evidence that this child is in any way related to Hamer? How would you like it if someone you never heard of suddenly alleged that you stole your Son from his birth mother and falsely raised him as your own? Would you voluntarily do a dna test? Would you not be mentally stressed by the fact that third parties (such as yourself) continue to support the nonsensical conspiracy theory with absolutely no evidence that your child is not your own? Grow up, please.

      • True my thing is why isn’t she going after the child in the US she has the address is she afraid of the laws of the US

        • I read somewhere on social media that she is also going after the child in American to. Someone has to be feeding her information about those twin babies being alive and where they are and who have them. The authority in Antigua need to give Ms. Hamer a file folder with all the information including a picture of the dead twin/alive so she can get the closure she needed.

    • @Charlrsworth Tabor

      I do not know the facts to this story. for sure something happened.
      1 Woman in transit in VCB departure lounge fell sick.
      2 Woman taken to hospital in ambulance.
      3 Woman admitted to hospital.
      4 Woman babies came out dead or alive?
      5 Head doctor examine woman and rush her to surgery.
      6 Woman was resuscitated no surgery.
      7 Woman had surgery discharge from hospital.
      8 Who paid for the surgery?
      9 Woman continue to St Maarten.
      10 Woman say babies alive not dead. Nurse stole babies.
      11 Health Minister say Police to handle matter.
      12 Police DNA good. child not for her.
      13 Tabor say woman is credible. What is Tabor’s intellectus? Maybe Tabor have information police…….

      Gullibility is why ABLP will remain in office for the next 40 years. Tabor and the people of Antigua are gullible.

      The PM is correct.

      Instead of the opposition supporting the PM, they see it fit to make their usual noise.

    • CHARLESWORTH TABOR and his son knock one head. No wonder the people continue to REJECT THE UPP. The are so desperate for power, that they will clutch at straws. Stope being so “politically lazy” and come up with a news strategy and a new leader if you actually expect to take control of the country in 2023.

      Do you NOT REALIZE that your weak “strategy” is not effective? Jeez.

    • Mr. Tabor, from one who did have a few occasions of personal contact with the Holberton “paperwork” office, and I am not at all meaning this to be critical, but the, shall we call it, “filing system” at that institution would not necessarily come under the heading of “efficient” and/or computerized. The hospital was overloaded with patients and IMO seriously underfunded for the services they were expected to provide. I would, therefore, take a guess and say that Ms. Hamer’s missing paperwork is most likely in a folder with a zillion other papers, tied up with string and stored in a box…..somewhere…..that may or may not be dated or alphabetically packed. Paperwork at Holberton needed to be requested or collected at the time not 15 years later.
      If one peruses the Dr. John paperwork (ABS facebook) and does a definition search IMO Ms. Hamer was a seriously ill woman when she was taken to Holberton…Peutz Jeghers syndrome is shown online as a high risk to pregnancy.

  2. The alleged mother posted photos saying it’s her daughter, now the rasta lady walked with the daughter on ABS and u can tell even without DNA that girl belongs to the rasta woman-looks totally identical and far from how the alleged mother look, I glad they walked with the little girl cause as u can see, she nah look no way like what Keoma been plastering all over the world. She made Antigua/Barbuda look bad, hope she can tek all the lawsuits coming her way. She went by hear say over her little mind that she do not come to grip of loosing her babies. She needed from the begining after birth to have positive people to help her to let it all go but no, somebody who whispered in her ears at KFC she said told her they alive and she run with it causing harm to everyone.

    What if this girl got CXC to do and now can’t focus when school returns next week because of all this unnecessary Drama Keona lit up? Who gonna take the responsibility, the people that was pushing Keona? None!!!! People that been taking sides with Keoma u are at fault also for fueling her more in her more over “hearsay”. Many of u quick to throw Antigua/Barbuda name under the bus giving her more fire to add on to her financial goal she seeking over 150grand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So much to type but we as an island must take lesson from this all.

    • The Rasta lady could have been related to the twin babies father the man who Ms. Hamer was pregnant for. If we notice, the parties are all Guyanese nationals with the exception of the dead/alive twin babies in question. We also need to find out if this a common practice of some Guyanese medical professional in abducting babies from young mothers and sell them to woman who can’t have babies.

  3. Keoma, I agree, you should know (if you truly don’t and aren’t conjecturing) what happened to your babies. There needs to be some publishing of what happens to babies who die prematurely and what arrangements are made for the disposal or burial of the child(children) especially when the mother doesn’t reside here as is the case with Keoma.
    However, Keoma, you messed up when you started posting pictures of a child and posting the whereabouts of people and making criminal allegations against people only to say on ABS- “I’m not saying it’s my child. I’m just saying she (Petal) looks like me and the children of my twins’ father.” Bitch, I know you didn’t do a DNA test and you want answers but that doesn’t justify you making these allegations and fucking up people’s lives when now ya rass ah admit you nuh sure. You already claimed Petal as yours and now you ah switch tune?! Fuck you and the rasshole and dem who urged you on via Facebook because they love drama and say say business. Your loss doesn’t devoid you of responsibility for your actions. Oh and Charlesworth, if DNA testing doesn’t mean Ester is the mother, Keoma making allegations doesn’t mean what she is saying is true and she should apologize for her irresponsible actions.

    • How would Ms. Hamer have gotten all these information of who has her twin babies where they’re living? Someone who know something are giving her these information. DNA results can be tamper with for a price and for good reason too protect those involved.

      • Anyone who knows you personally can disclose information about you and they might have their own agenda that doesn’t mean they are reliable. Who ever has been filling Keoma’s head with these theories needs to come out and be seen so their credibility can be challenged. Also, where is the other “twin” supposedly living with Nurse Babb and her husband? What school does that child attend in Syracuse? Why wasn’t Nurse Babb charged? Why was she allowed to leave the US and travel to Antigua with such grievous claims made against her? Oh because what has been said about her are nothing but lies. The DNA test confirmed not only Ester is the mother but the father (Ester’s partner at some point) as well. Keoma’s loss does not mean we should be cheering for other people’s lives to be ripped a part. You just want to believe conspiracy theories because conspiracy after conspiracy keep on coming up. You will not be happy until you see Petal declared Keoma’s child even though Keoma herself is now declaring she’s not saying Petal is her child.

  4. There are two issues here. Firstly, does the child she claims to be hers, in fact hers? That can be cleared up by a DNA test, which from reports indicate that the child’s mother is Esther Amos. There are facilities here (which have been utilised time and time again) for such a test. I therefore fail to understand the call for a “legitimate DNA test”, or for FBI or Dutch govt. involvement. Please consider the effect on the child mentally with this back n forth. She must not continue to be made a victim of conjecture. Ms. Harmer can return to Antigua and have a DNA test to confirm that the child is not hers. The second issue is whether Ms. Harmer’s twin babies were aborted or born alive. Only the hospital records, and the attending nurses and physician can provide that answer. That issue, to my mind, is what needs to be investigated and resolved. It is unfortunate that so much time has elapsed before Ms. Harmer raised that issue, which should be addressed dispassionately and objectively. Fanning that emotional flame helps nothing and no one.

    • From what I am hearing, Ms. Hamer has been seeking information about her twin babies death/alive for closure for years. Since she was getting mix information that they’re dead and also alive, she decided to come public and get the authority involved.
      The hospital should have given her a file folder with picture of the dead babies, the medical record of both the babies and the mother, and payment receipt before she leaved the country unto her continue destination to St. Maarteen. We here in Antigua have dropped the ball in providing these basic information to an in-transit person.

    • I agree with you Queens Counsel. All that is required is a thorough investigation to put this matter to rest and bring an end to all the conjecture and fanning the emotional flame.


    Not here to defend the Prime Minister for his ‘…intervention and pronouncement.’

    He is well known for doing just that.

    Fairness, however, dictates that he shall not be ‘…verbally brutalized,’ for any apparent ‘…Goofy Investigation’ into a matter of national import, yet with far reaching implications for;

    (a) ‘…The medical institution and staff;


    (c) …Custodians;

    (d) …Claimant; and

    (e) ‘…Disputed child and childbirth.’

    Not sure why an investigation of this magnitude should have been assigned to a rank below that of an Assistant Superintendent or even an Inspector whos possess the necessary competence, experience and investigative skills.’

    But in ‘…strong defence of acting Commissioner Atlee Rodney,’ he may have been ‘…gravely disadvantaged’ with personnel that appeared to have ‘…reached the level of their professional competence or hold ranks above such competence.

    As head of his administration and leader of the nation, given the ‘…nature and gravity of the allegations and claims,’ he too would have been very concerned, equally as much as the citizenry.

    Sure, if he had been ‘…correctly and properly briefed’ that the ‘…electronically dispatched Watermarked Draft Copy’ of the ‘…supposedly conducted DNA Test’ was merely to apprise of the preliminary findings of the laboratory technicians.’

    Not only that the ‘…Final Copy’ is yet to be delivered, but also a similar test to be performed on samples from the Claimant of the ‘…Missing Twins Fiasco.’

    He may now have good reasons to ‘…feel mortified or misled’ as to have prompted a ‘…public response on behalf of a very likely distraught family, the nation and a suspicious citizenry.’

  6. What is clear to me is that Keoma has endured TRAUMA from her whole pregnancy ordeal. I hope for her sake that she gets the therapy or professional help necessary to HEAL from the trauma. If indeed her babies are alive, I hope she gets reunited with them. If they are not alive, I pray she heals and moves on with her life.

    • Did Ms. Hamer ever received a proper documentation and including picture of her dead babies? These vital information will help her to heal and move on with her life. Not having these information can drive a grieving mother mentally sick.

      • Whose responsibility was it to ensure that she got “proper documentation”?? Seems she was more focused on getting to SXM than obtaining these documents. Maybe she had her eyes set on u.s citizenship by way of SXM.

  7. One has to be so careful…DR John should have know better because as a medical professional you should have take ms Harmer to look at the dead babies. You have the training as a professional and you should know a woman who is pregnant needs to see her baby whether the baby is dead or alive.
    Ms Harmer should not have accused and posted pictures of a child who you are claiming without having proper evidence. I do not know how by Gods grace you know that your child would look like you or the father? Please remember mendel punnet square. Furthermore, you have caused this family emotional traumas and embarrassments for which you need to pay the consequences.
    Mr. Prime minister…the case should be on going until it is resolved by all the parties that are involved. You do not want Ms Harmer to bring up this issue again another ten years from now so put it to rest once and for all..

    • How would Ms. Hamer knows who had her twin babies for her to received pictures and posted them on social media? It is so coincident that the same nurse who delivered Ms. Hamer twin babies had also deliver Ms. Esther Amos daughter. That same nurse had now resigned and returned back to her home country Guyana. Somebody conscience is/are eating at them and they could be the one who is/are providing information to Ms. Hamer that her twin babies are still alive and they were never dead at birth.

    • Are you really a “Medical Student” or you just chatting again? We need to hear from real professionals. Hope you really are one???

  8. @ TABOR
    The way in which Tabor view things concerns me. Tabor everytime you post in this medium I can see UPP all the way. Please try and view issues in an IMPARTIAL WAY. You are a LAWYER.Do not behave like your Son Dmani Tabor.


    • Our Prime Minister had already gave his statement on this matter, so no need to get Lovell and Giselle involved. He is the Top Dawg and what he said goes. Big up Mr. PM

    • I hear you loud and clear. Had it happened under ABLP tenure, Lovell would have already issued a “calls for the PM to…” statement.

  10. This ALP government is a national embarrassment! They are so beholden to these invaders, they are twisting themselves into knots to appease a half-baked Guyanese lunatic.

  11. Why do we see politics in everything, Mr. Carnival? Letz look at the national issues involved for our country’s case. In any event, neither D. Giseke Isaac or Harold Lovell were the attending nurse or doctor, and I don’t recall that issue being raised then. The major question, I repeat, is: Did she in fact give birth, or did she abort? Letz focus on that and seek closure to Ms. Harmer’s mental trauma and the 15-year old’s emotional anguish.

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