PM Browne’s Cabinet meets with officials from African bank


The Cabinet of Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne on Monday met with the President of Afreximbank and a delegation of high-level executives from the bank and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States OECS to discuss prospective areas of funding and other collaborative and capacity development opportunities of mutual interest.


Prime Minister Browne welcomed the delegation to Antigua and Barbuda and spoke of a number of areas of possible collaboration with the Bank.


President of the Bank Benedict Okechukwu Oramah said that his bank is delighted to engage with the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda and sees many areas of collaboration that could be beneficial to both sides.

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  1. Our high performance intelligent Cabinet at work. Can anyone imagine what such a meeting would have looked like, had the UPP won the election? Total embarrassment as none of them have the intellectual capacity to discuss issues on such a high level. The good Lord has spared us the embarrassment. Thank you, Jesus.

    • These Africans are going to scam Gaston and his degenerates and then they are going to scam us. They are so intelligent that they were taken to the cleaners by Robert Vesco, Bruce Rappaport, Norman Wexleman , R Allen Stanford and so many others. The ALP has always attracted criminals with whom they collaborate to cheat us. Note the on-going battle between Gaston and Asot for Peter Verde’s ill-gotten money and jewelry. You must be living on Pluto.

      • When you are ignorant,you are ignorant.i wonder why racist and xenophopic states like this are allowed,for how many hundreds of years has the white man been scaming you,yet you have no complain.
        You are simple a self hating ,ignorant human.
        If the Africans want to come,i say to them please come we welcome all.

      • Talking about who got scammed. I will only mention one. Wadadli Power Plant. Who bought that? And how long did it operate? UPP Scammed out of US$50 Million by a Chines Firm. Like stealing candy from a child.

    • @Sidelines: What has become of that man from Air Peace,Nigeria. According to Gaston,he was supposed to do a lot of things in Antigua. Did Gaston know that man was indicted in the USA for fraud and money laundering? You should be able to answer. Your head is so far up Gaston’s rear. You could tell us what he had to eat all day by smelling the gas he passes. Not a joke.

    • When did “The good Lord” as you put it, decided to choose between UPP and ABLP. What’s wrong wid you man? Get ah grip!

      You need to go lie down and res’-up yourself @ From The Sideline!

      I thought you said you retired anyway?! … Maybe you should after this silly and near blasphemous comment.

    • You go hush you mouth, you don’t hear the PM say openly in his interview after the Throne speech that Antigua Government cannot borrow from them because we have too much debt right now.
      He say so even before that meeting. So let us hope he makes a way for the private sector to access funding!

    • @From The Sideline. Maybe you can get your high performing intelligent Prime Minister to ask the President of the African Bank if the African “tourists” from Antigua Airways can hitch a ride back to Africa on his bank’s private plane? They have no other way of getting back to Africa after the high performing intelligent PM got scammed into bringing these “high-end tourists” to Antigua where they decided to stay on in their luxury hotels for an extended vacation.

    • @From the Sideline/Gaston Browne. The nation is so afraid of you when it comes to Banking and money. They don’t trust you one bit. You weren’t afraid the Lord struck you down when you called His name? Enquiring minds would like to know.

    • @Sideline. Do you not find it even just a tiny bit coincidentally suspicious that first aircraft arrive from Africa, apparently with “laundry” on board, and now followed by African bankers? Your “intellect” is not telling you that this whole African debacle stinks of money laundering corruption that has the realistic capacity of taking Antigua and all of us into banking and international disaster?? The high-performance cabinet you mentioned IMO appear to be very accomplished in the art of fine dining at our expense and at this time that is about it!

    • If past experience tells us anything, we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for any good outcome. We know how Gaston can sniff out the crooks and embrace them. They say a sinking man will cling to straws.
      I am sure these people have vacant seats on their jet to take home some of their people.

    • Wow, Browne is at again. First he involved himself with a Yoruba business man Marvellous Mike, the outcome,Antigua is left with displaced Africans.

      He clearly hasn’t learned his lesson with the Yorubas, he is now showing interests with establishing business interests with Ibos. Ibos, are mostly known to be the masters of fraudulent activities.

      I would urge Antiguans to stay far away from any business enterprises involving Nigerians and don’t trust Browne’s judgement.

  2. There is a song by King Progress. It is entitled,Heaven Help Us All. I do hope we would not be crying for any help with this African Bank. I also hope Antigua would not be used to wash dirty laundry. For that would not bode well in the Financial World.

  3. Sooooooo…. this link between Gaston Browne and this African Bank…. is there a link between Gaston Browne and the recent influx of Africans to Antigua? Inquiring minds want to now.

  4. So is this how they will wash the money they allegedly smuggled into Antigua with the Africans? Anything is possible u know

  5. I took the time to Google this Afreixbank. It is a Nigerian bank folks. Home of arguably the most corrupt country in the world. Here we go again. Another scam and scandal in the making. Gaston Browne has so devastated our country’s economy in his assanine attempt to “borrow us out of debt, ” that no reputable lending institution will do business with ALP. Let’s hear this idiot’s budget lies, and see if he gives us a true picture of our debt. The man borrows incessantly and sinks us further beyond repair. All you clowns supporting party and not country, will be left to pay these debts back. Unfortunately, we will also be paying alongside you.


  7. Honourable Harold Lovell. . Antigua Barbuda and it’s people needs you to run this country as it should be.. NO confidence in present govt.

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