PM Browne tours Jolly Beach Property earmarked for renovation and development


Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne and Minister for Works the Hon. Lennox Weston on Tuesday toured the Jolly Beach property in St. Mary, earmarked by government for acquisition and renovation.

During his budget presentation on February 3, Prime Minister Gaston Browne told the nation that his government would acquire the Jolly Beach property, which has fallen into disrepair, and renovate the hotel which had previously employed over 450 Antiguans and Barbudans.

During the Budget presentation, the Prime Minister also announced the commitment of his government to paying the severance due to the Jolly Beach workers upon successful acquisition of the property.

The Government of Prime Minister Browne explored a number of options to secure resources needed to boost the recovery and transformation of the economy.  A US$200 million bond was issued on the international capital market and has been fully subscribed.

This financing provides an incredible opportunity for the Government to re-profile its debt, to ensure sustainability going forward, and to invest in strategic projects that will drive economic growth, create employment, and generate increased revenue to finance government operations.

According to Prime Minister Browne, the proceeds from the bond will be used to implement projects that will stimulate the economy and secure growth of 8 per cent this year. Two of these projects are the acquisition and renovation of the Jolly Beach Hotel and the construction of a hotel resort at Morris Bay.

Upon being granted the green light to proceed with the renovation and redevelopment work at Jolly Beach, Works Minister the Hon. Lennox Weston who was accompanied on the tour by engineers and architects, said that his team is ready to move forward with the project and will commence work immediately.

Prime Minister Browne said that upon completion of the project which he said will transform the hotel into a four-star property with over 200 rooms; over five hundred persons will gain employed at the facility.

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  1. Top dawg how you feel standing next to that 600 lbs Buffalo in your cabinet? You know about everybody weight, talk about the 2000 pounds of waste in your cabinet. Your cabinet is full of flushable waste. 600 lbs in St. Phillip’s South, 700 lbs in St. John’s City South, 350 lbs in St. Mary’s South, 350 lbs in St. Phillip’s North and no talk about your Senator from St. John’s City West another 400 lbs hippo.

    • @Missa Knight. How is ERIKA? Do you ever reminisce on your days in the warehouse at Mill Reef Club?

      What of your family member who faced some mental health challenges recently? Being the upstanding human being that you are, did you pay him a visit?

      • Lovell is not obese. Yet he sat in Cabinet and MASH UP EBBRYTING IN DIS KUNCHEE


    • ARVEL.GRANT..Totally in AGREEMENT with You.

      ABLP. 17 SEATS

      UPP. .. 00 SEATS ( 6 CANDIDATES will lose Their Deposits)


      BARBUDA. 00. SEAT



    • What is your definition of “totally unhealthy”?

      Lovell nice and slim but could be at risk for heart trouble fromall the limpy joe medication.
      CAUGHTright looks sickly and needs plenty tonic. Not everyone can look nice and fit like you and Missa Knight or the Rag-Tag Queen 300lb sister.

      Not to mention the “totally unhealthy” mental and psychological state of CONVICTED PEDOPHILE and UPP spokesperson, IAN MAGIC HUGHES.

      Health is not just physical.

      P.S. – is it true that the CONVICTED PEDOPHILE is scheduled to host the campaign rally for Sherfield Bowen in the very constituency where TESSA BARTHLEY was born and raised?

      If so, would that be a “totally unhealthy” move by the UPP?

  2. And here comes our true Minister of Lands, Hotels, Resorts, and any other developments that is quick money. What the hell you are telling him about social services and manufacturing and selling agricultural produce one pound of tomatoes at a time? That is slow money. He has no time for all that piss poor activity. Indeed, all he talks about, or spends time talking about is money and land. He wants the quick money and he wants it now.
    To hell with you and your clinics and water programme. To hell with all aryuh with your schools improvement and pension payments. That would just slow him down. He has no interest in those things. Just like he could smell out the investors with money, so he can smell the scams that would bring him instant all-fuh-me, me-pickny dem and me wife, none-fuh-aryuh benefits.
    What a man! Does he care if school kids cannot get a decent meal, if they have no connectivity, nor tablet? No. can’t waste money and time on those things. The money is to buy one hotel here and another hotel there. A 40-acre piece of land here, another piece there.
    All this man talks about is land and money. He has no connection with us the people unless he is cursing us out or giving a few unmerited rewards for discrediting each other or doing underhand things.
    And the lies. Oh, how he lies! He tells these lies like water running off a duck’s back. Fre. Easy. No sweat.
    This Land Baron! This Feudal Overlord! This Killer of the Dreams of Farmers! This Destroyer of the Livelihood of Contractors and Heavy-Duty Equipment Owners! This Harbinger of Fear for Public Servants who dare to insist on the Laws of Government!
    This Bringer of Sadness to the eyes of Pensioners and Pregnant Women who cannot get their maternity benefits!
    This Upholder and Encourager of Disgraceful and Unethical Conduct of his Ministers in Office and their Minions!
    This Man who has the fate of a whole nation in his unworthy hands.

    • VOTE him and his cast of Aristocrats back into private life. Gaston needs to answer one question. Where in Antigua and Barbuda did you have employment before and after the implosion of SWISS-America Bank?

  3. Just Wondering
    Will Jolly Beach be acquired by government then sold very cheaply to a certain family, who will then sell it to a so-called big developer for millions?


    • Them love to acquire government property for cheap In the names of corporations and then flip for Hugh profits. Then they say, they got a deal. But we all know they got a deal alright. Bunch of thieves.

  4. Weston, your SHADE TREE 🌳 flouting. They going to start calling you MACHO belly if you don’t come east and do a little walking. Put down the season rice with pigtail and pig mouth. Eat your local food produced by your Cabinet member. Drink some hot water in the morning from de lime tree that a grow inna one yard.

    The hotel food plenty. You no haffu yam second and thirds. Get off the buffet line and go A la Carte! Look after yourself. Ease up. The FATMAN looking company.

    The gal like they wo-men fit and looking strong. Sometimes the fatman can be deceptive and they feel you have a quick trigger. Prove them wrong and hit the campaign trail WALKING!!! Stop complaining about you tired and sleepy!! It’s a signal to you.

  5. Will the average man on the street ever be given an opportunity to purchase shares in a business project bought by any government?
    Why can’t any government help to lift the economic woes of the man on the street by offering them the ability to earn a passive income by owning shares, bought a little at a time and over which they can receive annual returns based on the Profitability of the said business?
    It is unfortunate, indeed, that for so many decades we are seen only as the hewers of wood and carriers of water. Our education system has not prepared our children year in and year out for nothing else but being paid labour.
    It is a testament to the fortitude of the few who have managed to break that shackle and venture into entrepreneurship. Yet, how many have seen true success, and how many less have been able to pass down their business successes to their progeny and even less said progeny have been able to build on it.
    After 40 years of Independence how independent are we?

  6. I am sure Jolly Beach was once owned by government and Antiguans and they ran it into the ground. These worthless people don’t maintain any thing. Not even government buildings. Anyway I think Weston has an idea to get a management company to run it. But the government will just have to but out.

    • That’s why we have to keep them out of office because the “sunshine government” bun up the people. Had us suffering in the hot “sunshine”

      NEVER AGAIN!!! Kip out UPP

  7. ARVEL.GRANT..Totally in AGREEMENT with You.

    ABLP. 17 SEATS

    UPP. .. 00 SEATS ( 6 CANDIDATES will lose Their Deposits)





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