PM Browne writes President Joseph Biden requesting AstraZenica Vaccines for CARICOM


Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne has written to US President Joseph Biden, requesting that CARICOM countries be included in the provision of AstraZenica vaccines to Canada and Mexico.

Pointing out that the Caribbean is the third border of the United States, Browne argued that as the safety of the US would be imperilled if Canada and Mexico are not inoculated to achieve herd immunity, similarly the US would remain at risk if CARICOM countries are neglected.

Prime Minister Browne explained to President Biden that the Caribbean region “is among the worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic”.  Consequently, he said “our economies have experienced shrinkage of up to 30 per cent; unemployment has risen to over 50 per cent in some cases; poverty has expanded everywhere; and our revenues have declined precipitously, forcing us to increase debt which we have had to incur at high rates of interest”.

Browne asserted that “the Vulnerability of states must become an important criterion in the provision of vaccines, and the Caribbean region is among the most vulnerable in the world”.   Describing the economic impact of the pandemic as “overwhelming”, Browne said: “Many Caribbean countries are in danger of collapsing from a massive economic sclerosis”.

The Caribbean leader added that “If these conditions are not addressed soon, we face a crumbling of our security systems from which drug traffickers, money launderers, people traffickers, and organised crime will take advantage to the detriment of our countries and of the US.  Inevitably, there will also be a surge of refugees”.

Browne implored President Biden “to take account of the Caribbean – the third border of the US – in his plan to make the US safer by contributing to the safety of its neighbours.  “For instance,” he said, “it would take only a few hundred thousand vaccinations to inoculate 80 per cent of the seven countries of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).   Reaching herd immunity would also be an excellent testing ground by which the US could judge the efficacy of herd immunity”.

The Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister stressed to the US President that some CARICOM countries have been able to inoculate a small percentage of our population only because of the kindness of the Government of India that provided 500,000 doses of vaccines.  And, he emphasized that “negotiations with vaccine producers are difficult because supply is limited, and prices are high”.

Prime Minister Browne has advised his colleague Heads of Government of CARICOM of his letter to the US President, urging them to write in a similar vein.

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  1. Here we go again.Antigua is first at writing to Biden,a begging.All of the Vaccines being used in the United States.Even those not being used are procured with taxes payers money.I am saying that asking for assistance is not wrong.However,perhaps if you did not squander your country’s finances.When things were good.You would have some of those monies to buy Vaccines today.Maybe you should withdraw monies from that off shore Bank.Where the CIP Accounts are deposited.Like you did some years ago to pay wages and salaries.The Feds know where those monies are stashed. The people of Antigua and Barbuda would like to know,also.

    • Beach Bum well stated . My tax money that worked so hard for . Isn’t his net worth 30-40 Million see where I’m going with this . So his net worth remains and I bust my ass paying taxes so this theif can remain rich .

  2. If ⛽ ton writing on behalf of caricom why is he asking the other Prime Ministers to write similar letters to Biden.

  3. AstraZenaca isn’t a US company, so Biden going to spend US taxpayers money on a foreign purchase? Can’t see that happening

    • Arm… in case you don’t follow international news the USA has millions of doses of Astrazencia stock piled Just yesterday they announced they will be sending 4 million to mexico.

  4. Good move Mr PM. Prime Minister wants to be in the forefront of sourcing vaccines. He obviously heard that the US is getting the AstraZenica under special arrangements for Mexico and Canada and he wants to secure same for Caricom. Not a bad idea given that small developing countries like Antigua will have a very difficult time sourcing vaccines as the wealthy countries would buy them all up. It’s easy to be critical but vaccines are not cheap and sourcing them is never gonna be easy and if we are to get vaccines we have to link up with wealthy countries in order to get them. Whilst the vaccine is not made in the US, the US have tremendous economic power and influence and have already bought millions of doses for Mexico and Canada. It is under the same arrangements that the PM is seeking some for Caricom…..mark you they are not free….Canada and Mexico is to repay the US for the vaccine.

  5. The reason why america is sending AstraZeneca to other country yet they have not approved it in America is because it’s not safe

    • Have you ever considered this thing called capitalism? AstraZeneca isn’t a US company. So why would they approve a drug that’s cheaper, that isn’t made in the US to potentially compete with American- made drugs? Admittedly, stats do place American drugs as performing better than AstraZeneca but that doesn’t mean it isn’t safe. The US does not have to approve AstraZeneca because it has home- grown options. As a rich country, they stockpiled vaccines to use at their disposal but other reasons I mentioned could contribute to no longer feeling the need to use AstraZeneca vaccines.

  6. Atleast America is not doing anything much for our caricom countries and moreso for Antigua & Barbuda. They also owe several thousands of dollars from the gaming industry…. President Biden can offer us several doses of vaccines in exchange of some of the monies they owe us.

  7. ?1 Who all that vaccine monies going to??

    Reaching herd immunity would be an excellent TESTING GROUND by which the US could JUDGE the efficacy of herd immunity?????

    Read between the lines people!

  8. Who is the Chair of CARICOM?

    Since the plandemic began please proof of a singular instant that CARICOM was United?

    The travel bubble was a disaster.

    • The Chair of CARICOM is Keith Rowley,Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.Gaston Browne likes to be first at everything. He would be the first to suck an egg.

  9. Dictator and traitor Gaston is now Economic Power Beggar

    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?

  10. Antigua’s vaccine bank
    100k from India (begging)
    100k from UK (begging)
    100k from China (begging)
    100k from Russia (begging)
    20 k from UN (pay)
    40 k from India (Gratis)
    Unused at cook’s dump 100s

    If you can beg a 400k vaccine, how can it be scarce?

  11. @Mel: He did say. Monies were given to him by rich persons to purchased the Vaccines.He also gave a huge sum to the Government to help in that endeavor.Now if he were to get all the Vaccines for gratis.What would become of those funds given to the Administration to help with the purchasing of said Vaccines.

  12. What is so wrong if our PM choose to beg especially if we are in need of the resources in question? The bible says ask it shall be given…… Seek and ye shall find…. Obviously our PM is adhering to what the good book says….. Atleast this is indicative of a great leader. Like a mother to her children so is PM to this nation.. He would certainly himself put himself out on the limb in order to take care of his people

  13. Bluddy Bloke & Broke:You say :Like a mother to her children so is the PM to the nation.I say.Stupidity is an earthly gift.Did you get most of it?

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