PM calls for proper mask etiquette


Pointe Xpress: Prime Minister Gaston Browne has denounced the irresponsible manner in which some persons are wearing face masks under their chin.

It is mandatory for persons in Antigua and Barbuda to wear a mask once in public, however, Prime Minister Browne says people are wearing their masks incorrectly while in very close proximity with each other.

Browne said he witnessed this first hand while visiting town on the weekend. The prime minister has advised against masks being worn under the chin, exposing the nose and mouth, as this practice increases the risk of contracting the potentially deadly coronavirus.

This risk dramatically increases in situations where people who are not of the same household are engaging.

According to the prime minister, even related persons who do not reside under the same roof should take precautions to protect themselves and others as they may have unknowingly come into contact with a person infected with the virus.

He urged the public to be more responsible since the social and economic effects of the coronavirus are far-reaching.

“[On Saturday] I was in town and I saw a few people communicating with each other. I have reasons to believe that they are not relatives and whereas they had the mask on, the mask was literally under their chin.

“They were within six feet of each other and they were speaking to each other. Now, you know I find that to be a form of negligence that we have to sensitise the people of the need to utilize these masks properly,” Browne said.

The prime minister continued while persons may be observing the six feet distancing requirement, a mask should still always be worn to protect both parties. He also called for heightened vigilance to ensure that the country does not inadvertently advance the disease to the community spread phase of transmission.

According to Browne, the government has been working tirelessly to prevent the virus from spreading among the population to a point where contract tracing becomes difficult.

As a result he is urging persons to remain vigilant and take personal responsibility in ensuring that further socio-economic fallout from COVID-19 can be avoided by preventing community spread of the disease.

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  1. Mr. Prime Minister,
    There isn’t one iota of evidence you can give the public to prove that mask wearing provides ANY protection against the virus because all your assumptions about viruses are grossly unscientific.

    The ONLY real protection comes from wearing a hazmat suit like is worn in a level four containment facility for hazardous diseases.

    • Will, are you the guy who identifies himself as the “Antiguan for Trump. I guess you are either wearing or selling “a hazmat suit”, or both?????

  2. Sometimes we spend too much time focusing on the messenger rather than focusing on the message. Infact, our own ignorance and stupidity can cost us our own lives…. It is well known that the masks are not 100% full proof of protecting us from the virus but it is a proven fact the masks considerably reduces the transmission of the virus…. Persons need to be reminded of our responsibility….. Hence, bulletin boards are perhaps needed throughout the island. If we all endeavour to educate each other, then we can achieve wonders

  3. Bulletin boards…Are you serious?
    When messages are one sided and are only telling half of the story it is called PROPAGANDA!

    So, you admit that masks aren’t 100% effective. You must know there is no clinical evidence that show masks slow transmission of a virus, so that statement is not a true. Masks are mind control devices to control behavior of the population. They only allow the ignorant to feel safe when in fact they aren’t.

  4. Will, I would love for you to walk into the police station without a mask. For a few days we will be free of your trumplike diatribe.

  5. The fear continues to control the minds of the people when they ready to release the vaccine some people will take it quickly without question . Fear divides and conquer, we look at each other as a threat thinking they might have a virus so we must separate from each other. If the mask protects both parties not (ALP and UPP and DNA for those who are political) but citizens from the virus why the social distance?

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