PM Browne’s admission of voter transfers prompts Goodwin to conclude that last General Election was stolen from the UPP



Based on recent statements by Prime Minister Gaston Browne, the January 18 General Election was stolen from the United Progressive Party (UPP), says Bruce Goodwin, former chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC).

On Saturday, April 15, Browne admitted to his radio station audience that voter padding took place in several constituencies in an effort to give his Antigua Labour Party (ALP) candidates an advantage at the polls.

In a number of constituencies, the vote count between the two major parties was quite narrow.  In one instance, an ALP incumbent – Melford Nicholas – won the City East race by a mere six votes to emerge ahead of former UPP Political Leader Harold Lovell.

Browne acknowledged that electors from his constituency had been transferred to assist ALP candidates, even as he boasted that he had won more than 60 percent of the City West vote without campaigning.

If the public is to believe what the prime minister says, then those who are behind this nefarious and illegal act must be brought to justice, Goodwin says, adding that no one – not even the head of the government – is above the laws of this country.

The former ABEC chairman asserts that the January polls were conducted in an unfair manner, allowing one party to have an unfair advantage to secure the majority of seats.

He says that the election was predicated on corrupt and illegal practices, thus perverting the political will of the electorate.

Goodwin says that a person cannot move today and then go tomorrow to request a transfer.

In applying for said transfer to another constituency, a voter must first fill out a form, making a solemn claim that he or she has indeed moved; and this should be done only after he or she has lived in that new constituency for at least one month.

He notes, too, that it is not legal for a person to vote in the constituency in which he once lived, and it is a requirement, by law, that a transfer be effected.  Then, there is a process that must be followed in order to finalize the transfer, he says.

Accordingly, persons who knowingly and willfully make false claims in order to vote in another constituency – being fully aware that they do not truly reside there – are guilty of an illegal act, he states, and those who encouraged or facilitated the act are also guilty of a corrupt practice, themselves.

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  1. Indeed. The question is, what recourse do we have? Lorna Simon is out and can we hold her accountable? Any rational thinking mind knew that ALP pai d great sums of money for this elect, but what does that say about us as citizens? That many will sell their souls for a dollar.

  2. Gaston Browne has now admitted what the majority of the electorate had suspicions over.


    At least the Prime Minister has been RECORDED saying this – he’s no longer fit to govern after this revelation. How?

    Can it get any worse for the country I love?

    • @Brixtonian: Was it not the same person who admitted that he brought over a plane load of students studying in Cuba? Satan have no authority to speak and try to correct sin. I wonder if it was govt money used to charter the plane to bring the students to vote? It’s just a simple question asked……..

      • @Bluddy Bloke
        Were the students Antigua and Barbuda citizens lawfully entitled to vote in Barbuda? So what if a plane was chartered to bring them home? Where is the illegality? I hope you are not equating this with with Gaston Browne admitting he committed fraud to help his buddies return to parliament.
        When I listen and read what some Antiguans have to say trying to justify Gaston’s behaviour, I wonder if Antigua is a real place. Are you telling me there are so many people in Antigua who lack the ability to reason and do not know the difference between right and wrong. Gaston and the labour government can do what pleases them because they know a lot of the people living in Antigua are sheep. They will go quietly to the slaughter.

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  4. The political parties, especially ABLP party, have always do what they like and get away. If the Antigua people don’t stand up for what is right, this pattern or tradition will continue until Jesus Christ come.

  5. Hmmmmmmm….. Interesting coming from Haile Bruce Goodwin. Wasn’t he the same one who as Ambassador to Cuba bragged after the 2009 election that if he had been one of those “softy-softy men” that “Brother Trevor Walker would not have won his seat”? This in the aftermath of bringing home supporters of the UPP on a flight from Cuba, while ensuring that anyone who is known to support the ABLP did not get on the flight? So, as Ambassador, he used government money to return UPP supporters to vote, while ensuring that ABLP supporters did not get on the flight. Misconduct in public office?

    • @ Wash an’ Basin

      Another ass licking minion who condones corruption, theft, fraud and non-transparent democracy.

      People like you have to sing along for supper so that your board fees are met.
      Such a pity.

    • Wash an’ Basin, can you guys stop shooting the messenger(s)?

      Gaston Browne is making Antigua the laughing stock of the region (if not the world); and you seem happy with this?

      You know in your heart of hearts, that this country requires a leader that is respected at home and abroad; a leader that ensures its citizens are paid on time: a leader that when the crime rate rises he or she comes out and responds; a leader that when they promises to put in place a working road and water infrastructure, they gets on and completes the tasks at hand.

      The clear weaknesses of ABLP supporters are that when serious issues is brought to their attention, the first thing they always revert to, is to discredit the messenger(s).


    • You folks always find a way to belittle yourselves to make invalid points; your focus is on guarding corruption because that’s what supports you. For those who want to know exactly who Gaston Browne is, Google ‘ The Thirteen Sins Of Gaston Browne Against The Labour Party ‘ , by Lionel Hurst and we have heard repeatedly from the supporters, that Mr. Hurst doesn’t tell lies.

  6. The pure arrogance of the Prime Minister and the ABLP Politicians is beyond belief. PM, LH, AG and the entire ALP government need to be challenged.
    They are enriching themselves at the cost of the people. Taking whatever they want, land, stealing elections, etc., all in the name of the people who have little or no voice.
    Lionel Hurst on ZDK today talking and laughing about the Africans like it’s funny, avoiding the real questions with unrelated babbling. I find this man a total low life regardless of his qualifications. Anybody with 10 kids by 5 plus women, what more needs to be said. Keep your historical knowledge to yourself we know you’re smart that way, all else you get an F. We are all sick of your lies and don’t want to get a history lesson instead of answers. People need to realize that LH is the fixer for GB. You know, like Micheal Cohin was to Trump.. His hands are not clean.
    The closed schools. LH admits his government has zero respect for teachers or students by his words. For the ALP it’s all about politics, nothing to do with the needs of our children or teachers. They don’t care people. There kids go to private schools or boarding school off island. They live in and alternate world of there making, power has taken over for common sense
    To hell with what the people want, we’re doing it our way.
    I for one would like to see a March for the People. Let’s stop talking and have the biggest March to the PM’s office to should our disapproval with the way the government is being run . There are thousands of people on this island of all classes that would come out to support change. Something gotta give.

  7. When will Antiguans realize that we have a mad man running Antigua? Can you imagine a PM admitting that he was involved in fraud to win the election and the people do not demand his resignation, and an investigation is not initiated? Do we have a judiciary in Antigua? Can you imagine this man negotiating any business on behalf of Antigua? What happen to From the Sideline, Tenman and the rest, will they show who they really are by remaining silent?
    Now regarding the seized yacht. Are me surprised that this mad man never did any due diligence to know he couldn’t sell a sanctioned vessel? All he saw was potentially millions of dollars. Now the government is spending millions of dollars they can’t afford when people owed can’t get paid. What happened to the KC from Dominica who is always chatting on their radio station about the opposition? Did he offer his services?
    Gaston has to be removed from office otherwise he and the Labour Party will perpetuate the same fraud in subsequent elections to remain in power. There will never be free and fair elections in Antigua with these people in government.

  8. Bruce and crew are not tired of making things up? If you request a transfer late and it was not effected, you have the legal right to vote in your prior constituency. Even if you don’t request a change, there is no law that forbids you from voting in the old constituency until your voter registration has expired. On reregistering (every 10 years)you then need to prove where you now reside. If he has an issue with this, why when the UPP was in office and made amendments, this was not changed? He knows legally if they had, and the persons ended up on no list, said person would win in court that they had been disenfranchised

    • @tenman

      OK Chief Spinner of the ABLP, who’s your deputy? From Wash n’ Basin?

      Bunch of fraudsters and thieves, y’all not fooling anyone!

      you guys sick my stomach

      • @ ferris wheel, it seems people like @ Tenman and Wash an’ Basin will not be happy until Antigua & Barbuda is eventually re-named Gaston Browne Island 🏝, as one commentator has said on this ANR thread:

        “When will Antiguans realise that we have a mad man running Antigua?”

        Funny, but deadly serious at the same time …

  9. I’m always astonished at the level of dunceness in these comments. You all can’t think for yourselves and open your ear hole and listen for once? Gaston CLEARLY stated that voters were transferred out of/into constituencies to aid candidates in winning their seats. He admitted to election fraud in his signature braggart fashion.

    And you all brainwashed comrades get on your cracked screen phones and come to try and drag one of the few people in this godforsaken country who has to courage to speak out against this dictator wanna be. After you sell your vote and allegiance for an almost expired ham and turkey and a couple hundred dollar bills you will lap your tail and suffer for the next four years and bark like mangey dog at anybody who get up and speak out about this den of crooks running the country.

    I can understand this reaction from the old head dunce elements like Tenman and other keyboard warriors who can’t make a day pass without coming to this comment section to chat foolishness… but you young people… you millennials… you all going to keep silent too?

    A few days ago you all were kiki-ing and celebrating that Antigua now ‘owned a luxury yacht’…. Now the full story come out what? Mum’s the word.

    You shoulda shame!

    • @G S just because you want the PM to say something does not make it true. Your party has a way of trying to put words into people mouth so you can win a point. The public is on to your stunt hence why nobody bothering with your lies. The electoral list for the PM’s constituency did not grow smaller (3053 in 2023vs 2616 in 2018). They say numbers don’t lie, so you tell me how the PM managed to transfer voters out of his constituency yet still have almost 500 more come 2023 election? He proceeded to beat waste a time Alister, by some 670 votes which is more than the 611 Alister got.

      • @Tenman
        I thought someone said you went to university. What did they teach you there. To be an ass? Shouldn’t there be an increase in voters in a constituency just by persons coming to voting age and registering? Even when Gaston tells you what he did you still talking bs. Don’t you believe the crazy man Gaston?

        • @shake my head : it’s a waste of time to tell some people anything … This is what Gassy said , yet a whole bunch of dunces are on this thread .. NO one but Gassy said this yet … They said the former PM Bird Sr . Said ” Antiguans are not a reading public ” he lied!! Some Antiguans just don’t comprehend well !!! Leave them alone, you simply can’t tell some folks anything even when they hear it with their own ears !!

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