PM Browne warns of another increase in gas prices


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the government is thinking of passing on increases in fuel to consumers when the next fuel shipment arrives in coming days.

Listen to him here:

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  1. Why not park all Government Vehicles for a start and let persons drive their own car and buy gas out them pocket from the head right down

  2. The price of Gasoline is now $15.70.How much higher you do Gaston intends for it to go. Keep are you thiefing hands out a are we packets.

  3. Please tell me that I surely didn’t hear him say that most people buy $50 -$100 gas when they go to the pump. He’s really not living in the same time zone like us. Mr. Kill Poor People, up to last Monday when I went to put gas in my vehicle, persons were buying $25 and $30 gas. A see me see wit me own eyes. Ebrybady no hab money lakka you and u rich family members and poodles. Some people only hab $50 or $100 fu lub pan one week so dem haffu use um wisely and stretch um.

  4. All part of the carbon tax climate change bullshit that’s on the agenda of the WEF. I’m not saying that climate change isn’t happening. What I’m saying is, the ones that will & are pushing the agenda of limitations on you are the same ones that takes joy rides on rockets into space and they fly on their private planes to a summit about climate change. See the hypocrisy?
    The buses will get subsidized – Because, their goal is to push people into eventually buying electric cars. Coming soon, (like in China) the social credit scores system that will reward people for (“good behavior” ) things like taking public transportation instead of driving their own cars. Italy, the first European country, will
    start their social credit system in the city of Bologna.

    The PM was at The World Government Summit in Dubai where they laid out what they want to achieve by 2030 & 2050. What has the PM said to Antiguans about the plans to shift to a digital currency? How are Antiguans preparing for that paradigm shift? Countries that are on board with the WEF’s plans will get monies to implement them in their countries – Just like they got monies to vaccinate their citizens.

    Source: The Land Report, Bill Gates has bought up a total of 268,984 acres of farm lands in 19 states in the USA. Why? Is it just about money, or is it about control? (Small farmers are being driven out of business. Want to help a small farmers, buy from farmers markets. Gates’s
    potatoes makes Mc Donald’s french fries. For those who lives in countries with McDonald’s).
    Contrived food shortages will make people accept his lab grown fake meats – while he will be eating a real hamburger, his favorite food.
    Suddenly, manufacturing food plants are burning down all over the place.
    Fraudulent pcr tests on animals will make people accept culling of live stock. Suddenly, millions of birds are being burned to death because of “bird flu” all over the place.

    Videos of The World Government Summit 2022 in Dubai are on youtube. It’s 2 days of 6&7 hours+ each video. (Better to watch in 30-60 mins increments, imo) Listen to how they present the agenda like they really want to help humanity, but watch what they do – and you’ll see that they’re really only helping themselves. It a massive transfer of wealth that’s occurring – wiping out the middle class and widening the gap between rich and poor.
    How many poor people got better off since the pandemic? Who became richer from it?
    All that is happening is NOT just because of a war between Russia and Ukraine.
    There is a bigger picture and a larger plan for the plebs by these globalists.

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, I don’t give a rats ass.

  5. In light of this world wide crises our government is handling this situation in a proper and commendable manner. They are dealing with this crises in a professional way, and the people are taking note.

  6. CErmle: Which of the Worlds do you live in. What are they handling well? This Administration of Gas man Browne is one of taxing and spending of the peoples monies like sailors on shore leaves.They come ashore drink get drunk spend and then realized they are broke. Your boys are drunk on power and BROKE.

    • Nice try, “Red Kool Aid”, but you are sadly misinformed. This Government is handling this crises as well as could be expected. They are very responsible in their dealings with the common people, and that is appreciated by everybody. We are so blessed to have a Government of this nature at the helm for times like these. You like to describe them as “the administration”, very American like. They are THE GOVERNMENT of the day, not just some “administration”. Any silly little partisan could do that. These Labour people are more than “the administration”. They were elected to be, and are, the GOVERMENT. They were set in office to acually GOVERN, not just administrate. LABOUR IS IN POWER TO GOVERN. This is Antigua, not the USA.

      • @ Betty’s No Hope: I did say in an earlier comment.Gaston Browne would throw his piss on persons like you. He would then asks how it smells.You would respond, like Chanel Chance Perfume.This GBLP, is wosserer than The Jim Jones’ Cult.I hope he raised it to $20. See if you would be singing that insane bull chit.

  7. Lmaooo once again a Finance minister that can’t do proper accounting.

  8. Wow this is cheap gas! Works out about £1.00 a litre. UK is £1.76 a litre and we all still filling the tanks

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