PM Browne willing to participate in debate ahead of elections


Although there has never been a national debate between the leaders of the country’s main political parties ahead of general elections, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said he would be willing to participate in such an exercise.

The St. John’s City West MP said whomever the main opposition United Progressive Party would nominate to engage him, he is up to the task.

“I will never refuse an opportunity to debate my political opponent, whomever that may be. I would imagine that as the leader of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, that the person who has the locus would be the Leader of the Opposition (Jamale Pringle).

“Now that would be a total mismatch! “Now, if they sent Harold Lovell, he is just as weak,” Browne said. “This also raises the question: If I debate Lovell, would that mean that I would have to debate the leaders of the other parties such as the DNA as well?” he queried.

The prime minister continued, saying while he sees the value of a debate, he is equally confident that the people of Antigua and Barbuda are fully aware of his government’s policies and successes.

“I have been on a radio programme practically every Saturday (The Browne and Browne Show on Pointe FM) and there’s hardly anything to debate as we have been one of the most open and transparent government(s) this country has had. Then there’s the post Cabinet press conferences each week,” he said.

Browne explained that among the reasons for his weekly appearance on Pointe FM are his desire to address current issues, to be held accountable about matters including his own personal conduct, and to keep the nation informed about his government’s activities.

There have been calls emanating from some quarters for a debate between the prime minister and a senior representative of the UPP.- POINTE XPRESS

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  1. I would love to see a debate between Gaston and Lovell! I don’t think Gaston will actually follow through as he knows Lovell is smart and has the ability to match and even surpass Gaston in a debate. Gaston will not do it as he cannot control and dominate a debate with Lovell as he does with political lackeys on his Saturday Pointe FM show but I hope they do. Let’s do it!

  2. This would be revolutionary. How about The current PM, Political Leader, Harold Lovell and Leader of the DNA, Joanne Massiah? This could place Antigua and Barbuda on a different plateau.
    Let’s make it happen.
    The moderator should be from another Caribbean island.

    • I believe I watch a completely different interview last Sunday. Because the PM was very sarcastic about debating either Lovell or Pringle. And he did say if he would debate Lovell, he would have to debate Masiah as well. And perhaps Go Green too. Cause the only elected member left to debate is Pringle. And he brushed that off immediately. So, I don’t think the PM would lower himself to debate Single Pringle that cannot even make a good presentation in Parliament.

    • @ smh your views are very conservative and considering we have never had a debate it is in the right direction. I always wonder why don’t we have debates in Antigua. Although I dont think Gaston Brown will actually go through with it considering the current affairs in Antigua. I think if it does happen there should be only independent voters in attendance and allow questions to be asked just like in America.

  3. I will match Lovell and Messiah first…know that they wish to be next Government and then the winner takes on Gaston Browne

  4. Intelligent people won’t be impressed with Gaston’s MO of trying to impress or fool people by talking about millions and billions of $$$$$$$$$. All bark, no bite.

  5. YES!!! Remember Gaston Browne’s egregious and lamentable behaviour in New York with the Antiguan diaspora?

    Please Prime Minister take up this debating opportunity between the parties, it would be ideal for the country (and the world) to see your true character flaws revealed warts and all.

    His advisor(s) should tell him not to do it, however the PM’S ego will make him take part.


    • Please go back to the ABS Facebook page and look and listen to the interview.
      There is no match for him to debate.
      Look how freely he opened up to the public and took questions. No restrictions as to who called or WhatsApp or post a question on Facebook.

        Ask ABS boss why my questions were to not posed to PM, Mr. ALOANA MONTH?
        It certainly appeared as though, only the questions of those people who complimented him, Mr Aloana Month, were allowed.

        • You must understand that it’s not your questions alone did not make it. Mine also. But you take it personally. Just imagine the quantity of questions being received. If you were on Facebook alone, you would have seen the traffic. So don’t take it personal. But guess what, the PM is almost every Saturday on the Pointe FM Radio so you can still post your questions by either call in or What Apps. You know he never runs from a question. You have seen him in action even lately in New York. And when his office is picketed, he always leaves his office to face the picketers face to face. No one will ever keep him from doing that. Not even his own security personnel. He has even responded to some people here on this medium. So perhaps you can post your questions here. You never know if he feels to respond to you. Or go to his Facebook Page. Unless your questions are inappropriate. Like asking about Nigel Chirstian.

    • Most of us in Antigua and Barbuda are not feeling the positive effects of the economic powerhouse the PM and others speaks about, only the few who is benefiting living the powerhouse life.

  6. Nobody should have a debate with baby Hitler, unless there would be independent fact checkers, to check his lies in real-time.

    The leader of the ALP Antigua lieing party and the truth are not friends.

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