PM Browne updates Antiguans in New York on the water problem at home


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  1. Many of you heard…many of them experienced!
    My family stayed at a hotel when they visited and even had me stay over so I could have had a shower

  2. … And in the meantime many Parishes in Antigua still can’t get water as you speak.

    I know friends in All Saints that haven’t had water for 9-10 days straight, dem yard line up wid bottled water.

    And Antiguans still recall his promise to supply the whole island with water by the 30th of September 2022.

    Seems like Gaston change puppy 🐶 dog fi monkey 🙊 again!

    This Prime Minister lies as often as he drinks water – pun intended!

  3. Gaston Lie, Gaston lie, lie, lie. He say by end September. Antigua and Barbuda would have no shortage of wata. Wata will be running 24/7 is what I remember him saying.

    Gaston Lie no hell. He worst than Columbus. Who claimed he discovered America.

    Gaston lie, lie, lie…..just like Columbus lied. De two a dem a just cartoon characters.

    • “Gaston lie no hell. He worse than Columbus …”

      Now that made me laugh out loud. Nice one @ Freetownson 🤣🤣🤣

  4. He said more water – and that was because Sepcorp was suppressing water to APUA and he(PM Browne) had intended to change that suppression of water by sercorp

  5. What nonsense todate we have not yet connect the storage tanks to the mainline common sense is what is lacking in Antigua by our leaders to much politics. We must understand with out storage we are nothing remember it only takes ground swell for a week or more you cannot process we are out of water. My suggestion to these useful Idiots please clean the dams we are not prepared for surface or havesting water this is the solution

  6. Is anyone surprised to hear this latest round of excuses? First Gaston blame a shipping boat that capsized near Guadeloupe, now all he is missing is a small part that will arrive in November? What a liard!!! He need to just call the election now!

  7. Gaston Brown tap lie. What about the water storage tanks that UPP invested in? Why haven’t you used them? Buckley’s people crying out for water. No way has the water supply improved in Antigua. You are a big photo op man who care about no one that’s why we voting Harold Lovell and the Redeem Team. So please come back and tell us the election date. We MUST GET RID OF YOU AND YOUR USELESS SELF ENRICHED MINIONS!

  8. Lies..wishful thinking..excuses and downright ignorance…these are the takeaways from the PM’s address on a problem what that continues to make our lives miserable and which he fails to understand. How many times do we have to remind this Clown that more RO plants will not solve the problem without complementary investments in storage, distribution and a complete re-configuration of the water transmission system. Why doesn’t he listen to Harold Lovell who is so much smarter and knowledgeable than him and who speaks with real understanding of what needs to be done to solve the water problem? We deserve better leadership. His entire town hall meeting was just another display of arrogance and ignorance.

      • @ @ Mistick what a daft and ignorant statement to make.

        I, like many of the diaspora I know and interact with, live in and do business in Antigua. The fact that we have homes in other countries doesn’t mean we are not immune to the problems when we are living in Antigua.

        We’ve come home with our skill-sets to try and improve things – why not turn your angst against those Antiguans who can’t be bothered to come home and help improve the island?

        You sound like a glass half empty type of negative person.

        Look at it positively and see that the diaspora that have returned home to live and do business as well, want to see a better and more vibrant Antigua, and are trying to dismiss the global view that Antiguans are a soft touch that put up with politicians that take us for illiterate fools.

        You may like this view of us from the outside … but I do not!!!

      • They are worth explaining to because they have their parents and other relatives that they have to help pay water bill and buy water although they are not getting any water in their homes. Let us look at the issue at hand and not where people live.

  9. Sorry to hear that your beautiful island is experiencing water supply problems. I lived in Montserrat in the 1970’s and assisted with the building of the reservoirs and pipelines that my late father designed and it was all paid for by the 🇨🇦 government organization called CIDA. Someone should bring it to their attention IMHO

    • I’m hoping that one of our politicians (whether from the ABLP, UPP or even the DNA parties) are taking note of your post @ Cameron Craig, our water system or lack thereof has been a problem for far too long.

      It would be great if this situation could be resolved once and for all …

  10. Its strange that we cannot get water in our homes through the government water system. But if at any time you would like to purchase water at $5 per gallon you can get any amount you want for as long as you want from a plant that is managed by APUA. Sandals trucks thousands of gallons of water every day for months with no supply problem from supplier.We need to get rid of present government and give another the opportunity. If we are unhappy with their development get rid of them akso. Water and electricity are basic infrastructure and we are having a tough time getting consistent service of both man made service from a party who promised to turn us into a power house.

  11. The blame game for his failures. The former administration and covid . My government has done this and that .Red is dead only because election is near they are trying to push for this plant. Finished or incomplete his time is up.

    People was away from work for months because of a vaccine mandate which has caused hardship on the citizens .it is time for all voters to go out and get rid of him. He already showed you he don’t care about us leaving families to starve have mental break down alot of persons have not recovered .

  12. A wise man built his house on a rock. A fool builds it on the sand. Those are biblical quotes.
    Now fast forward in Antigua a wise man builds a water catchment when building a house. A fool builds without any such catchment.
    Thank God I belong to the wise man group. It is known that Antigua is prone to long drought periods and in some places, you do not even have APUA water lines. When I built my first house, I did not have that luxury of APUA water. Only electricity. I depended on aa large cistern and rain from above. Of course, I ran out of water a couple of times. As the neighborhood got more homes APUA decided to bring water lines to the area. Since then, I never ran out of water. Even these days when people are crying about not having gotten water for two weeks three weeks and so on, I have a large catchment to store water for three months. Over 13000 gallons of water I can store. And the way my cistern is hooked up to the APUA lines, it automatically fills the cistern when it is on. So APUA can come on at any time they want. I do not have to monitor that.
    I therefore wonder why some people say they have to get up early in the morning to catch APUA. Just ask your plumber to connect your APUA to your cistern with an automatic shutoff valve. Just like how your toilet works. I really don’t understand why APUA cannot teach people how to address these things.

    • Hectoring and lecturing on the behalf of the ABLP again I see @ From The Sideline.

      But you would do well to remember that there are people living on the island that may not have the financial wherewithal as yourself.

      Your post again shows your “I’m alright, and damn the rest of you” attitude!

      Stop making assumptions in uncertain situations.


    • @ From The Sideline

      Why don’t you instruct your party to connect the tanks left by APUA for storage so that this will alleviate some issues.

  13. Can someone tell why the previous administration, the UPP, didn’t solve pre-existing condition of water shortage in Antigua?. Am I to understand that they didn’t solve the water issue that exist even before all of them became politicians, because they didn’t promise to solve it?.

    The fact is, much more has been done to deal the situation in 8 years, than was done by the UPP in 10 years to address the well known water problems in Antigua.

    If you sign a contract to finish a house project in 6 month, but you’re unable for whatever reason, as long as you don’t abandon that project but continue towards the finish, can anyone say they won’t move in because the house took longer than was promised? Finishing without abandonment is just as important as the promise made.
    As an example, 500 houses were promised in 500 days, but more than 1,000 has been built to date. So why waste time on the promise, rather than the quantity of finished properties! I believe we all should pay more attention and focus on what’s been done rather than promises. Many of us made promises we couldn’t keep for whatever reasons, and many were abandoned. So who is better than the other?

    • Are you, From The Sideline in disguise @ Be honest?

      Your composition, exposition and argumentation is very similar in text.


    • @ Be honest

      NOT EVEN 200 houses have been built out of the promised 500……mouth can say anything IDIOT (USEFUL).
      UPP was in power for 10 years, who was there prior to the 28 years ?

      You cannot put the horse before the saddle!!!!

  14. The piece of sheet can’t be trusted. All the chat his rass have he can’t back up nothing. Up to now no water flowing on a regular basis. When I can’t get any water, I going by his house and taking all the water I need from him.

    Empty promises bawling bout how he go have water for the island in so many days. So many days done gone and passed and no surprise, no water.

    But watch how he a jet set saying he working for Antigua people and not a damn thing go so. All he doing is spending off our tax dollars.

  15. @Brixtonian and others.
    What in my comments had anything to do with Labour Party or politics. I gave sound advice to those that build or are planning to build. Actually, you know it is part of DCA’s regulations that each house of a certain size should have a water catchment. And again, a wise man/woman knowing Antigua and Barbuda is prone to long drought period would be advised to ensure they have a water catchment. Now when you sit with your architect or draftsman the size is something to discuss. The larger the better. Now a couple of months ago I watched my neighbour filling his cistern with a water truck. After the truck left I went to him and said. Why you had to truck water? He said he doesn’t know when APUA is on and most of the time it is late at night. I said yes they have they online. But nevertheless, I told him about my setup and that I did not have to know when they would come on. I was even surprised that he didn’t know the water was on at the very same moment. I told him listen, in the future, before you go to bed or when you leave for the day, just put your garden hose in the cistern and turn off your pump. If APUA comes on at night it will fill your cistern, and if it comes on while you are at work it will also fill your cistern. And given the size of his house, I would guess his cistern can hold about ten thousand gallons. APUA will and should give us water at least once a month. So, he should never have to call the water truck. And as I said I have about three months storage. The people that do not have storage, whether a cistern or a black tank are the ones that will feel that inconvenience. Thank God the Government again is giving away tanks. At the expense of our taxes. But Antiguans love freebees. I don’t. I like to work for everything I have.

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